As summer continues, there are a few pieces of must-have summer clothing for toddlers, like a floral toddler dress!

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During the hot summer months, it’s important to manage sun exposure to your toddler, who is at a greater risk of overheating than adults. In addition to making sure they have plenty of shade and water, you want to keep in mind what summer clothing you dress your little one in. Whether they’re wearing toddler dresses, rompers or a bathing suit, the first step is always to apply plenty of sunscreen. Something designed for their sensitive skin is the best choice!

Important Summer Clothing Features for Babies and Toddlers

Add Hats and Sunglasses to Every Outfit

To reduce your toddler’s sun exposure, always look for a wide-brimmed hat that will pair with almost any outfit. One that ties under their chin will ensure it stays on as they play outside. It should be wide enough to shade their face and cover their ears, which are especially prone to burning. Paired with cute sunnies, your baby or toddler will be ready for the sun! Both accessories can be paired with any outfit, like toddler dresses, rompers, swimsuits or short sets. 

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Dress Girls in a Floral Toddler Dress

A toddler dress or twirl skirt bodysuit (which you can find in our NEW Payton Collection) are the perfect summer clothing for your toddler. They’re comfortable, stretchy and still allow for easy diaper changes. Plus, they’ll love being about to twirl in a cute dress. Get the camera ready!

Try a Romper for Everyday Wear

Both boys and girls will be comfortable dressed in a patterned romper. Snaps along the legs allow for easy diaper changes. The short sleeves keep your little one feeling comfortable on a hot day, but their legs remain protected from both the sun and surfaces with long pants. 

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

The fabric of your toddler’s summer clothing makes a huge difference in how well it blocks sun rays and keeps them cool at the same time. A lightweight material, such as our ultra-soft bamboo fabric, keeps your toddler cool and still has a tight enough weave to offer proper sun protection. Our fabrics are made of 95% viscose from bamboo and are considered soft, durable, breathable and tightly woven.

We know protecting your peanuts is your top priority! Choosing toddler clothes that are both comfortable and safe in the summer is a priority for us too.

What toddler dresses and rompers are your favorites for toddler summer clothing?!

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