Learn how to choose between a romper, a one piece and a bodysuit for baby clothing!

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Shopping for cute baby clothes is probably one of the most exciting things you can do before the baby is born -- and after, for that matter! Whether you are shopping for your own kids or someone else’s, everyone loves shopping for baby clothes. But it can get confusing to know what type of pieces to shop for. For example, what exactly is a swaddle? Should I get a Plush Patoo, a lovey, or both (always our choice!). And what’s the difference between a romper, a one piece, and a bodysuit? We’re ready to answer those types of questions so when you are here at Posh Peanut, you know exactly what you’re buying. Choosing between a short-sleeve romper and a baby one piece doesn’t have to be confusing. We're going to explain how to tell them apart and make the choice that’s right for your precious peanut. 

What Is A Romper?

Different companies may have different names for it, but in essence, a romper is a footless, one-piece style of clothing for kids that have a cuffed ankle, leaving the feet exposed. This makes a romper perfect for pairing with sandals for a walking toddler. However, they’re just as suitable for newborns. These rompers have snap closures to make diaper changes super-speedy. Stylish, comfortable, and practical, rompers for baby boys and girls are the ideal choice for all-day wear. For little girls, our rompers are also known as a jumpsuit. They have gathered elastic at the waistline and at the leg hem. Our rompers feature our signature Päpook® bamboo weave, an eco-friendly, naturally breathable fabric known for its exceptional softness and durability. Our collection of rompers also features a wide variety of sweet style choices for your little ones. 

When To Wear Short-Sleeve Rompers

We love to dress babies and toddlers in a romper in the summertime because we typically put them in short sleeves. It’s so easy to dress your baby in a newborn romper thanks to the convenient snaps. And is there a better summer outfit than short-sleeve girl rompers? We think not!

When To Wear Long Sleeve Rompers

Short-sleeve rompers are great for the summertime. Wearing long sleeve girl rompers made in our signature bamboo is ideal for the cooler months. When it’s cold outside you can put your little peanut in adorable patterns and scoop necklines. Layer our oh-so-cute designs with your favorite Posh Peanut accessories.

Romper Styles For Boys

The romper has been a wardrobe essential for generations of baby boys. For our Posh Peanut collection, we’ve modernized the classic baby boy romper look with a wide variety of fun styles and playful prints that he can wear year-round—including long sleeve and short-sleeve, and henley styles. As in all our rompers, you’ll find easy in-seam snaps for lightning-fast diaper changes when you’re out and about. Of course, they are made in our signature bamboo fabric, which means they are soft and comfortable against your baby boy’s skin.

How Should a Baby Romper Fit?

Unsure about what size romper for your child? When it comes to how to choose a romper, our bubble rompers have stretchy elastic in the back to fit comfortably and are easy to adjust as your peanut grows. You can always size up if your baby is between sizes. As body types and sizing vary in children, Posh Peanut provides a detailed sizing chart as an approximate guide in helping you choose the right size for your little one. And if you’re not sure, our customer service team is always happy to help! 

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What Is a One Piece?

Easily one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing your child will ever own, a cute baby one piece generally has long sleeves and feet coverings, making it all one piece. Rather than having to pull out pants and a top, you can simply zip or snap your peanut into one piece of fabric. They are also known as sleepsuits, sleepers, or footies.

One pieces can be used as pajamas or for everyday wear. Unlike a romper, which is technically “one piece” as well, a baby one piece offers more coverage. Like rompers, one pieces are unisex and can be worn by boys and girls. While the structure of a one piece is pretty much the same across the board, Posh Peanut offers a limitless selection of designs, colors, and patterns. 

Solid. If you want to keep it clean and unfussy, try a one piece in a solid color. Pine waffle green and Bordeaux wine are just some of the hues you can choose from.

Patterned. You can take your baby’s one piece up a notch with a patterned design. Whether it’s geometrical or whimsical shapes or a mosaic, we’re sure this style will make your baby coo with delight.

Themed. We love to play our part in your traditions! Whether it’s for Easter Sunday or the most wonderful time of the year, our holiday collections are always festive. If you’ve ever wondered what your baby would look like in a retro design, check out this article on how to rock our Peace, Love Posh collection. Or maybe you’re all about keeping it Fresh & Fruity. Posh Peanut has a theme to fit every taste.

Ruffled. Sometimes, we all need something a little bit extra. Ruffle detail on the bodice and layers of ruffle on the back of our one pieces add a cute detail. The reversible 2-way zipper makes diaper changes quick and easy without undressing your baby down.

You can complement any of our one pieces for girls with mix and match baby headbands and turbans.

How Should a One Piece Fit?

With expert detailing like our Posh Peanut signature non-slip grips on the footie for walkers, elastic backing on footies, and built-in fold-over mittens in sizes NB and 0-3M, our one pieces are designed for a snug fit. Use our detailed sizing chart to find the true size for your baby.

