New parent? Here’s everything you need in your newborn’s diaper bag to be prepared for anything.

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Is there anything worse than realizing halfway through an outing than you’ve forgotten a spare change of clothes or wipes for your newborn? First-time parents quickly learn how important it is to keep what you need in your newborn’s diaper bag at all times. In order to be ready for anything – whether it’s a blowout diaper, spit-up or overnight trip – we’ve compiled the diaper bag must-haves for you. Choose a convenient diaper bag style for your lifestyle, such as a shoulder bag vs. a backpack style, and fill it with everything you need for caring for your newborn. Things like a spare baby one piece and pacifier will come in very handy! 

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Diaper Bag Essentials for Every Parent

  1. Diapers – Always pack more than you think you need! To be on the safe side, pack 1-2 diapers for every hour you plan to be out with them.
  2. Diaper Wipes – Keep a travel pack with you at all times.
  3. Plastic Bags – Keep your bags from grocery store trips to wrap up soiled clothes as needed. You won’t want to put a soiled newborn one piece from a blowout back in your diaper bag without proper containment. You can also use them as a trashcan for dirty diapers.
  4. Diaper Rash Cream – You never know when you might need some cream during a diaper change in order to keep your peanut comfortable.
  5. Portable Changing Pad – Sure, you could change your newborn without one…but we don’t recommend it. A simple travel changing pad will cover any surface to protect both it and your baby. That way, you have no messes on the surface (which could be your car or a public space) and your baby’s sensitive bum isn’t touching an unsafe area.
  6. Extra Baby One Piece – It’s helpful to keep a spare set of clothes with you at all times. A newborn one piece is a staple in your baby’s wardrobe and works for any occasion. Carrying 1-2 one pieces with you will keep you prepared for an accident.
  7. Burp Cloth(s) – Inevitably, you need to burp your newborn while you’re out. Keep several burp cloths on hand for these moments. When they get messy, add them to one of those disposable plastic bags!
  8. Swaddle Blanket – Whether you use it for swaddling, snuggling or covering, a swaddle blanket is a diaper bag must-have! It may be a comfort for your baby and can be used to cover their stroller or cover you while nursing.
  9. Baby-Safe Pain Reliever – You never know when a fever will spike, so it’s best to be prepared. Keep your newborn diaper bag stocker with pain reliever just in case, and hopefully you never have to use it.
  10. Pacifiers – If your little one uses pacifiers, keep extras stored in your diaper bag. Invest in the clips to attach to a baby one piece in order to avoid losing them, but pack extras in case they get lost or dirty.
  11. Hand Sanitizer – After a diaper change, you’ll definitely want it!
  12. Toys or Books – Pack your peanut’s favorite toys or a teether to keep them happy during an outing. These will change based on their age and what they love most.
  13. Clean Bottles and Formula – If you’re bottle-feeding with formula, be sure to pack what you need to keep your peanut fed for longer than you expect. Delays happen. Be prepared with enough to last several extra hours.
  14. Hat and Sunglasses – For babies over six months, you’ll also want to pack sunscreen. Keep your peanut protected with a hat or sunglasses if they will have any sun exposure on your outing.

That’s everything you need in your newborn’s diaper bag, but you can always be better prepared! After the first outing or two, you’ll probably find other things you want to keep in there. For some, that might mean a complete first aid kit or snacks. Items like a phone charger and lip balm may also be essentials for YOU to keep on hand. Now you’ll be ready for anything!

Tell us your diaper bag essentials in the comments!

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