Want to raise well rounded kids? Follow these tips for raising sensitive children that are still prepared for troubles in life.

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Every parent hopes to raise a well-rounded child – one who is both sensitive and resilient and grows up with a feeling of satisfaction about their life. Part of this challenge includes raising sensitive children who are hyper aware of their feelings and the feelings of others. Some kids simply have an extremely sensitive trait and may be easily triggered to feel overwhelmed. When kids feel emotions more intensely than others, they can be harder to discipline and nurture without feeling that you are coddling them. We rounded up a few tips for raising sensitive children to help them grow into well-rounded adults. 

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How to Discipline a Sensitive Child

Sensitivity is a wonderful trait to have. However, it can result in more tearful or angry reactions because sensitive kids feel emotions so strongly. The first step to raising a sensitive child is to accept this trait – there’s nothing wrong with it. Coming from someone who was the “sensitive” child in my family, negatively portraying your child’s temperament can cause them to feel shame. Instead, focus on helping sensitive children by emphasizing their strengths and teaching them ways to manage their feelings. Then you can lift them up by intermittently praising their efforts to control their emotions.

When it comes to disciplining bad behavior, set limits on what you deem acceptable behavior. Raising a sensitive child may make you want to avoid upsetting them, but you cannot grant continuous exceptions to bad behavior. You may also consider rephrasing things in positive ways to show kids how they can earn rewards. With more helpful and positive phrasing, sensitive children won’t feel as much pressure or react with intense emotion. There’s no foolproof way to raise sensitive children. The best you can do is teach them problem-solving skills and consequences to help them manage their emotions and grow into a healthy, well-rounded kid.

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How to Balance Sensitivity and Resilience when Raising Children

Sure, it seems like common sense to raise well-rounded kids. You love them, encourage them, set limits with them, and allow them to make mistakes and learn. Sounds easy, right? Balancing sensitivity and resilience when raising your kids will help them grow into well-rounded adults who are kind and compassionate but able to handle their own and stand up for themselves. Raising sensitive children means you need to instill that resilience in them. Perhaps the best way to do this is to allow them to fail. As much as this hurts for parents to see, failure is important for kids to learn from their mistakes. It improves resilience.

You can still feel secure about raising sensitive children as long you allow them space to learn. Encourage them to become involved in activities, but provide plenty of downtime for them to feel at ease. Show your support, encourage their improvements and they will be OK. After all, that’s all any parent dreams for their kids.

What other tips for you have for families raising sensitive children?

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