3 Benefits of Baby Kimonos for Newborns

Newborn babies are sensitive, which is why we want to share the benefits of kimono styles for their comfort!

newborn in floral baby kimono set in bassinet Featuring Arabella Collection 

When Posh Peanut first began releasing its baby kimono sets, we were thrilled with the love they received! We’ve added more styles of our kimono pants sets and thought we’d share the benefits of kimono styles for newborns. Choosing clothing for your newborn can be difficult, but you’ll love dressing them in a long sleeve kimono set.

Why to Choose a Baby Kimono

Always keep fabric types in mind when choosing clothing for your newborn. Your newborn will be most comfortable in soft fabrics with a bit of stretch.

Easy Dressing

The number one benefit of a baby kimono set is it makes dressing easy! First time parents may have the hardest time adapting to dressing a newborn. The wrap style of a newborn kimono means you do not have to pull it over your baby’s head. 

Comfortable Side Snaps 

Unlike a traditional baby one piece or romper, a long sleeve kimono set doesn’t have a zipper or buttons that press against the front of the stomach. Your newborn’s umbilical cord stump may still be sensitive, so a baby kimono with a wrap style may be more comfortable. This is also why choosing a soft fabric is important! 

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A long sleeve kimono set can be worn as a one piece or with matching pants. You can even mix and match the without pants depending on the weather. A newborn kimono will allow for layering and flexibility.

How to Dress a Newborn 

Dressing a newborn requires care. Because they cannot move their head or neck around on their own, it’s up to you to keep them comfortable. With a traditional, over-the-head top, you would stretch the collar open and bunch the fabric together to pull over their head first. Then pull their arms through gently. Dressing your peanut in a newborn kimono is as simple as pulling each arm through, then wrapping the sides in.

No matter what you dress your newborn in, simply make sure they’re comfy!

Do you think you’ll try a baby kimono after learning these benefits?!

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