What is a Sip and See Party and Should You Have One?

Ever wondered “what is a sip and see party?” Let’s break down what it is to help you decide if you want one.


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A recent trend has brought the “sip and see party” into the spotlight once again. More and more new parents are choosing to reveal their new babies to friends and family in the form of beautiful sip and see parties! Choosing this route has pros and cons. Most notably, planning a sip and see party encourages friends and family to wait until the event to drop by and see the baby. This gives parents much-needed time alone to adjust to their new normal. After an adjustment period, you can present your baby to the world in a small party for everyone to celebrate.

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What is a Sip and See?

First of all, what is a sip and see? Although the idea isn’t exactly new, a sip and see party – also known as an after-baby shower or a welcome-the-new-baby party – is simply a get-together after a new baby is born for friends and family to meet the baby and congratulate new parents. The name comes from the concept that guests sip on light refreshments and see the new baby at about 8 weeks old. Waiting about two months after birth gives parents time to adjust, and it ensures the baby isn’t exposed to so many new germs right away.

A sip and see party can be whatever you want it to be. Invite only your closest friends or make it a large-scale event. Traditionally, a sip and see party is more casual than a baby shower and encourages an open-house format rather than an all-day event. They can be opportunities for families to come by with their children to say hello – kids who would probably not come to a baby shower. While it isn’t the norm to have a gift registry for a sip and see (as you would with a baby shower), you can certainly create a registry for needed items. After all, most people can’t resist buying a cute gift for a new baby

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The Pros and Cons of a Sip and See Party

 Guests Come All at Once – You can see this as a pro or a con, but we put it in the pro category. When you have a newborn, you’re exhausted, sleep deprived and learning a new way of life. You and your partner probably won’t want a slew of visitors spaced out over weeks, particularly if you feel obligated to clean up the house for them. Instead, a sip and see party encourages everyone to wait for the event to meet the new baby! This way, you can take the time to enjoy your new stage of life together, then celebrate with your closest friends and family when you’re ready.

Great for Adoptions – For many adopting parents, it’s difficult to throw a baby shower because the timing is sometimes unknown. You may have less time to prepare for a baby or you need to be ready at any time so you have a nursery ready months in advance. Planning a sip and see party is a great way to celebrate a new baby once you’ve welcomed them to their new home! It allows for an adjustment period without having to stress over the timing of a traditional baby shower.

Germs – No matter how you plan it, exposing a young baby to a slew of new germs is inevitable. Most parents wait to throw a sip and see party until the baby has had their first round of vaccinations, but there is always a risk. When your baby is passed around all day, it’s nerve-wracking to most new parents.

Stressful for Parents – Even if you wait two months for a sip and see party, you’ll still feel stressed. Having people over when you’re exhausted, getting used to breastfeeding, etc. is a whirlwind of emotions. Feeling the needs to get dressed up and clean the house for guests’ arrival is stressful enough on its own. Take this into account when choosing whether or not to have a sip and see. To reduce stress, consider asking a parent or friend to host and keep the event very casual.

More Reasons to Celebrate – Who can resist another reason to celebrate a new baby?! You’re proud, your family is proud and your baby is adorable. You may even be excited to spend some time talking to adults after spending weeks in the newborn bubble.

Now that you’ve figured out “what is a sip and see?” do you feel like you want one? Some parents opt for an after-baby shower for their second or third child rather than a full-blown baby shower beforehand. Think about what feels right for you and your partner, and if you do have one, be sure to enjoy the ride!

Did you have a sip and see party? What’s your take on this fun new trend?

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