10 Ways to Celebrate a Gender Reveal at Home

Staying home and socially distancing doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to celebrate a gender reveal at home!

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These days, gender reveals are a popular way to celebrate learning the sex of your baby-to-be with friends and family. Like many big events, the current global pandemic of COVID-19 has forced couples to get creative and find ways to celebrate a gender reveal at home. While it may be a different experience than an in-person celebration, you can still share in the excitement with friends and family virtually! Whether you host a video chat “party” or create photos and videos to surprise friends and family, the experience will feel incredibly special. We rounded up a few of the most creative ways to host a gender reveal at home!

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Creative Socially Distant Gender Reveal Ideas for Couples

  1. Drive-by Reveal: As people continue to celebrate with drive-by parties and celebrations, why not make your gender reveal a drive-by?! Decorate your front porch, lawn or door for a celebration and invite friends and family to drive by your home. You and your partner can stand outside with balloons and signs to showcase the baby’s gender. As everyone drives by to see the decorations and signs, they can honk and yell from their cars to celebrate your news!
  1. Newborn Blanket Reveal: Pair a sweet letterboard with baby boy blankets or baby girl blankets to reveal the baby’s sex alongside other elements of the nursery. Capture the photo for sharing with your loved ones on social media!
  1. Scratch-off Cards: Design or purchase scratch-off cards to share the news! Simply mail them to friends and family and wait to hear their reactions when they scratch off the reveal.
  1. Silly String or Confetti: Announcing a gender reveal with confetti poppers, balloons and silly string are common party ideas. However, they can translate very well virtually! Gather everyone on a video meeting or record the event to share online. Spray your partner with colored silly string or pop confetti balloons/cannons together, and you’ll feel just as excited as if it were in-person.
  1. Colored Lights: As part of a drive-by gender reveal celebration or as a virtual event, hang lights around your porch or yard. Once the sun goes down, flick on the lights to reveal either pink or blue lights!

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  1. Photo Clues: Take photos with your partner, hiding gender reveal clues in the background. Mail it out or share online and let loved ones figure out the clues for themselves. This way, you also get to enjoy maternity photos you’ll always cherish. 
  1. Sibling Outfits: If you already have kids, involve them in the celebration! Dress them in an outfit that matches what the baby might wear, such as a newborn blanket paired with a color-coordinated “big brother” or “big sister” t-shirt. The clothing itself can reveal the baby’s sex and help your little one feel included.
  1. Bath Bombs: Send loved ones a bath bomb that reveals pink or blue when dropped in water! They can video chat with you while it fizzes so you can see their reaction to the news. It’s also a really fun way for little kids to discover if there sibling will be a brother or sister!
  1. Cake Cutting: Colored desserts have long been a popular way to celebrate a gender reveal. Why not translate that virtually? Ask a bakery to make your desired treat (layer cake, cupcakes, donuts, cake pops or cookies) with a gender reveal surprise. Find out the gender when you cut into the dessert while video chatting with your loved ones.
  1. Fortune Cookies: Whether you want to make them yourself or commission a baker to make them, fortune cookies will be a fun treat for friends and family! Stuff them with the gender reveal and dip them in chocolates. Then mail them to your closest loved ones to surprise them. 

No matter how you celebrate a gender reveal during a pandemic, you’ll be so filled with joy looking ahead to their arrival. Even with a virtual announcement, family and friends are sure to be just as excited for your growing family. Stay safe Posh Mamas, and we’d love to share in your celebrations throughout the journey!

Can you think of more ideas to celebrate a gender reveal at home?

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