3 Ways to Style Baby Headbands with Posh Peanut

Style your favorite baby outfits with these different ways to style baby headbands for baby girls!

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The bigger the bow, the more fun the outfit! When you learn you’re having a baby girl (or a baby boy!), one of the most exciting aspects is choosing the outfits he or she will get to wear. Nothing adds to that cute bald head like a big bow – at least that’s my opinion. Here at PP, we’re pretty well known for our sweet baby bows and newborn headbands made from stretchy, comfortable materials. If you’re new to dressing your peanut in bows, you’ll love these different ways to style baby headbands and bows with our best-selling outfits!

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How to Accessorize with Bows and Headbands

Although the outfit is the star of the show, the right accessories can make a big difference. Browse comfortable. baby clothing to mix and match with a stylish newborn headwrap.

Perfect Match  

We make it easy to style baby headbands with swaddle blanket sets pre-packed with a matching headwrap. A matching baby headwrap is the perfect way to finish any outfit, whether it’s a onesie or loungewear set. Made from the same ultra-soft bamboo as our swaddles, headwraps are the perfect material for newborns up to about 12 months.

Compliment the Colors

Nothing says chic like a velvet bow headband! Accessories your baby’s next outfit with a small, sweet bow headband they can wear into their toddler years. Available in 16 colors, there’s a color for every outfit. Instead of matching the pattern, choose complimenting colors for a perfect baby accessory! Use them as newborn headbands that are small enough to not overwhelm your little one’s small frame. 

If you prefer the soft bamboo baby headwrap style, they’re available in solids or patterns to match and coordinate with PP outfits. Consider solid options like the Dusty Rose Headwrap or Sailor Blue Headwrap that will match almost everything. Plus, get a better deal by purchasing as part of a swaddle set! 

Make a Big Statement

Posh Peanut Dolly Headwraps are the perfect statement accessory for babies. The oversized bow adds personality to any outfit. Available in a range of solid colors, a large bow is the perfect addition when trying to style baby headbands. Bigger means better, right?! The knot is secure so that the bow doesn’t become deformed over time. Thanks to the stretchy material, it’s comfortable for most babies to wear.

How to Wear Baby Headbands

It’s important to keep in mind that comfort and safety come first. You shouldn’t leave your newborn unattended with a headband. When you first receive a newborn headband or baby headwrap, lightly stretch it before slipping it on your baby’s head. This will keep it from feeling too tight on your baby. After the first wear, it will stretch out a little, and this is ideal so that the elastic of the newborn headband grows with them.

In terms of placement, baby headbands with really big bows often look best straight and further back on their head. Smaller bow headbands look best when you twist the bow to the side slightly. No matter the size, the newborn headwrap should be pushed far enough back to leave their forehead visible. This provides the best fit on their head at any age. If your peanut has hair, let those wisps frame their face before adding a headband. Don’t worry, these materials will not pull on their sensitive skin and hair!

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No matter how you accessorize your peanut, we want to see it! Be sure to tag us @poshpeanut in your photos so we can see how you style baby headbands. We love to share your photos!

What’s your favorite way to style a baby headband? We always love to hear your favorite styles!

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