5 Ways to Mix and Match Mommy & Baby Hospital Outfits

Make your hospital stay look like a dream with these different ways to mix and match mommy and baby hospital outfits for baby boys and girls!

black and Odet coordinating hospital outfits

Featuring Odet and Black Ribbed Collections

After the birth of your child, you’re exhausted. You’re overwhelmed with emotions. Those first few hours as a family together in the hospital (or elsewhere) are a special experience you’ll want to remember forever. While a “fresh 48” photoshoot is always a wonderful way to remember those first moments, you may not be compelled to do a complete photoshoot. That’s OK! Instead, you can feel beautiful and comfortable by wearing coordinated mommy and baby hospital outfits for quick photos. Ultra-soft Posh Peanut attire will keep you both comfortable and make your first photos together look extra special.

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mother and baby boy coordinating outfits

Featuring Henry and Dark Sage Collections

How to Mix Colors and Patterns for Coordinating Hospital Outfits

Moms always ask us how to put together coordinated mommy and baby hospital outfits for their first photos together. Here’s how we recommend planning your combination:

Pair Patterns with Solids

Our favorite way to plan matching mommy and baby hospital outfits is by pairing a pattern with a colorful solid! We design our products so that solid color collections match a variety of patterns. For example, the floral Monroe collection is a perfect match with the Very Berry collection but would also pair beautifully with Sailor Blue.

Add Neutrals to Anything

As much as we love color, you can never go wrong with neutrals. Mixing and matching mommy and baby hospital outfits is a breeze with neutrals! Minimal patterns like Rivers Gray and Jaime Polka Dot are easy to mix and match, or you can easily add a solid neutral like Dark Nude or Off White that go with almost anything.

baby and sibling matching outfits

Featuring Vintage Pink Rose and Odet Collections

Avoid Two Contrasting Bold Patterns

Mixing patterns can be fun! Don’t let that hold you back. However, we’d recommend that when creating mommy and baby hospital outfits, you stick to one bolder pattern and one minimal pattern. Two large patterns may not photograph well together. Mix Jaime Polka Dot and Buzz for fun pattern mixing that won’t overwhelm the scene.

Dress Twins in Different Colors or Patterns

There are so many cute ways to dress twins in Posh Peanut. Dress them the same for your matching hospital outfits, or try putting them in two different colors. Our selection of solids mix and match with multiple patterns, so it’s easy to make your own coordinating mommy and me sets.

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mom and twins in coordinating outfits

Featuring Gracie Floral, Black Ribbed and Blush Rose Collections

Don’t Shy Away from Florals

Posh Peanut floral patterns have always been your favorites! Sometimes we hear boy mamas say they’re disappointed they can’t get the floral robe they wanted. Well, we have a solution for that! Don’t forget that you can enjoy a floral robe for yourself and wrap your little boy in a gender-neutral solid color, like Black Ribbed, Dark Sage Ribbed or Azure. Your hospital photos will still look beautiful!

dad and boy matching loungewear

Featuring Lincoln Collection

Matching Family Outfits for Hospital Photos 

Photos are even better when the whole family can match together! We’ve expanded our selection of menswear and women’s loungewear to include more options for making matching family outfits. Make your first family photo together extra special!

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How would you mix and match your mommy and baby hospital outfit?!

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