As society continues to reexamine gender identify and what gender really means to different people, are gender reveal parties still relevant when expecting a new baby?

Are Gender Reveal Parties Still Relevant?

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Whether it’s pink and blue cakes, exploding piñatas, popped balloons or cheesy signs, we’ve all seen gender reveal parties go the extra mile to announce the sex of a new baby. Over the past few years, the popularity of gender reveal parties has grown tremendously, and now many are wondering, are gender reveal parties still relevant? Sparked by the rise of social media, gender reveal parties are a way for expecting parents to announce the biological sex of their baby to their friends, family and potentially their social media audience. While this is a harmless celebration, turning an intimate moment into a large-scale event has caused many to question both the accuracy of the term “gender reveal” and the idea of parties that announce a baby’s gender altogether. 

Why People are Questioning Gender Reveal Parties

So the question remains, are gender reveal parties still relevant? Perhaps they just need a new name? Because society as a whole is reexamining gender identity and slowly becoming more accepting of various gender identities, many would argue that it is not up to parents to host gender reveal parties for a child who can’t choose their gender identity yet. For all we know, they may not identify with the typical blue for boys and pink for girls! 

Gender reveal parties should more accurately be called genitals reveal parties...although, that doesn’t sound like a party I’d want to attend. 

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Gender reveal parties may be less relevant, but I doubt they will ever become irrelevant. After all, Pinterest is alive and kicking and full of ways to make anything a party! While making assumptions about gender is not new, society is changing, and people’s opinions are changing with it, forcing parents to face tough decisions about how they’re going to raise their children. Having a party to reveal “guns or glitter” doesn’t say anything about gender or biological sex because men and women continue to crush gender norms every day. Expectant parents should be mindful of the pressure they’re putting on gender identity both before and after their baby is born.

Are Gender Reveal Parties Still Relevant?

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Defending Gender Reveal Parties 

Now that we’ve seen all of the ways gender reveal parties are bad for society, let’s talk about one more important thing: they’re supposed to be FUN. No expecting parent goes into their big gender reveal party thinking about their unborn child’s identity. They simply want to celebrate with their partner, friends and family. At least, that’s what I hope everything is thinking! 

Defending gender reveal parties is not meant to be malicious. It’s not to say that expecting parents don’t care about their child’s gender identity. It’s just a name of a celebration that happens to be about reveal a fetus’s genitals. Celebrate it, or just cherish the moment for yourself! Either way, let’s leave the mom shaming out of it. Just always be kind and accepting of the child or children you have, and be prepared to accept that they make break gender barriers, but of course, you’ll love them no matter what. 

What’s your take on gender reveal parties? Have you had one or will you have one?

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It’s a BOY or it’s a GIRL
Pretty easy…only 2 ways it can be. That this is even a discussion is extremely disturbing.

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