These are the most popular pictures to take in your newborn’s first year!

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Featuring infant knotted gown from Frances Collection

The first year of your baby’s life is filled with so many incredible milestones. That first year flies by, and preserving memories with photos will allow you to revisit those days as your kids grow up. Whether you print out your photos, make digital albums or share them on social media, photos are special. We’ve rounded up some of the best and essential pictures to take in your newborn’s first year! From those first moments in the hospital wrapped in a knotted gown to their first tummy time and monthly milestones, you’ll want to capture them all.

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baby in newborn knotted gown, sister in matching floral print

Featuring knotted gown from Jozie Collection

Essential Photos for Baby’s First Year

  1. First Hospital Photo – Through all the tears and pain, that first moment you meet your baby is unlike any other. If you can, try to capture the moment mom first meets their baby. Soon after, document them in their very first "newborn coming home outfit," the beginning of many firsts outside the hospital.
  2. Monthly Milestones – Some of the most popular pictures to take in your newborn’s first year are monthly milestones. Lay your baby on their back in a cute outfit, like an infant knotted gown or patterned one piece, and add a number to represent the month. Use stickers, blankets, letterboards, pillows or other accessories to showcase how many months old they are.
  3. First Smiles – You’ll be beaming with pride when you catch a photo of your infant’s first smile! There’s nothing more precious.
  4. First Holidays – In a year filled with firsts, holidays are a fun excuse to dress up your infant in themed outfits for Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more! Did you see we have a new line of patriotic patterned baby clothing that’s perfect for 4th of July photos?!
  5. Mommy & Me – Consider splurging on professional family photos of you and your newborn. Most of our collections include matching mommy and me outfits for you to coordinate with your baby.
  6. Daddy & Me – Additionally, consider using professional photography to capture dad and baby together. Both in the hospital and at home, these photos together will be priceless. Yes, we have coordinating pajamas for dads too!
  7. Siblings – From first meetings to lazy days at home, you’ll want to capture your infant with their siblings. With your baby in a knotted gown and their sibling in a loungewear set, dressing them up in coordinated or matching sibling outfits will set the stage for perfectly photogenic moments.
  8. Crib Naps – Capture the sweet but simple moments your infant is asleep in their crib. Napping in a newborn knotted gown always makes the perfect photo!
  9. Sitting Up – When your little one starts sitting up, you’ll be thrilled to catch the moments on camera!
  10. Rolling Over – As you introduce tummy time and your baby learns to roll over, get the camera ready for plenty of cuteness.
  11. Crawling – Enjoy the crawling before it turns into running! Take lots of photos of your little one learning to crawl the house.
  12. Standing and Walking – Before you know it, they’ll be pulling themselves up and taking their first steps.
  13. Yawns – Is there anything cuter than a baby yawn? You’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture these sweet moments in the first few weeks.
  14. Feet – When you first bring home your new baby, take photos of every inch of them to remember just how precious they are, starting with feet! Capture cute, wrinkly feet while they’re extra tiny.
  15. Swaddles – Some of our favorite pictures to take in your newborn’s first year include swaddled up babies on beds. Wrap them up tightly in a cute swaddle and take photos of them on a bed or rug.
  16. First Laugh – A baby laughing is the sweetest sound, so be sure to capture giggles and laughter in both photos and videos.
  17. Doctor Visits – While not always pleasant, visits to the doctor are important milestones! Capture some of the visit in photos.
  18. First Bath – Both the first bath for your newborn and future baths as they learn to sit up on their own will be special moments to have in photos. Don't forget to snap a picture of them after bath time in their cute hooded towel.
  19. Holding Hands – When your little one reaches for your finger or hand as a newborn, it’s a beautiful photo-worthy moment.
  20. Nursing – If mom chooses to breastfeed, the first and future nursing are special moments to capture. It’s a brand new feeling for first-time moms! Even if you are not breastfeeding, the first feeding is a special moment between parent and baby.

By the end of your newborn’s first year, you’ll be so happy you acted like the paparazzi! It’s a year filled with unforgettable moments, and no matter how you use those photos, you’ll be so happy to have them.

Are there any other photos you made sure to take in your newborn’s first year?!

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