Welcome to our very first blog post!

We are all so excited to share our official launch of PoshPeanut with you all!

This is the first of many blog posts that will keep you updated on our new arrivals, exciting announcements, adorable pictures of posh peanuts, children's clothing trends and so much more!

The launch process of PoshPeanut has been a long journey as we have held our site to a very high standard for our beloved customers.

This has all required tons of attention to detail, ensuring every tiny aspect is user friendly, top security measures taken to protect customers for a safe checkout process and of course making sure that the site portrays the true essence of PoshPeanut. We hope you feel and enjoy the lovable, fun, adorable and fashion forward vibes through every click on our site. And of course we hope you and your peanut adore all of our merchandise! Happy shopping and please check back with us sooner than later!




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