A Knotted Baby Gown is the Perfect Coming Home Outfit for your Newborn

Make the first day special by dressing your little one in a sweet and simple knotted baby gown for the perfect coming home outfit!

Newborn baby wearing knotted gown

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Bringing your peanut home from the hospital can be both the best feeling and the most overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time parent. For these moments, comfort is key. We recommend a knotted baby gown for your newborn’s first outfit because they’re easy to dress and soft and warm for your newborn. Not only are they comfortable but they’re stylish for taking those first at-home photos! Adding knotted gowns to your homecoming plans are sure to make things easier for you and your partner.

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The Must-Haves in your Newborn’s Coming Home Outfit

Easy to Change

Perhaps the most popular reason parents dress their newborns in a knotted gown during the first few months is usability. No matter the time of day, a knotted baby gown is easy to get on and off thanks to NO buttons or zippers. The knotted style is easy to unwrap for easy diaper changes. After all, you’ll be doing a lot of them! Plus, if accidents happen (which they will), you’ll want a garment with a wide neck and flaps that let you easily pull it downward instead of pulling it over their head. Many baby one pieces are also great for easy diaper changes.


Bitty babies need bitty clothes and accessories. Full outfits tend to look extra-large and out of place on a small infant. Plus, it can be hard to guess proper sizing before birth. During the first few months (or especially days), they may look like they’re swimming in other newborn clothing. A baby gown is simple but still allows for mixing with a cute accessory, such as with a newborn beanie or stretchy bow headband. You can also pair a simple outfit with a swaddle blanket they can enjoy for years to come.

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Comfort is Key

Babies have sensitive skin, so fabric type is key. Soft, breathable and stretchy fabrics are ideal for their comfort and protection. An organic knotted baby gown like the soft bamboo material we make are safe and comfortable for your little one. In addition to the soft, breathable material, our knotted gowns have fold-over mittens to prevent scratches. The sack style of a knotted baby gown keeps your newborn warm and cozy without being too restricted. 

Bring a Spare

You should get used to carrying a spare set of clothes for your newborn. Start with the homecoming! Just in case, add a spare onesie or knotted gown to the diaper bag.

Check out our selection of baby girl knotted gowns and baby boy knotted gowns to see if one is the perfect selection for your newborn’s coming home outfit! You can also snag something comfy for yourself, mama. It’s sure to be a special day. Enjoy every moment!

Which Posh Peanut knotted baby gown is your favorite?!

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