How Many Baby Clothes Do You Need?

Here’s how to determine just how many baby clothes you need for your baby in their first year.

toddler wearing baby girl bodysuit in tiger pattern Featuring baby girl bodysuit from Mateo Collection

As cute as baby clothes are, they can seem a little overwhelming when you first have a baby. Anyone else feel like they do nothing but laundry after they have kids?! When you have a baby, you register for gifts and probably receive more than enough clothes to keep your peanut dressed for months, but how many baby clothes do you need? More specifically, what baby clothes do you need? We’ll cover why you need everything from cute baby girl bodysuits to one pieces and kimono sets to get through the first year.

baby crawling in floral baby girl bodysuit with skirt

Featuring bodysuit dress for baby from Violet Collection

What Baby Clothes You Need in the First Year

For starters, be sure to save your favorite Posh Peanut items (like our newest baby girl bodysuits!) to a registry with Babylist. Here’s how to determine just how many baby clothes you need:

Consider Laundry Schedules – You’re busy. You’re exhausted. Laundry days can feel even more constant when you don’t have enough clothes to keep your little one dressed for a whole week at a time. Don’t forget they may require multiple clothing changes some days! If you’re OK with doing laundry more often, you may not need as many sets. Otherwise, make sure you have enough pieces of clothing to last about two weeks so that you can wash about once per week.

Plan Sizes for Seasons – When guests purchase clothing for your baby shower, they may not always think about clothing for after the newborn stage. Request a few pieces in newborn sizes and more in the 0-3 month and above ranges. Fill in the gaps after the shower, choosing clothing that will be appropriate for the season when they’ll fit into them. After all, you may not get much use out of a cute bodysuit dress for your baby in December as you would in June.

Versatile Pieces – Be sure to stock up on more of the products you’ll use most, like bodysuits. A cute baby boy bodysuit can be worn alone, with joggers or with shorts for a variety of outfits. You’ll be glad to have about seven of them to mix and match. 

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Count the Days – Taking it back to laundry, it’s helpful to have enough clothing for at least two full weeks. You never know when they need a change of clothing! For example, a wardrobe of at least 6 bodysuits, 1 romper, 3-4 pants/shorts, 4 one pieces, 3 swaddle blankets, 5 sets of socks, 1 sleep sack or gown, 1-2 jackets/sweaters will give you plenty of coverage for any occasion. In addition, you’ll need items like hats, booties, thick jackets or mittens depending on when your baby is born and where you live. Be prepared for any season!

Everyone’s budget is different. So is your peanut! In general, expect to keep enough clothing to dress your baby in one outfit per day for two weeks. By doing laundry at least once per week, you’ll have enough wiggle room for all those fun moments, like diaper blow-outs and spit up. If you can manage having more baby clothes on hand, you’ll be grateful in the long run. Plus, you’ll love dressing up your peanut in a new outfit every day!

What clothing do you think is essential to have on hand for your baby?

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