Style your favorite baby outfits with these different ways to style baby headbands for baby girls!

Baby clothing is as cute as can be, and taking things up another notch is even nicer. Newborn and baby headbands or wraps (baby bows and baby turbans, too) elevate any baby outfits. They are the most adorable accessories to compliment their outfits, which everyone's already "oohing" over.

Both fashionable and functional, infant headbands add a super cute touch to your baby's overall look. Whether your baby is a "baldie" or already has some hair up there, a baby headwrap, bow, or turban makes an outfit complete, covering their head with a pop of color, a pretty pattern, or a delicate design.

Our collection of nylon baby headbands with our ultra-soft bamboo headwraps and related accessories are all so stretchy and incredibly comfortable. They stay on your baby's head safely and securely without any constriction. Your baby will look extra precious in their baby clothes with a coordinating headband, so expect people to take notice with nods of admiration and an avalanche of attention.

Accessorizing Ideas for Baby Headbands

Your flair for fashion may take a back seat to taking care of your newborn, but you can style your baby girl beautifully, thanks to bows, headbands, and turbans. They are simple to put on yet make a statement, showing off your tendency to sprinkle your chic touch onto everything you do.

Whether you go for a "matchy-matchy" look, something fresh and trendy, a minimal enhancement, or a "fierce" fashion statement, there is a go-to headwrap that is just perfect for your baby girl. With a rainbow of colors and plenty of patterns, prints, and styles to select from, you are sure to see something that would go perfectly with a new outfit or something you have been saving for your baby to wear for a holiday occasion.

Style Secret #1 - The "Sensible" Selection

You simply can't go wrong with a baby girl headband that clearly matches your baby's clothing. Coordination makes for a winning combination, whether it is the same exact color or one of the colors of the clothing or the identical pattern or print.

Our snuggly swaddle blanket sets with matching bamboo material headbands are the perfect example of how this timeless look is beautiful on your little girl. Matching (or mixing and matching) makes dressing your baby a no-brainer. You can count on the creative designs and decorative details of our headwrap collection to take your baby's "cute factor" to new heights.

If you are dressing your baby in a solid color, consider a print or pattern that includes the primary color, along with others that go well with it. Or go for a print or design that brings out the color of her outfit, even if the color isn't necessarily part of the print.

When your baby is dressed in a busier print or pattern, you may choose to pick a headband or bow that is just one color that coordinates with the outfit, so the overall effect is not too "out there" or extreme. No pint-sized fashion faux pas here, although you really can't go wrong.

Style Secret #2 - Who Could Say "No" to a Bow?

Babies and bows go together like two peas in a pod, in the prettiest way possible. Be it a minor enhancement or one that is enormous and elaborate, a bow on a baby's headband is always charming.

We are firm believers in " the bigger the bow, the better," but you can go for something dainty and demure if that is more of a testament to your sense of style. Most baby headbands with bows are already tied into shape (ours are), so you won't have to worry about the bow coming undone, getting deformed or wrinkled, or looking unkempt. The pre-arranged bow will stay nicely in place, and it will not unravel to obscure your baby's vision or breathing. Your baby will not be able to grab an end of the bow and pull on it or stick it in their mouth. We've all learned one way or another how babies like to "try" new things!

You will find a lovely array of baby headwraps, made from bamboo fabric, with beautiful bows, in an assortment of solid colors, and a mixture of prints, patterns, and textures, such as the popular "waffle" texture. Baby turbans with big center bows are also a hit, providing more coverage over the entire top of the head for the cooler weather and protection from the sun when the temperature soars. The turbans are simple to slip onto your baby's head - especially for newborns - and they stay in place, just like the more conventional headwraps.

Go for the hair bows, and your baby is sure to turn heads!

Style Secret #3 - Anytime, Anywhere, with Anything

Baby headwraps are not just for milestones, celebrations, and holidays. You can jazz up an everyday baby outfit with this anytime accessory. Babies can even wear them around the house with their onesies or pajamas. Your "mini-me" doesn't need an audience to look adorable, although it is fun to show off!

