New moms, you’ll love these examples of parenting advice that other moms swear by!

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Every parent is bound to receive their fair share of unsolicited advice. In particular, moms have to deal with consistent mom shaming and advice from parents, friends and even strangers. With so much advice being thrown around – including some that’s outdated or uneducated – it’s nice to know that at least some of it sticks. In the end, there are at least eight different pieces of parenting advice moms swear by! If you haven’t heard them before, settle in and soak up the knowledge other moms have passed down. 

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The Best Parenting Advice New Moms Appreciated

  1. It’s OK to fail and let your kids fail. No, really! One of the best examples of parenting advice moms swear by is that failure is normal and expected. It’s how we all learned, and it’s how your children will learn. As difficult as it may be to watch your children struggle or fail at something, they will bounce back. You did.
  1. Ask for and accept help. Most of us have a certain sense of pride that keeps us from wanting to accept help. When it comes to having kids (especially when you have multiple kids to look after), it’s good to remember that help is helpful. Perhaps the first piece of parenting advice new moms should receive is that you need help. There is a reason for the expression “it takes a village.” Whether that help is asked for or not, don’t be afraid to accept it when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’ll be a better parent for it in the end.
  1. Every child is different. Just because Aunt Karen down the street had one experience raising her kids doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experiences. Some kids may be more difficult to raise, some kids will feel easier and some kids will probably make you consider asking your spouse for that vasectomy. Because every child has their own personality, traits, behaviors and experiences, advice will not be “one size fits all.”
  1. Apologize when it’s needed. Being a good role model for your kids is important from the very beginning. After all, the first time they say a curse word, you’ll remember that they heard it somewhere...and it probably came out of your mouth. Because they watch and learn from you, it’s important to set an example by apologizing when you’re wrong. Apologize to your kids, your spouse or others to own up to mistakes. Your kids will understand that you are not perfect. It’s more important that they understand that you can do the “right” thing and apologize.
  1. This experience is finite. Unlike many aspects of our lives, being a parent of a small child is finite. This is one of my favorite examples of parenting advice moms swear by because it explains why so many parents say things like “I miss when they were that little.” It may be killing you know, but it will end. In a few years, you’ll be reminiscing on these times. Enjoy the good parts, power through the bad.

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  1. Your kids will tell you when they’re ready. It’s common to freak out when your children seem behind on milestones like walking, speech or potty training. If you’re truly concerned, you should talk to your doctor about it. However, some kids just take time. They may resist something for a while and suddenly wake up one day ready to do it. Don’t stress about these milestones until after you’ve discussed it with your doctor. 
  1. Don’t forget who you are just because you’re a mom. As a parent, you’re a total superhero. You’re also a person. Make an effort to maintain your own identity through hobbies and individual interests – it won’t keep you from being an absolutely amazing mom.
  1. Take more photos. With the first kid, every tiny moment is documented. The more kids you have, the less you find time and energy to capture the same moments. That’s OK! It’s normal, but many moms look back wishing they took more photos in the first few years of their kids’ lives. 

Of course, there are many more excellent examples of parenting advice moms highly recommend! 

When is it OK to Give another Mom Advice?

Sometimes, you just think you’re being helpful. That said, most of the time, parenting advice is not wanted. If you see a parent struggling, please don’t offer your unsolicited advice. Instead, ask her how you can help in that difficult moment. When a parent wants advice, they’ll likely come to you! Remember to always be kind if offering another parent advice. 

Moms, what parenting advice have you received and loved?!

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