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Dive into the little lies moms tell themselves in order to survive motherhood and keep their spirits up every day. Don’t scoff - you know you do it too.

Little Lies Moms Tell Themselves Every Day

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“At least Sesame Street is educational.”

“French fries are vegetables.”

These are some of the lies mothers tell themselves every day. When it comes to raising young children, everyone struggles, and we all struggle in our own ways. As every mother strives for so-called perfection, it’s vital to remember that we’ve all told ourselves little lies to survive motherhood and its everyday challenges.

Whether it’s picky eaters, babies who can’t sleep, rambunctious toddlers or other challenges, moms tell themselves lies to get through the day and keep their kids happy.

Examples of The Lies Mothers Tell Themselves

What lies do you tell yourself every day in order to feel better about something? Don’t be ashamed! No matter how perfect your friend Susan says her child is, you know she still faces challenges. After all, no kid welcomes bath time, cleans their plate of veggies, and offers to go to bed on time. Here are a few examples of little lies you may have thought to yourself:

“Running through the sprinklers counts as their bath today.”

“Sleeping in bed with us is OK since I only allow it on the weekends.”

Ketchup is totally a vegetable.”

“He doesn’t understand my cussing yet.”

“Letting her play on my phone for 20 minutes a day won’t become a habit.”

“It’s not a bribe. I just gave them candy as a treat…”

“I only let them watch TV while I do chores.”

Whatever your little lies, it’s perfectly OK to tell yourself what you need to in order to keep going. Sometimes, you have to give your toddler the tablet for 30 minutes so you can fold laundry, and sometimes your kid won’t eat broccoli no matter how much cheese you put on it. We all do what we have to, and yes, that means lying to ourselves. Because our society is filled with influencer mothers who appear to have it together all the time, it’s no surprise average moms are under extreme pressure to look the same. Despite all of the mom shaming and comparisons we make, every mother struggles some days (or even every day). Rather than fall into a spiral of guilt for letting your kids watch TV or skip bath time, tell yourself a little lie to remind yourself it’s all OK. Your kids will turn out great.

Why It’s OK to Be an Imperfect Parent

No one is perfect, and that’s a good thing! Children deserve imperfect parents who will teach them to grow up into good humans, not parents who are so strict that their young children resent everything they’ve been taught. Bribe them, give them food you know isn’t healthy and let them stay up late sometimes It’s OK, and it does not make you a bad parent.

It’s very easy to get stuck in the mindset that you have to be perfect for your kids, but they will benefit more from imperfect parents who simply try their best. No one said parenting was a cushy job. In fact, it’s the hardest job you’ll ever have, so you need to give yourself and your kids a little slack.

You are a great mother or parent. You are doing your best, and technically potatoes are vegetables, regardless of whether or not they’ve been baked or fried. Thus, french fries count as vegetables, so it’s not really a lie!

What little lies have you told yourself?

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Mary Sarkisyan said:

This was really good! I really liked the “they don’t understand my cussing!”

That spoke to me and something I’ve been mindful of

Thank you!

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