Sadly, every mom is bound to face problems with how to handle negative pregnancy comments, so here’s how to cope.

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People are opinionated. Your friends. Your siblings. Your mother-in-law. Even your boss, a man with no children. Many will feel compelled to make a comment during your pregnancy that will either damage your self-esteem or make you grind your teeth with rage. Although comments are usually intended to be innocent, it’s important for moms to be to know that it happens to everyone. Learning how to handle negative pregnancy comments can help you get through it. Just remember, you’re growing a human inside of you. You’re incredible, and no one should feel obligated to comment on your pregnancy. Compliments are wonderful, but even some comments intended as compliments can make pregnant women uncomfortable.

Just tell all women they’re glowing and move on, thanks.

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Dealing with Pregnancy Comments and How to Respond

Unwanted pregnancy comments are bound to come your way – both outright rude and unpleasant but well-meaning.

“You’re so big.”

“Are you sure you’re not having twins?”

Much like someone coming up to touch your pregnant belly without permission, these comments can be uncomfortable. That said, stand up for yourselves, mamas! Any comment about your weight is unjustified. When it comes to dealing with weight-related negative pregnancy comments, perhaps the best things to say is nothing at all, according to some professionals, but you can certainly walk away. If those comments are coming from a family member or close friends, don’t be afraid to tell them how that comment feels to you. You can go so far as to say “I’m not comfortable with that question” or “I find your comment rude.” 

Respond to Pregnancy Comments with Polite Disinterest  

The hardest part about dealing with negative pregnancy comments is responding without appearing rude yourself. Try to be direct with the commenter but maintain a polite attitude.

If commenters are spouting unwanted advice or noting your personal habits, simply respond that you’re following your doctor’s recommendations. Everyone thinks they’re an expert, right? They aren’t, and it’s OK to let them know as long as it’s polite. For the most people, pregnancy comments are intended to be helpful, like saying “I don’t think you should be drinking coffee.”  In fact, consuming small amounts of caffeine each day is considered safe by most physicians.

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No matter what negative pregnancy comments are thrown your way, you’re sure to handle them with grace. Just remember, you’re gorgeous and no one should make you feel differently about that.

How have you had to handle negative pregnancy comments?

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