5 Reasons Why a Sleep Bag is Best for Your Baby

If you’re not familiar with baby sleeping bags, we’ve got 5 reasons you’ll want to try using an infant sleeping bag, especially as colder weather approaches.

baby wearing toddler girl sleeping bag in crib

Featuring toddler girl sleeping bag from Lana Leopard Collection

We know you’d never try something new for your baby without researching it first, so here we are to help! You might wonder, can newborns wear sleeping bags? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! In fact, baby sleeping bags are a great choice for new parents. To help you understand the ins and outs of our newest baby or toddler sleeping bags, we have five reasons you’ll want one.

First, let’s answer a couple of your burning questions about baby sleeping bags.

What Age Can You Use a Baby Sleeping Bag?

A sleep bag (also called a sleep sack) is generally worn as soon as your little one transitions out of swaddles, usually around 8 weeks. The transition will be based on their size and the time they begin wanting to roll. However, if the sizing is correct, you can begin using one of our bamboo baby sleeping bags right away. 

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Best of all, your peanut can continue to wear an infant sleeping bag for years because there is enough length to allow for your baby’s growth. There’s no set age you have to stop using a sleep bag, but it will certainly be harder to keep them in it once they begin walking and learning to take it off themselves.

Now, let’s talk about those benefits.

baby boy wearing camo print baby sleeping bag with long sleeves

Featuring toddler sleep bag from Cadet Collection

The Benefits of Using Baby Sleeping Bags

1. Prevents Injury – On average, more than 10,000 children are injured in their cribs each year. Safe sleep habits can help reduce the chances of your baby hurting their arm or leg in their crib slats. No more feet stuck in the rails when they’re wearing a baby or toddler sleeping bag!

TOG guide for baby sleeping bags

2. Regulates Temperature – Dressing your baby with a sleeping bag helps to regulate their temperature based on Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) and the temperature of their nursery. TOG is considered a unit of measurement to calculate the thermal insulation of fabric. At Posh Peanut, we created three different TOGs for baby sleeping bags:
  • .5 TOG: 23 - 26 °C / 74 - 78 °F
  • 1.0 TOG: 21 - 23 °C / 69 - 73 °F
  • 2.5 TOG: 16 - 20 °C / 61 - 68 °F

This way, you can choose the TOG that best works with the temperature of your home. If you’re unsure, the .5 TOG is the best selection for all temperatures and year-round use. Alternatively, you could purchase a 2.5 TOG winter sleeping bag for baby to keep warm during extra cold months.

3. Transitions Baby Out of Swaddles – As we touched on, baby sleeping bags help to transition a newborn out of swaddles after several weeks. Because infants should not sleep with blankets or loose covers for the first two years, baby or toddler sleeping bags act as an in-between to keep them warm and cozy while staying safe.

4. Weighted for Better Sleep – Much like adults find comfort in weighted blankets, so do babies and toddlers! Rather than putting your little one to sleep in just a one piece, adding a toddler sleeping bag adds weight to calm them.

5. Safer Than Blankets – As your peanut grows, you’ll no longer be able to swaddle them for bed. Instead, transitioning to a baby sleeping bag is a safe alternative to swaddling a squirming baby who is rolling around or giving them a loose blanket that’s unsafe to keep in their crib.

Lastly, let’s answer one more question you might have before trying out a sleep bag.

What to Wear Under a Baby Sleeping Bag

Finally, what should your baby wear under a sleeping bag? Baby sleeping bags MUST be worn with other clothes. You should always dress your baby or toddler in a bodysuit, one piece or similar garment before putting them in a sleeping bag. Change what they wear with it based on the weather and the TOG of the baby sleeping bag, such as a short sleeve bodysuit during warm months and a long sleeved, footed one piece during colder ones.

We hope this helped answer any questions you might have about our baby sleeping bags! They’re the perfect gift for parents on your holiday list this year, and they can always be matched with your favorite Posh Peanut collections and baby accessories to make adorable outfits! 

What else do you want to know about baby sleeping bag clothes?

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