What is an in-hospital photoshoot and why is the fresh 48 photoshoot is so popular?

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In recent years, more and more parents have been capturing their newborn’s first two days of life in what has been dubbed the “Fresh 48” photoshoot. With so many types of pregnancy and newborn photo sessions, you may wonder why a fresh 48 photoshoot is different from the rest. After following so many mothers’ journeys wearing Posh Peanut on Instagram, we’ve come to see why fresh 48 sessions have become a must-have for new moms.

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What’s the Difference Between a Fresh 48 Session and a Newborn Session?

Put simply, a fresh 48 photoshoot captures the early moments of a baby’s life, usually still in the hospital. Unlike birth photography (another popular choice with today’s moms), fresh 48 sessions capture your newborn’s tiny details. Newborn photos are often taken several weeks after birth. It’s amazing what differences you’ll see in your baby after only a few weeks! Why have a fresh 48 photoshoot? Having a photographer there to capture the first yawn, the first feeding, the first bath and the moment your newborn meets their siblings for the first time is incredibly special. Plus, photos of every little detail of your newborn will show the dramatic difference several weeks can make. Many parents still choose to have a newborn photoshoot after the mother has had time to recover from birth and the family has begun to settle into their new normal. Every family will have their own preference.

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What to Wear to a Fresh 48 Photoshoot

This is the fun part, right? One of the reasons why Posh Peanut is so popular for fresh 48 photoshoots is our selection of matching robes and swaddles! If you’re wondering what to wear to a fresh 48 photoshoot, stick with something comfortable. Photographers will often photograph you in a comfortable robe with the baby wrapped in a swaddle blanket as well as some of the baby in just a diaper or simple white onesie. Don’t forget cute accessories like a floral headwrap or matching beanie! The photoshoot will not be heavily posed because the goal is to capture the moments naturally.

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When you’re determining why or why not to have a fresh 48 photoshoot, just keep in mind your own comfort. After birth, some moms may simply not be ready to have a photographer around. Talk with a photographer who specializes fresh 48 photoshoots to see if it’s right for you! Make sure you’re comfortable with them first. We’re sure you’ll love the results if your fresh 48 photos!

Will you have a fresh 48 photoshoot? Have you had one before, and how did you feel about it?!

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