When it’s time to prepare your baby registry, we thought this guide to baby shower etiquette and what to ask for may be helpful for new moms!

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Having a baby? That’s amazing – we’re so excited for you! After you’ve navigated months of morning sickness, discomfort and body changes, you have a wonderful baby shower to look forward to before the birth of your new baby. That’s when some other anxieties kick in, like what to ask for on your baby shower registry, who to invite to the celebration and what the proper baby shower etiquette is these days. To help ease those thoughts, we rounded up all of the baby shower basics! Keep reading for how to prepare for your baby shower and what we consider your baby shower must-haves, including everything from newborn rompers and baby headbands to bibs and body wash.

Baby Shower Etiquette Basics

If you have a support system of friends and family around you, they will likely work together to shower you with love and gifts when you’re expecting a baby. Hopefully, all you have to do is prepare a wishlist or registry and show up to the party. 

When preparing for your party, here are a few things to know about traditional baby shower etiquette:

  • Traditionally, parents-to-be do not throw their own shower, but it’s OK to ask someone if you’re concerned that no one has taken the reins yet (although someone almost always does!)
  • You may have more than one baby shower with different groups of people, such as family versus coworkers, so provide an appropriate guest list to party hosts according to these expectations
  • Most showers send guests home with a small party favor as a thank you for attending, but it’s not a requirement
  • It is absolutely expected that you register for gifts, so be sure to share the link to a baby shower registry with the host as soon as possible (more on that below!)
  • Request a mixture of gifts, keeping most of them modestly priced and attainable for guests. However, some close friends or family may band together to purchase larger gifts
  • Although traditionally an all-women occasion, more and more baby showers are including men in the celebration. This is just a matter of preference
  • Not your first baby? That’s OK too. It’s normal for second- or third-time parents to have baby showers, but they are often less extravagant. More couples are also opting for “sip and see” parties instead of baby showers for their newborns
  • Send out thank you cards as soon as possible after the baby shower 

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How to Add Small Business Products to your Baby Shower Registry

Don’t forget you can also support small businesses to request specialty items for your baby shower! In addition to Posh Peanut’s wishlist option, you can add products from any website to a registry with services like Babylist. Unlike traditional baby shower registry websites that compile products from one store, these services make it easy to save items from small businesses all over the web. Simply sign up with a service like Babylist to start saving Posh Peanut products and other must-haves to your baby shower registry. This is a great way to not only support small businesses but ask for the items you truly WANT! For example, add your favorite newborn romper to your registry by simply clicking “add to Babylist registry” beneath the “add to cart” button.

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Must-Haves for a Baby Shower Registry

If this is your first baby, be sure to ask for the essentials you’ll need for baby’s first year. Although baby shower etiquette dictates you should registry for a variety of modest gifts, you’ll want to include big-ticket items like strollers and car seats for guests to purchase together. 

Here are a few other must-haves for your wishlist:

Of course, there’s plenty more you can add to your baby shower registry, including plenty of items from Posh Peanut, like a comfortable robe for mom! Then you can match it with items from your registry, like a floral baby romper. It’s OK to add a little something for yourself on your registry too. We’re always here to help if you have any questions about adding Posh Peanut to your baby registry!

What were/are the must-haves on your baby shower registry?!

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