For first-time parents, it’s helpful to know how to choose clothing for a newborn based on the season, age and occasion, so here are our tips!

Baby Swaddled on Matching Changing Pad Cover SleepingFor first-time parents, it's helpful to know how to choose clothing for a newborn based on the season, age and occasion, so here are our tips!

Bringing home your newborn baby is an experience that is unforgettable. They are so tiny and tender, and you just can't believe they are all yours! It is magical, mysterious, and mind-blowing, and will change your life in the best ways possible. Caring for a newborn is no walk in the park, but parents do get the hang of it...sometimes with a little help.

Dressing your newborn baby is an essential part of your role and responsibility as their caregiver and prime source of comfort, starting with newborn coming home outfits. Keeping things as uncomplicated as possible will alleviate some of your understandable new-parent stress (paired with lack of sleep), while giving you a simple and streamlined approach to the newborn clothing selection process.

If this is your first time around as a parent, these newborn baby clothing tips will set you in the right direction, so you don't overdo it with too many outfits, or lack some essentials you wish you had thought of sooner. As for parents who have "been around the block" in terms of having a baby (or a few), consider what we recommend below and if you should rethink your needs for your newborn. Account for the lightly-used newborn clothing you already have at home as sibling hand-me-downs and figure out which pieces of new baby clothes you may need for your bouncing bundle of joy.

Read on for advice on how to choose the right clothing for a newborn, and your baby will have the basics for their very first "fashion show," even if mom and dad is their only audience!

How Long are Babies in Newborn Clothes?

Babies will not be in their newborn clothes for long. On average, it will be just three to four weeks before you need to go up in size. It happens in the blink of an eye! Naturally, all babies grow at different paces, and some will outgrow their newborn clothing in a couple of weeks, whereas others might fit in them for a while. It is recommended to plan for the average three to four week span to be on the safe side, unless you have medical information that will give you an approximate indication of how big (or small) your baby is expected to be when they are born.

Prematurely born babies will likely need to wear their baby clothes for a considerably longer time than average, while bigger babies (8 pounds and up) may only fit in this size for a couple of weeks. They may not ever even need a newborn clothing size at all and start off wearing the 0-3 month size from the very beginning. Once you meet your baby, you will know what you need, be it standard newborn sizes or something else.

As much as new parents want to plan for this exciting chapter in their lives, a newborn baby has its own agenda! Any of the items listed below intended for newborns can be purchased in a bigger size, at whatever stage your baby outgrows their "starter" selections of baby clothes. You won't feel limited or at a loss.

baby sitting up in girls one piece pajamas

The Essentials - Newborn Clothing for Comfort and Care

You can count on these six essential pieces of newborn clothing for a well-rounded wardrobe for your "wee one." These go-to staples are perfect for parents to use as a launching pad, getting enough of each garment to coordinate with your laundry schedule as well as how long your baby will likely be wearing this very smallest size.


Swaddles are not "clothing" per se, but your newborn will be wrapped up in one during the first weeks of life...a lot! Our exclusive Päpook® bamboo weave creates the softest swaddles to complement your newborn baby clothes. This first feeling they will experience will be as light as a feather.

Material that is made from viscose from bamboo is super breathable, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and cuddly soft. Still, it is durable and dependable, lasting through accidents, spit-ups, spills, stains, and other newborn "misadventures." Your newborn's soft swaddle has lots of room for your baby to grow, wrapping them up like a warm hug while they use it.

You can use your baby's swaddle as a baby blanket too, as well as for covering up while nursing if you desire to be discreet. Pretty prints and patterns and an array of beautiful colors make our PP swaddles so special. Seeing your newborn all bundled up in such buttery-soft bliss will bring an instant smile to your face, if not a tear to your eye. As they sleep cool and comfortably, this must-have baby item will make so much sense.

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One Piece

The easy one piece outfit tends to be a favorite among new parents, both for its simplicity and comfort. Whether you choose a one piece with "footies" for colder days or sleep time or an ankle-length one piece for bare feet or sweet little socks, know that a one piece outfit will be a pleasure to have on hand for everyday wear.

