This is Why Bamboo is Better than Cotton

Every wondered why we use bamboo for our fabrics? Keep reading to see why bamboo is better than cotton.

child in fox patterned baby one piece next to bed

Featuring baby one piece from Luca Collection

If you’ve followed Posh Peanut for a while, you’ve probably noticed that our products are made with 95% viscose from bamboo. Why use bamboo instead of cotton for baby clothing? There are actually a lot of reasons we choose to make our products out of bamboo, including everything from baby and toddler one pieces to swaddle blankets and bodysuits. Not only is bamboo a self-replenishing resource but it produces buttery-soft fabric that kids and adult will never want to take off. After all, we want your peanuts to feel as comfortable as possible in our clothing. 

Why to Choose Bamboo Fabrics

Bamboo is a Self-Replenishing Resource

The beauty of bamboo is it rarely needs replanting and will instead sprout on its own. Unlike cotton, which must be harvested and re-planted each year, bamboo can grow as much as 4 feet a day. One acre of bamboo will yield approximately 10 times more than an acre of cotton.

Bamboo Uses Less Water than Cotton

Although cotton requires significant watering to grow and maintain, bamboo does not require any irrigation. Instead, it takes about 1/3 of the water to grow and uses it more efficiently to replenish itself.

child in baby girl one piece in floral pattern

Featuring baby girl one piece from Tessa Collection

Bamboo is Stronger

Fabric like viscose from bamboo – what we use to make an ultra-soft baby one piece – is one of the strongest materials. Compared to cotton, viscose from bamboo will keep its shape, strength and durability far longer. That means your favorite baby one piece will last through spit-ups, diaper accidents and consistent washing!

Bamboo is Softer than Cotton

Specific forms of cotton are incredibly soft, but for the price, viscose from bamboo is the most luxurious. Even better, the fabric of the newborn one piece you’ll dress your peanut in is hypoallergenic! This is not always the case with cotton fabrics.

Bamboo is More Breathable than Cotton

No matter the season, you’ll know your peanut is comfortable in breathable viscose from bamboo fabric. When it comes to sweat or warm weather, those bamboo baby and toddler one pieces will keep your little one feeling dry and comfortable. Bamboo can take in significantly more water than its weight, which makes it great for both kids and adults! 

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Are you convinced? After years of producing baby clothing made from viscose from bamboo, we stand by the fabric and how it wraps your little ones in buttery-soft, breathable comfort. If you have questions, we’re always here to answer them!

Have you tried our viscose from bamboo fabrics?!

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