The Different Between a Romper And One Piece

Now that you know how to identify a romper and one piece, it’s probably obvious what the difference is between the two. A romper doesn’t have foot coverings, while a one piece does. But even we like to break the rules every once in a while. Our romper one piece is made from 100% cotton Pointelle. This comfy clothing offers a snug fit for your infant, and they are footless so your little peanut can play with those tiny toes! In addition, our romper one piece comes in baby-friendly colors like Robin’s Egg Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, and Sunny Day Yellow.

How to Wear a Bodysuit 

Lastly, baby bodysuits are yet another type of garment. Whether it’s long-sleeved or short-sleeved, a baby bodysuit has one key characteristic – no legs. The beauty of bodysuits is their versatility to wear alone or with pants, leggings, or joggers. For summertime, for example, a baby girl bodysuit can be worn without any other bottoms. This keeps your baby cool during the hot weather. However, on cooler days, you can mix a bodysuit with bottoms for better coverage. The snaps allow for easy diaper changes but still pair perfectly with pants, where a regular shirt might have ridden up their stomach with movement. Signature racerback bodysuits are breathable, lightweight, and stylish, and have three-button closures. They come in beautiful designs that make them a staple piece to mix and match.   

What Are Bubble Rompers?

Baby girl bubble rompers have a bodysuit shape that gathers at the top of the leg. They come in long, short, and sleeveless lengths, and feature some of our most popular Posh Peanut designs and details. Stretchy elastic in the back adjusts as your peanut grows, which makes them wonderful warm-weather outfits. With detailing like ruffle cap sleeves and our signature teal lining, bubble rompers are perfect for any occasion.

What To Pair With Bodysuits For Girls

While girl bodysuits are cute enough to be worn on their own, you may want to use them as a layering piece if it’s cold outside. Here are pieces you can mix and match with our luxe viscose bamboo bodysuits. Add your favorite girls' accessories to complete the look!

  • Joggers
  • Skorts
  • Sweatsuits
  • Jeans
  • Shorties

What Is a Bodysuit Dress?

When you’re looking for a piece that’s one and done for your baby, a bodysuit dress is an ideal choice. It combines a bodysuit with a skirted bottom, making it an outfit onto itself. Snap closure at shoulder and at bodysuit leg opening make it easy to put on and take potty breaks. 

Why One Pieces and Rompers Are Essential Baby Gear

Now that you know the difference between rompers, one pieces, and bodysuits, you may be wondering why these are such important articles of clothing in your baby’s wardrobe. These are highly versatile pieces that can be used in the day or night. For babies and young toddlers, they are designed with snap closures and zippers, so they can be quickly and easily maneuvered for diaper and other clothing changes. With Posh Peanut, you’ll always have many options to choose from when selecting rompers and one pieces.

How To Care For Rompers, One Pieces & Bodysuits

Posh Peanut clothing is made from Bamboo from viscose, a lightweight, breathable, and extra buttery soft fiber for your baby's delicate skin. Its lush texture makes it a favorite amongst all ages. Its natural fibers feel like a second skin on your baby. Did you know most children's wear is treated with flame retardants? You can rest easy knowing our bamboo is not treated with chlorine-containing bleaches, zinc, and sulfate. We also comply with snug fitting standards to ensure we don't use any chemicals during our production process. And we are proud to say our products are made ethically using the highest standards in textile.

Our fabric is also hypoallergenic, which allows moisture to evaporate and dry quickly. In addition to being naturally hypoallergenic and anti-fungal, it is also odor resistant and naturally regulates body heat. This means your baby can stay cooler during the summer and a few degrees warmer during the winter. It is great specifically for people with sensitive skin and/or allergies. It also has natural UV protection to protect your peanut from strong sun rays.

Bamboo from viscose is easy to care for. Our clothing can be machine or hand washed. Try using cold to lukewarm water -- bamboo fabric can shrink a bit when it’s exposed to water at high temperatures. Choose a gentle or baby-formulated detergent and avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Wash on a gentle cycle. You can hang pieces to air-dry, or if necessary, use a clothes dryer on the cool setting. You can iron your clothing, but be sure to turn the pieces inside out and iron at a low temperature setting.

Final Thoughts

Every brand may have their own terminology for a romper, a one piece, or a bodysuit. Here at Posh Peanut, you’ll know this is how we identify the differences in our products. No matter what style of clothing you choose, your peanut will be wrapped in soft, comfortable, and breathable fabric. Be sure to catch up on all of our new arrivals!


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When my baby was only a few months old, I loved the footies (one piece). They kept her cozy and warm. Once she was older and crawling (now almost walking), we switched to the footless rompers.

I love that Posh Peanut has options for growing children!

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