Self-Care Tips for New Moms

Try these self-care tips for new moms to reduce stress, take care of your body and recover!

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Having a baby is tough work. After your body goes through such a huge transformation, you bring home a beautiful bundle of joy who prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep for the next year. It’s time like this that new moms need to remember self-care. No, that doesn’t just mean finding time for a face mask one a week! Practice these self-care tip for new moms to take care of yourself while you’re taking care of a small human.

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How to Manage Postpartum Life with Self-Care Tips

  1. Rest When the Baby Sleeps – Laundry can wait. Dishes can wait. Even if your internal clock won’t allow you to sleep, sit back and close your eyes to rest while you can. Take a moment to yourself to read a book, write in a journal, meditate, etc. – maybe skip the television though. Getting enough rest and sleep is one of the best self-care tips for new moms that anyone can offer. This is also a good opportunity to break out that face mask and rest for 10 minutes! 
  1. Find your Community – Every new mom needs support, especially in the beginning if they are taking maternity leave. It’s too easy to feel isolated as the sole daytime caretaker of your new baby, so seeking our parenting groups and other activities is great for your mental health. Finding a group you’re comfortable talking to about your new mom life will help you with the transition. After all, sometimes you need someone other than your partner or parent to talk to about the struggles. Find local meetups online, in community centers, local churches or even hospitals. Plus, you’re welcome in Posh Peanut’s VIP Mamas Facebook group anytime!
  1. Get Moving – Although very easy to ignore, this self-care tip carries plenty of weight. Don’t feel obligated to take up jogging or Pilates but do whatever you can to get moving in a way that you will enjoy. Whether that’s walking through your local mall, dancing around your kitchen, practicing yoga or power walking around the block, any physical activity can boost endorphins. This may help new moms feel more positive and energetic.
  1. Start Journaling – As you adjust to postpartum life, your hormones are all over the place. Take a breath and try getting all of those feelings out on paper with a journal. Journaling is a common form of self-care for new moms who benefit from the emotional release. Start with just one sentence every day and see how you feel!

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  1. Choose Healthier Foods – Preparing a meal may be the last thing on your mind with a new baby. That’s completely fair! Most women probably see this self-care tip as “wishful thinking” when you barely find time to scarf down a few bites of whatever you have in the house. However, because what you eat has a huge impact on how you feel, choosing healthier snacks throughout the day can help you feel better. Manage your self-care by snacking on foods high in protein and nutrients. Save the pasta and chips for when you have the time to actually savor and enjoy them – we’d never suggest leaving them out altogether! Just balance them with healthier snacks.

Most importantly, if self-care tips don’t feel like they’re helping you manage postpartum life, talk to your doctor. Whether it is postpartum depression, the post-baby blues or just regular ‘ol stress, don’t overlook it! Your personal health is important, so listen to your body.

Self-care tips for new moms are just based on some women’s experiences. Everyone may have different responses and feelings, but the point is to not become so overwhelmed with caring for your child than you forget to care for yourself. 

Posh Mamas, what other self-care tips for new moms would you recommend?

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