Posh Peanut has brand new pajama sets to start a matching family Christmas pajama holiday tradition.

 The winter holidays are nearly here, with families like yours from all over the world getting that warm and fuzzy feeling they wait all year for. No matter what you celebrate - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another seasonal holiday, we are all feeling festive, and family tradition always comes first.

When you think of the typical family Christmas tradition, some popular activities that come to mind are probably (too much) eating and drinking, gift-giving (and receiving), and traveling to visit loved ones (or hosting them at your home). You may sing Christmas- or winter-themed songs, decorate your home festively, hang up Christmas lights, and attend religious services.

But do matching pajamas have anything to do with the holidays? They do now, especially if you've got a little one (or more) at home who will make the magic truly come alive this holiday season. Festive pajamas turn an already-amazing time into a tradition!

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Traditions are Timeless

There is nothing sweeter than snuggling up with your family when Christmastime arrives. Then again, snuggling is not reserved for a particular season. Yet, there is something about the winter holidays like Christmas, when a cozy "cuddlefest" is especially endearing. And what could be cuter than getting comfy in family Christmas pajamas on Christmas morning with your little one(s)?

Slipping into your matching family pajamas is something sentimental you can do when your children are babies and extend the family tradition throughout their teenage years (as "uncool" as it may seem to them at the time!). You can even carry on with "PJs Day" when the kids become adults themselves and have families of their own. Imagine seeing your future grandchildren looking just as irresistible.

How to Get Started with Your Family Matching Pjs Holiday Tradition

Everyone in your family probably already has their own pajama set; that's nothing novel. Surely your little peanut has a bunch of precious pairs of girls PJs to choose from, hopefully, made from ultra-soft viscose bamboo.

Posh Peanut family matching pajamas are supremely silky-smooth and snug, yet stretchy and breathable for cool comfort. They are buttery soft, and better for your baby.

Whether you prefer your PJs with short sleeves, long sleeves, pants, shorts, ruffles, patterns and prints, or solid colors, the Posh Peanut Christmas pajamas assortment is adorable. Seeing your baby relaxed, rested, and almost ready for bedtime is a pure pleasure.

How about getting the entire family looking just as peaceful? With family Christmas pjs, you will all get into the seasonal spirit, in the most easy-breezy way possible. You are probably ready to change into a pair of comfortable pajama pants right now. It's bedtime somewhere, right?!

Keep it Simple or Switch it Up.

You can stick with the same festive sleepwear theme year after year or change it up as you keep the tradition alive every holiday season.

Family in vintage tartan Christmas pajamas with wreath

The Vintage Red Tartan plaid print is family-friendly.

Get into a Holiday "state of mind."

When the winter holiday season rolls around, you might change up your usual go-to pajama prints and patterns favorites and lean towards seasonal selections like Santa Clause, gingerbread, dreidels, and doughnuts.

Family in matching Hanukkah pajamas sitting with dog

Celebrate Hanukkah with the family in our Hanukkah clothing collection!

Pick a Family Pajamas Theme or Color Scheme.

Family is themed matching pajamas sitting huddled up

What's New?

With new Posh Peanut designs created every year, it is fun to see what is in fashion. Not to mention, while you may stay the same size, your child probably won't fit into their Christmas pajamas from last season. What a great excuse to get something new!

Save the old pairs of PJs for your next child (if you are planning on having more) or hand them down to a deserving friend or family member with a peanut of their own. The viscose bamboo material is long-lasting and durable, so it will be like new. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

When to Begin the Yearly Family Christmas Pajamas Tradition.

It is really up to you and your family as to when the family holiday matching pajamas "event" will kick-off.

Just like we see in retail stores and online, once Halloween has come and gone, folks are immediately focused on the winter holidays, perhaps even before they have celebrated Thanksgiving.

If your family is the type to crank up the Christmas music by the first of November, you will be inclined to hop into those matching holiday pajamas as soon as you take off your Halloween costumes. Who says you can't start celebrating early?