They are versatile for nearly any occasion, and no matter the season, a one-piece is a perfect choice. Our creative one-piece outfits made from bamboo viscose are delightfully delicate on your baby's skin. Your baby will feel fabulous while looking absolutely adorable. With so many colors, prints, and patterns to select from, you will find the one-piece style of baby clothes you are looking for that is priced right for your new "baby budget."


Bodysuits are just as wearable as the one piece, and they are fairly similar, except for the legs. Bodysuits clasp around their bottom, letting your little one's chubby little legs loose.

During the colder seasons, you can pair your newborn's bodysuit with a pair of leggings or joggers for extra protection. Otherwise, this legs-free garment is adorable as is.

Posh Peanut baby girls' clothes such as our bodysuits come with attached twirl skirts for style, and they won't get in the way as you are getting your newborn dressed for the day. These charming ruffle skirts add that extra "something" that makes the bodysuit so beautiful while remaining baby-friendly for a comfortable fit.

Close up of baby in pink kimono

Kimono Outfits

Kimono sets are soft and sweet clothes, giving you a nice option for your newborn baby when you want to take a break from the one piece outfit. Our kimono sets are designed zipper- and button-free, which is a nice feature when you have a newborn. You will not have to worry about anything snagging their skin or irritating them while they are resting (or awake, for that matter).

These kimono tops wrap around your newborn's tiny torso, so you do not have to fuss with getting it over their head. This simple fashion feature is appreciated by new parents who are still navigating the ins and outs of dressing a newborn. It is not always as simple as it may seem! But don't let this get you down - you're just getting started.

Leggings and Joggers

Leggings and joggers can be paired with our bodysuits or kimono tops, giving you a combination of clothes options within your newborn's wardrobe. Our kimono sets come with joggers, and you can mix and match the leg wear with different tops, and vice versa.

Your newborn's leggings and joggers ought to be stretchy and soft, keeping their legs comfortable as they are covered up. Clothes made from bamboo viscose are a made-for-baby material that won't feel constricting around their little legs or stiff or scratchy against their skin.

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Knotted Baby Gowns

When it is time for naps or a full night's sleep (Is there such a thing?!), newborns need to be cradled in pure comfort. Knotted baby gowns are like sleep sacks that you can tie up at the bottom with your baby's feet tenderly tucked inside. Your newborn will sleep more soundly when they are all snuggled up, and the fold-over cuffs/mittens for their tiny hands will prevent accidental scratches.

These newborn knotted gowns are designed for sleep, yet they are so delightful that you may just keep your cutie wrapped up a while longer once they are awake. You can easily untie the knot at the bottom of the gown to let your baby's feet feel the breeze!

Family in matching Camouflage outfits

Family Fashion

While not exactly "a necessity," matching mom and baby pajamas, dad and baby ensembles, or a coordinated look for the whole family is so much fun. New mothers will melt at the thought of wearing a gorgeous new bathrobe that goes perfectly with their baby's knotted gown, for example. These matching family outfits make for great gifts parents might not pick out themselves.

Our PP our matching family outfits are ultra-soft and picture-perfect. Perhaps those first photos you capture of your loved ones will feature Posh Peanut family fashion! The coordination couldn't be cuter.

What Makes Newborn Clothing Special?

The softness and safety of newborn clothing are what make it a must-have for your baby. Sensitive newborn skin needs to be treated with the utmost care, and we know how clothes made from bamboo viscose fabric drapes your baby in nothing but quality comfort.

Newborn clothing items that have lined zippers and buttons are ideal for that extra measure of protection and your peace of mind. Fold-over cuffs for their hands make sleep time safer, eliminating the fear that your newborn's fingernails will inadvertently nick their precious face.

Final thoughts

Having a suitable selection of newborn clothing will give you the options you need for what is best for your baby. Here at Posh Peanut, we are able to ensure that our clothes are soft enough for your newborn, while being fashionable and fun at the same time. Once you dress your newborn baby in viscose from bamboo, you will be a fan of this fine fabric for years to come. Your baby is sure to feel the same way as you do!

Do you have these recommended newborn size clothing items for your newborn baby? Are there certain pieces of clothing you tend to lean towards more often? What is your favorite, and what have you found to be less useful?

We would love to see some photos of your brand new baby all dolled up in the luxury of bamboo. We hope you share your favorite pics with the PP community so we can chime in on their cuteness

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Editors Note: This post was originally published 5/26 /2020 and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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