How to Choose Clothing for a Newborn

For first-time parents, it’s helpful to know how to choose clothing for a newborn based on the season, age and occasion, so here are our tips!

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When preparing for the arrival of your new baby, you’ve probably planned out your favorite outfits and received countless gifts from friends and family. Now what? Ultimately, when it comes to choosing clothing for a newborn, you only need a few key items to keep them covered and comfortable (and cute, of course!). Items like a baby one piece are versatile for any day with a newborn. These are our best tips for how to choose clothing for a newborn during those crazy first couple months. 

5 Essential Pieces of Newborn Clothing

Baby One Piece: Whether it’s for using for your baby girl’s one piece pajamas or a baby boy’s daytime outing, a classic one piece is the most essential item in a newborn’s wardrobe. Mix them with a cute beanie or bow for going out, or simply keep them comfortable day and night. Built-in footies on a baby one piece are perfect for keeping your peanut comfortable, but you can also select an ankle-length one piece for pairing with socks. Purchase or register for a selection of solid newborn one pieces and patterned one pieces to have variety in the wardrobe.

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Newborn Kimono Outfits: Kimono sets are ideal for newborns because they minimize skin contact with zippers and buttons. The one piece and pant sets make a complete outfit that does not have to be pulled over your peanut’s head. This newborn one piece style is perfect because it can take time to get used to dressing your newborn.

Bodysuits: We love bodysuits for days you want to mix and match an outfit. Pair a patterned baby boy one piece with solid leggings for a complete outfit. If you’re looking for a baby girl one piece, you can also snag a bodysuit with a cute ruffle skirt! When the weather is warm, you can also let your peanut hang out pants-free and still enjoy the benefits of a baby one piece. Bodysuits are the most versatile! 

Leggings and Joggers: To pair with a bodysuit, you’ll want a selection of leggings or joggers. Make sure they’re a soft, stretchy material – a newborn isn’t ready for denim yet. They also pair with kimono tops. Because Posh Peanut kimono sets come with joggers, you can use the patterned joggers to match with a solid colored bodysuit. Less is more! 

Knotted Gowns: For bedtime, we recommend a knotted baby gown! These sleep sack-inspired gowns keep your newborn snug and comfortable at night but make changing them a breeze. Simply tie and untie the bottom of the gown! Plus, Posh Peanut newborn gowns include fold-over no-scratch cuffs.

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Best Features of Newborn Baby Clothing

When you have a newborn, comfort is essential. We love to include a baby one piece in every collection because many parents find them to be the most useful form of newborn clothing. Every product is made with buttery soft viscose from bamboo for maximum comfort. Your newborn has very sensitive skin, so choosing clothing with soft fabrics and buttons or zippers that are lined to protect their skin is important. To keep your newborn from scratching themselves at night, look for newborn and 0-3M clothing with fold-over mittens in sleepwear. Many of our products, including newborn one pieces and knotted gowns, include fold-over mittens for this reason.

We know how much you care about your peanuts! Hopefully this quick guide to how to choose clothing for a newborn will help you shop for the right products during those crucial first weeks. Keep layering in mind based on the season, and don’t forget to mix in your favorite accessories for a photo-ready outfit!

How do you choose clothing for your peanuts?1 

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