Learn how to style an infant mommy & me photoshoot at home with these simple tips!


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In the age of Instagram, all of our Posh Mamas love to show off coordinating outfits with their little ones! Posh Peanut tries to make it easy to style an infant mommy & me photoshoot by creating pieces that are specifically designed to mix and match. Photos are precious, and although we do recommend hiring a professional photographer to take infant and mommy & me photos you’ll cherish forever, we hope these simple mommy & me photoshoot tips will help you with your everyday photos. You can never have too many cute baby photos, right? I didn’t think so.

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5 Tips for Styling a Mommy & Me Infant Photoshoot at Home 

We see so many inspiring photos from our customers, so we rounded up the best tips for planning a beautiful mommy & me photoshoot at home with your infant.

  1. Choose matching or coordinated mommy & me outfits. This is where we come in! Choose a comfortable robe, maxi dress or loungewear set from Posh Peanut. Then it’s easy to find a matching piece for your infant photoshoot, such as a coordinating solid color or matching onesie. We strive to create patterns and colors that match regardless of gender. Have fun with mixing and matching for boys and girls!
  2. Set a timer. No matter what kind of camera you’re using – digital or phone camera – you can set it on a tripod and connect a timer. This will allow you to take more angles and poses. Otherwise, ask your partner to help you! Trying to take photos yourself requires some patience.
  3. Schedule around sleepy time. Taking photos for your infant mommy & me photoshoot means you’ll want a happy baby! Try to organize any photos to be done when you have a full, sleepy infant. Then you can be ready to capture every sweet yawn and stretch. Ultimately, your baby will determine whether or not your photoshoot will work.
  4. Clean up the space. Choose your setting, whether it’s the nursery, your bed or somewhere else. Clean up the space around your photoshoot first, even if it means just pushing clutter to the side. When you have an infant, you obviously have little time for cleaning, but you won’t want that clutter documented in your infant mommy & me photoshoot.
  5. Face the light. When taking your own mommy & me photos, be sure to have light facing you. Position yourself near a window to capture the light, but avoid any backlighting. This will ensure you have the best lighting for at-home photos! 

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You’ll love looking back on these precious moments. That said, don’t forget to enjoy the moments as they happen instead of running for the camera every time. No matter how you style your infant mommy & me photoshoot, it’s sure to be beautiful!

What other tips have helped you take your own infant mommy & me photoshoots?

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