Try these simple tips for having a fun, relaxed evening at home with your family of all ages!

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These days, you’re probably feeling pretty isolated. I know I am! As many of us have been forced to quarantine at home – many with families, young children and people of all ages – it’s gotten increasingly difficult to enjoy. At first, the idea of spending more time with your family is exciting! Almost four months in, quarantine has probably taken its toll on you and your sanity. The world is slowly opening up, but many continue to stay home. Surely, you’ve scoured the web and Pinterest for every at-home activity you can and tried almost everything to keep yourself and your kids busy. After all, no one was ready to deal with this. To help bring back that inspiration, here are our tips for how to have a fun, relaxed evening at home with your family no matter everyone’s ages!

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Fun and Relaxing At-Home Activities for All Ages 

First of all, let’s look at how to enjoy an evening at home with your family no matter your ages!

  1. Go for a Walk – Evening walks, such as after dinner, are a perfect way to get out of the house and enjoy a little exercise. Now that the weather has warmed up, evenings are a more comfortable time to walk outdoors. Put a little one in a stroller or give them the chance to run off their energy.
  1. Visit Virtual Locations If you aren’t ready to venture out yet, consider enjoying a virtual adventure! Visit virtual museums, theme parks, aquariums and zoos to keep kids of any age entertained. 
  1. Crafts By now, you’ve probably tried every craft project on Pinterest. If you’re still looking for inspiration, try purchasing crafting kits to save yourself some energy. With smaller kids, simply lay out a variety of papers, paints and stickers and let them go wild!
  1. Scavenger Hunts – Make an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt for your kids to seek out items on a list. If you can go outside, a scavenger hunt is the perfect excuse for fresh air, exploration and learning about new types of plants. 
  1. Movie Night – You’ve probably watched everything on Disney+ by now (or is that just me?) but there’s always more to explore. Try renting a movie or finding something new for the family to enjoy! Dress the family in their most comfortable outfits, like a Posh Peanut floral romper or cute one piece, and watch the movie from a fort filled with pillows and blankets.

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  1. Invent a Game – After a few months cooped up, you may have played every board game in the house. Instead, try making one up for a fun, relaxing evening at home. Both kids and adults may enjoy this change of pace!
  1. Donate – Use the opportunity to get your kids involved in community outreach if you feel you can attribute. Check on elderly neighbors, gather food to donate to local pantries or help masks for donation.
  1. Make Games from Household Items – Much like making up a new game, you can recreate a favorite game with items you have around the house! Hold on to things like boxes and bottles. You can use them to make hallway bowling with bottles or a cardboard skee-ball game.
  1. Family-Friendly Workouts – Find YouTube channels with simple family-friendly workouts to keep you and your kids active. Not only is it good for everyone’s health, it will help small children work off some energy so you can focus on other activities at home. On warmer days, jump into our kids' swimwear collection and cool off with a backyard pool session or running through the sprinkler!
  1. Science Experiments – Search for simple science experiments that offer kids something interesting to learn! Household products can often be used to make simple but exciting experiments.

At this point in the year, you may feel like you’ve tried everything. We can all understand that. Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration to keep getting through a socially distant summer. No matter how you create a fun, relaxed evening at home, every day is better with family!

What other activities have kept you and your family occupied?!

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