Soft as a Baby's Butt

Seriously, it's as soft as a baby's butt! We’ve custom-created the softest viscose from bamboo in the world - creating countless styles for you and your little one to cherish those precious moments together.

Why Päpook Viscose From Bamboo?

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    Breathable & Lightweight
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    Soft as a Baby's Butt
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    Delicate On Sensitive Skin
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    Stretches To Fit Longer
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    Award Winning

Meet Our Päpook Viscose From Bamboo

Päpook® brings you and your little one the softest viscose from bamboo fabric you've ever touched. Why Päpook®, you ask? Well, it's all in the name! "Päpook®" is inspired by the Armenian word for "soft" because our founder knew that's precisely what our special custom fabric is all about. Imagine an incredibly soft fabric that could easily compete with the touch of a baby's delicate bottom. It might sound a bit quirky, but trust us, it's the most accurate way to describe it. Yep, you got it right – Päpook® is about taking softness to a new level!

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    Award winning designs
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    Quality Luxe Päpook™ Viscose From Bamboo Fabric
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    4X stretchier than cotton
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    Loved by 1 Million+ parents
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    Thoughtfully created essentials
Päpook viscose from bamboo

Award Winning Fabric

Our goal was to craft something exceptional for you and your loved ones. We noticed a gap in the market for clothing that was adorable, practical, and incredibly soft. Through numerous rounds of sampling, rigorous testing, and listening closely to our customers' feedback, we finally birthed Päpook® viscose from bamboo. As time passed, our passion for this fabric grew, and we weren't the only ones who were completely captivated by it. In fact, our fabric has garnered widespread acclaim, earning us numerous awards, including the prestigious Ernie Award.

Why Choose Bamboo?

bamboo Päpook® Viscose from Bamboo cotton Cotton
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Flame Retardant Free circle check close icon
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Don’t take our word for it. Read how customers love our Päpook viscose from bamboo!

  • 5 stars

    “My son has the worst eczema, and Posh Peanut’s Bamboo has been a savior.”

    Janette R. 
  • 5 stars

    “I love and hate Posh Peanut. I love it cause it’s super soft, but I hate it because trying to get my child to take it off is a nightmare. LOL”

    Kayla G.
  • 5 stars

    “Soft is an understatement! You won’t believe how soft Posh Peanut is until it’s in your hands.”

    Stephanie S.
  • 5 stars

    “My child has sensitive skin, so sensitive we strictly wear bamboo. Posh Peanut is by far the best in quality and softness”

    Lacey L.

Better Than Cotton

Did you know that viscose from bamboo fabric can outlast cotton by a mile? It's not just a saying; it's a fact! By investing in our Päpook® Viscose from Bamboo, you're not only providing your child with the softest and most comfortable clothing but also making a wise choice that ensures your child can wear these cherished garments five times longer than traditional cotton clothing. It's a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and your child's comfort.