Get Going

There is no perfect day for family Christmas pajamas, so pick a "let's do it!" date that is significant or special to you and your family.

It could be on Christmas Eve, the first night of Hanukkah, or if you just can't wait any longer, right after your Thanksgiving gathering. After a filling family feast, sliding into soft and stretchy bamboo PJs will feel fantastic.

Little girl screaming with excitement in purple waffle pajamas

Wake up the following morning for warm waffles in your Waffle Solids matching family pajamas!

With lots of matching family Christmas pajamas set options, you can have your pick. No matter your sense of style, there is something that will suit your taste and that your family will agree is the best choice for your yearly tradition.

Making Your Matching Family Pajama Day Memorable

Simply taking in the moment and enjoying your matching family pajamas tradition is a gift in itself. These moments last a lifetime, and your coordinated crew will think back to these times with fond memories.

If you wind up doing this too-cute family Christmas pajamas tradition every year, it will be so much fun to reminisce as a family about the different pairs of PJs you wore in the past, from your all-time favorite designs to those that now seem a little weird when you look back and have a good laugh!

Photos of the family.

Along with storing these family PJs memories away in your mind, why not take holiday photos you can keep around forever? You can snap them yourself on your smartphone (use the phone's timer to get into position or use a "selfie stick" so you don't have to stretch) or get professional family holiday shots taken in your own home or at a photography studio.

Taking the holiday pics outside may be unusual, being that you are in your pajama and all, plus the weather may not be on your side if it is cold or snowy. Everyone comfortably cuddled together on the couch or snuggled sweetly in bed would be more appropriate for the occasion, considering the clothing.

If you have a "fur baby," be sure to get them in a few of your family holiday shots too. If you can actually get pajamas on them, that's a different story!

Spread Holiday Cheer for the Year.

Sit by the cozy fireplace or around the decorated Christmas tree or Hanukkah menorah to snap photos to use for your 2021 family holiday greeting cards. Share these pics on social media with your family and friends (and Posh Peanut!) too.

Now is also a chance to get your favorite holiday family matching Christmas pajamas photos blown up to frame or put on canvas. You will soon wind up with an elaborate collection you will forever cherish.

Record and Remember.

Along with plenty of matching family holiday pajamas photos, you can videotape your family PJs tradition and keep the footage saved for the years to come. It will be fun to look back at these videos of your family in their matching family pajamas opening presents, lighting candles, and feeling merry and bright!

As your children get older, they will get a kick out of seeing their very first matching family Christmas pajamas with their parents and siblings and how much they have grown since then. These are the kinds of keepsakes you will hold dear for decades.

Extend the Matching Family Pajamas Tradition into the New Year!

As the year 2021 comes to a close, it does not mean you can't continue on with your matching family "pajama party" into the New Year. If your family had a blast getting all cozied up in their matching family Christmas pajamas why not do it all over again on New Year's Eve? You can even get a different set of matching pajamas for the two separate occasions. The more, the merrier!

With little kids at home, going out on the town for a New Year's celebration is often out of the question. Staying in with your loved ones, watching the ball drop on TV, and enjoying special treats, all while dressed adorably in matching super-soft holiday PJs will be far more fun than fighting your way through a crowded venue. A lot less expensive too!

Start off the New Year with a family tradition that will set the tone for a terrific 2022. Then do it all over again next year! Remember to take plenty of family photos of this New Year's tradition too and continue it as you ring in the New Year for years to come.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of matching family Christmas pajamas holiday traditions? Would you like to get your family on board and start a tradition like this of your own?

Do you have any other holiday family traditions you practice year after year? Hopefully, they can be done while wearing pajamas!

Feel free to share your family Christmas pajamas pictures with Posh Peanut on social media. Harmonize for the holidays! Stay happy and healthy!

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Editors Note: This post was originally published in 2019 and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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