Dressing a fussy baby can be tricky, but our kimonos for babies make life easier for new parents. 

Baby Boy Lying down in Blue Kimono

 Here are the 4 Benefits of Kimonos for Babies

1) Easy & Safe for Newborns

Dressing newborn babies require extra care because they cannot move their heads or necks around on their own. And giving your little one that needed head-and-neck support while wrangling them into clothing can be a challenge, especially for first-time parents.

With traditional, over-the-head baby clothes, the best approach is to open the neck of the top as wide as possible, then bunch the fabric together to carefully pull over your baby's head and neck. After that, you can gently pull their little hands and arms through the sleeves.

Baby kimono-wrap tops are so much faster and easier. With this style, you start by pulling on the sleeves, then all you have to do is stretch the top around your baby and close with cleverly positioned ties or snaps. That means there's nothing to pull over your baby's head!

New parents love how the cross-body wrap style of baby kimono tops feel safer than over-the-head options when dressing newborns. But there are other safety concerns that are critical to consider when choosing clothes for your baby, including fabric type.

For example, it's not widely known that most children's clothing is treated with flame retardants and that many baby clothes manufacturers use harsh chemicals (including chlorine-containing bleach, zinc, and sulfate) during the production process. You can rest easy knowing that Posh Peanut baby clothing is made to comply with snug fitting standards to ensure that we don't have to use these harmful chemicals.

Baby in Miles Kimono Laying down2) Breathable, Stretchy Comfort

A kimono bodysuit features a naturally hypoallergenic, breathable bamboo weave that is gentle next to your baby's delicate skin. And the stretchy, huggable fit provides the snug comfort newborns crave.

This style is ideal for newborn care because they don't have a zipper or buttons that press against the front of the stomach. This is important because your child's umbilical cord stump can become irritated, and the belly area can be sensitive even after the stump falls off.

It's best in these early weeks to ensure that the umbilical cord area is not covered by a tight fabric or diaper that could hinder healing. (Some newborn diapers have cut-outs to avoid putting pressure on the umbilical cord area and let air in; if not, folding over the top edge of the diaper will do the trick while the stump heals.)

Given how many times you'll be changing your baby's diaper throughout the day, it makes sense that the clothes you'll use the most are the ones that are the simplest to put on and take off. That's why our newborn baby kimonos feature easily removable bottoms to make for quick and easy diaper changes. Our baby kimono is made with premium viscose from bamboo. In addition to being wonderfully soft and stretchy, our eco-friendly bamboo weave is hypoallergenic and breathable, naturally whisking moisture away and helping prevent overheating.

The bamboo pattern or weave of our kimono crossover tops provides the perfect amount of stretch to snugly wrap your newborn when compared to organic cotton. And cozy jogger bottoms expand easily over your baby's diaper. This extra stretch is a game-changer when you're dressing squirmy infants

3) Super Stylish & Functional

We designed our kimonos for babies so they're both super stylish and very practical. Each 2-piece set includes stretchy wrap-style top-including ruffles and waffle-fabric options-as well as a matching footed jogger with designer grips. No zippers or buttons are used making it easy for you to dress your newborn. You can also add a sweet beanie or head wrap for a picture-perfect look.

Our kimonos style bodysuit in newborn size includes soft fold-over cuffs to keep tiny hands warm and prevent scratches . Those teensy fingernails grow fast and can be very sharp! Because infants don't yet have control of the muscles, they can easily scratch themselves if those little hands brush against their face or other areas of exposed skin on arms or legs. Frequent trimming of baby fingernails or using a soft infant nail file to smooth down sharp edges can help. And tucking those small hands in soft fold-over cuffs will protect them from self-scratching while they are sleeping.

It doesn't matter how stylish a baby's clothing is if it's not also practical enough for daily wash and wear. Accidents can (and do!) happen frequently with newborns, so those baby clothes will need frequent cleaning.

We design a kimono style for babies that holds up beautifully to everyday wear. Most styles are machine-washable and dryable. Even better, they're also extremely durable, made from a breathable fabric, and stay wonderfully soft. With plenty of options of colors and patterns that stay vibrant no matter how often they're washed. This combination of style and functionality will make kimono-style dressing your go-to favorite time and time again.

Baby girl smiling and laying down on bed4) Mix & Match Versatility

New moms love kimonos for babies for their mix-and-match versatility. Depending on the weather, the long-sleeve top can be worn as a one-piece outfit, or it can be paired with a matching bottom. The snug fit of the top is perfect for layering. And it won't come untucked, thanks to the two smart snaps sewn on the inside.

On warmer days, wearing a kimono-wrap top on its own may be just right for your baby's comfort. Or you might want to skip putting on bottoms if you're wrapping your newborn in a cozy swaddle.

For cold weather, our luxury Jacquard knit collection provides the ultimate cozy outfit for newborns. Our popular 3-piece baby kimono includes a crossover wrap-style top, super-soft leggings, and adorable matching beanie-all packaged in an elegant gift box. You can pair this comfy outfit with a matching knit blanket or coordinate with the other items in our Jacquard knit collection (available in sizes 2T to 12 years) for a wonderful family seasonal photo.

We design all of our kimonos for babies to look great mixed and matched with a variety of patterns and styles. They come in the same patterns as our plush blankets and other baby essentials, such as crib sheets , changing pad covers , and hooded towels make it super easy to create a coordinated nursery look.

Our newborn kimonos are even cuter when paired with colorful accessories, such as a buttery-soft headwrap, bow, or turban . Adding a stretchy swaddle wrap or heirloom-quality plush Patoo blanket in a matching print or coordinating solid color is also a super-sweet look.

We love making unique styles that make every day with your little one feel special. Beyond newborn kimono sets, we also have a wonderful selection of clothes for growing babies, toddlers, and kids. Our family matching collections make for wonderful seasonal photos you'll cherish in the years to come.

What's your favorite newborn outfit?

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