Posh Peanut headwraps are ultra-comfortable for all-day wear, whenever you feel like having some fashionable fun or getting a little fancy. Of course, baby headbands and bows are especially festive for "dress-up" occasions, like baby or family photo sessions, birthday parties, and meeting family and friends for the first time. Once a loved one sees your bundle of joy in this too-cute accessory, expect to receive more as gifts or hand-me-downs. Your newborn headband collection is sure to multiply meaningfully, and you definitely won't mind!

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Wear and Care for Your Headbands

As safe as our baby headbands are, it is always essential to take precautions when accessorizing an infant. There is no reason not to make some easy extra steps for your peace of mind as well as your baby's general safety. Here are a few things you can do to steer clear of any unlikely headband hazards.

Placement is a Priority

We all know where headbands go...on the baby's head. Still, the precise placement of the accessory is essential for it to stay put without becoming a problem.

Situate the headband so that the baby's entire forehead is uncovered, whether or not your baby has hair. That said, do not place it too far back on the head either. This way, the headband won't slip down over their face or off the back of their head, especially when they are lying down.

As far as the hair bows go, keep it right on top centered or slightly off to one side or the other, which looks just as darling. A bow too close to the baby's ear can be a nuisance, and you certainly don't want it situated on the underside by the back of the neck where it won't be displayed. Try different techniques to learn which placement looks and feels best on your baby and change it for variety.

A Starter Stretch

For first-time wear, put the headband over and around your hands facing each other and give the elastic headbands a good firm stretch outward. The headband should be comfortable on your baby immediately, even without your "starter" stretch. Still, this extra measure will ensure that it is not too tight around your baby's tender head.

Once your baby has worn their headband for a while (even just once), it should be the perfect size the next time you put it on, keeping its shape without becoming too loose. The stretchy elastic and high-quality headband material will continue to cooperate as your baby grows. You'll get great use out of them time and time again.

If the headband seems too snug right off the bat for some reason, get a different size or style. Do not try to squeeze the headband over their head. Any tension around your baby's head is definitely not a good thing.

Make sure that the headband does not tug on their hair. Any hair underneath the headband should be smoothed down flat, so it does not get matted in one spot or tangled around the headband, leading to knots and breakage.

Stay Close By

While wearing a nylon headband, be sure your baby is being watched responsibly by yourself or someone you trust. The baby could potentially pull off their baby headband or slip it down over their neck. Here are some tips on how to keep your baby's headband on.

When you put your baby down for a morning or mid-day nap or at bedtime for sleep, remove the baby headband beforehand for good measure. Turbans should be taken off, too, in case they move around and wind up covering your baby's face while they are sleeping.

Keeping it Clean

Care for your bamboo headbands and turbans as you would any other piece of PP clothing. Clean gently and only when needed by hand or in a delicate cycle.

Your baby can undoubtedly wear a headband more than once before you have to wash it, as long as it is clean. Unless your little one tends to remove the headband a lot, it won't be likely to get stained. If you do wind up with a stain, you can simply spot-clean the nylon headband or pretreat it immediately and wash it thoroughly when you do your next load of laundry. Air-dry the headband or run it through a light/low dryer setting. They won't shrink.

Storing Your Headwraps

You can keep all of your baby's various accessories together in one dedicated spot (like a drawer, cabinet, or shelf) for easy access. Another helpful option is to organize your headbands along with the clothing that goes with them. This makes pairing a pleasure when it is time to get dressed for the day, rather than fumbling through everything.

Final thoughts

Headbands, headwraps, bows, and turbans are part of a trend that never ends. And why would we want it to?! Sure, the styles may change over time, but the concept is as cute today as it was when we were kids and back even further than that. Parents (and Posh Peanut) know a good thing when we see it, so expect headbands to hang around for the long haul.

There is always a good reason to slip on a soft headband, adding a little extra delight to the day. When you look back on those precious photos of your baby, the ones with the most enormous bows are sure to stand out as much as your baby's beautiful smile!

No matter how you accessorize your peanut, we want to see it! Be sure to tag us @poshpeanut in your photos so we can see how you style baby headbands. We love to share your photos!

What's your favorite way to style a baby headband? We always love to hear your favorite styles!

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Editors Note: This post was originally published April 28, 2020, and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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