Whether it’s putting them to bed on ultra-soft baby crib sheets or bathing them, these tips will help you survive flu season this winter!

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It’s no surprise we’re all on extra high alert this flu season. As much of the world continues to worry about COVID-19, we’re also worried about the traditional flu season ravaging our home. Please continue to follow guidelines set by the federal government and your state for your safety as physical distancing, mask-wearing and frequent handwashing will protect you from both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. Aside from getting a flu shot, it’s good to be prepared for how to care for your baby or toddler if they fall ill from the flu or cold. Part of the struggle with sickness is just letting it run its course, so we rounded up some of the best tips for surviving flu season this winter if your little one gets sick. 

Tips for Soothing a Sick Child this Flu Season

Make them Comfortable – Just like when you’re sick and want to cuddle up in a fluffy blanket and your softest pants, so does your sick baby. By choosing baby clothes and bedding that are soft and comfortable, like our bamboo baby crib sheets, it’ll soothe them and help them feel more comfortable. One of our best-sellers is the baby girl crib sheets from the Dusk Rose Collection.

Push Fluids – No matter their age, it’s important for your baby or toddler to drink plenty of fluids when they’re sick. If they’re under 6 months old, that will mean feeding them as much breast milk or formula as they will take. For older babies and toddlers, try pushing water or juice. If they are over one year old, you may want to give them an electrolyte drink to increase hydration. Of course, always consult your doctor for their professional recommendations. 

Raise their Head at Bedtime – This is a contested method by some sources but is recommended by pediatricians, according to WebMD. When you lay a coughing baby down on their crib sheet cover at night, lying flat will only aggravate their cough. If possible, you can lift the head of their crib by just a few inches. Otherwise, try raising their head by placing up a rolled towel under the mattress to lift one side. This will help ease the congestion so they can rest easier. 

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Have a Warm Shower – The humidity in your bathroom during a warm shower may also help ease a bad cough. Hold them close and let the shower mist work like a humidifier. For bedtime, a humidifier in their bedroom may also help reduce nighttime coughs and stuffiness.

Bathe Them – A lukewarm bath may be just what your baby or toddler needs when they have a light fever. Not only is it comforting but it could help reduce their fever by a degree or two.

Hold them Close – While you’re home with your sick child, one of the best medicines is love. Is that cheesy? Sorry, but it’s true! Hold them close, cuddle together on the couch or wear them in a baby carrier if you need to move around. The closeness is a big comfort to them – just as it probably is to you.

If your child develops a fever, it is best to consult your doctor. Typically, a fever under 101 degrees isn’t considered dangerous for children more than one year old. You should not give cough or cold medicine to children under 4 years old. Definitely talk to a doctor if any symptoms persist after a few days. Always be on the lookout for strange behaviors, such as extreme lethargy, and take them to a doctor if you’re concerned. 

Most of the time, you’ll have nothing to worry about. We all get sick, and it will pass! In the meantime, there are steps to take to comfort a sick child, and they’ll be happier just being close to you. 

What else do you recommend to soothe a sick baby or toddler?

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