Mother holding baby and pushing stroller leaving house

How to Travel with a Baby: Tips for New Parents

By: Brooke Hamilton


Are you itching to grab your passport and see new sights with your latest addition in tow? Or maybe it’s time to meet the rest of the family in the next town—or state?

Whether you’re a jet setter, a road warrior, or an out-and-back-for-the-weekend type, flying with your baby is a great way to make memories and expand your horizons as a family. While the prospect of traveling with youngsters of any age can feel daunting, a little prep can go a long way to making your travel experience as comfortable (and stylish) as possible.

Buckle up and read our ultimate guide for tips on how to travel with a baby, from making a plan to setting off on your adventure.

Planning a Trip with a Baby

When it comes to traveling with a baby successfully, planning is key. So, here are a few logistics you’ll want to consider as you build your travel itinerary:

  • Mode of transportation – Air travel is usually the fastest way to get from point A to point B, but it can be more expensive and disruptive than traveling by train. Although lap infants don’t require an extra seat, older babies would need a separate airplane seat to ensure comfort and safety during the flight. Trains offer more freedom to move around and more comfortable seating but tend to take longer to reach your destination, which isn’t always ideal with a young child. Embarking on a road trip can be more involved than either booking a flight or taking the train, but it can offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling.

  • Departure times – When traveling with a baby, it’s best to align your travel times with when your child is naturally ready to sleep to minimize baby jet lag. Depending on how far you’re going, you may need to gradually adjust your baby’s sleep schedule in the days leading up to the trip. Learning how to get your baby to sleep on a plane with these tips ensures a smoother and more restful journey for both you and your child.

  • Lodging – Pick accommodations that make the most sense for your family’s needs. Depending on the ages of your kid(s), one travel tip you may want to consider is researching hotel or resort options that offer kid-friendly activities on-site.1 If you’re traveling with a baby, a private vacation rental may give you the quiet space you need when it’s time to put your little one down for a nap or bedtime.

Choosing Kid-Friendly Destinations

One reason to travel with your kiddos is so they can experience new places and make fun new memories with you. Whether you enjoy metropolitan excursions or the great outdoors, you’ll want to find destinations that offer activities youngsters will enjoy (both indoor and outdoor). For instance:2

  • Easy hiking trails and nature walks

  • Theme parks

  • Children's museums

  • Zoos and aquariums

  • Family-friendly shows and entertainment

  • Public pools and waterparks

  • Playgrounds

The Best Times to Travel to Avoid Crowds

Traveling with your little globetrotter can be challenging enough without navigating throngs of people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider visiting destinations during their off-peak seasons—you’ll avoid crowds and may even save a little money on flights, lodging, and top-tier destinations, like theme parks.

Packing Essentials for Travel

You’ve set your itinerary, purchased your tickets, and booked your lodging. Now comes the next step: packing for your adventure. Consider making a list3 and gathering your baby gear ahead of time to ease stress. Remember to pack plenty of supplies for diaper changes and enough baby food to keep your little one happy and nourished throughout the trip. You should also pack a diaper bag, like Posh Peanut’s versatile 5-in-1 diaper bags that have plenty of pockets to keep you organized while on the go.

What to Pack in Your Baby’s Travel Bag

Though babies and toddlers come with many more accessories than adults do, it doesn’t mean you have to bring your whole nursery with you. Instead, you can categorize your baby items into a few key buckets:3

  • Day-to-day baby clothes and climate-specific gear (think bathing suits or snow gear)

  • Travel safety gear, such as car seats and strollers

  • Feeding supplies, including snacks, pumping gear, and formula

  • Diapering items, including wipes, a portable changing pad, and extra clothes (see our tips on traveling with diapers)

  • Sleep gear, like pacifiers, stuffies, and swaddles

  • Entertainment, like toys and coloring sets

  • First aid supplies, including sunscreen and insect repellant

On the Road: Managing Little Ones During Travel

Before you head out the door on travel day, keep these three important tips in mind:

  • Traveling as a baby or toddler is a big deal – Even if this isn’t the first time your youngster has traveled, travel days can be exhausting, confusing, and stressful for all involved—especially when you’re small, are still learning to express your needs, and in an unfamiliar place. To that end, remind yourself to be patient with your little one, and account for more time than necessary when curating your itinerary.

  • Information is a powerful soother – Traveling provides a great opportunity to communicate and engage with your kiddo to avoid fear-based responses. For instance, rather than hurrying them through an airport, prepare them for the process of checking bags, going through security, and boarding the plane before you even arrive. Knowing what to expect can boost your little travelers’ confidence.

  • Routine is everything – One reason why traveling can be so challenging for a young child or a newborn baby is the disruption in their daily routines. Babies and toddlers rely on routine to offer structure and security. So, if you can, stick to their daily routine as closely as you can on travel days to reassure your little one that everything is A-okay.

Keeping Toddlers Entertained While Traveling

A great way to enhance your toddler’s entertainment choices during travel is to bring never-before-seen toys and games with you and “reveal” them a little at a time. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive, either: sticker books, fidget toys, slinkies, and crafting supplies can do the trick.4

Don’t hold back on travel day when it comes to screentime, either. Pre-download the shows and games your kiddos love to help keep them entertained.

Handling Tantrums and Meltdowns

Tantrums and meltdowns can always happen, especially on travel days. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can keep them to a minimum:5

  • Dress your baby for comfort – Travel isn’t the time to style your peanut in overly complicated outfits or stuffy fabrics. Instead, choose clothing that’s stretchy and made from a breathable fabric, like viscose from bamboo. And, of course, a cute pattern in their favorite color doesn’t hurt either.

  • Keep your tiny traveler well-fed and hydrated – Whether you're 90 years old or nine months old, hunger-induced crankiness is a universal feeling. To combat crankiness, pack plenty of snacks and drinks for your travel day to ensure your little one stays nourished.

  • Take breaks – If you’re driving, consider stopping more often than you normally would to give your youngster a chance to get fresh air and stretch their legs.6

  • Have a plan for takeoff and landing – Babies and toddlers may struggle with ear discomfort on planes or when traveling at different elevations. Fortunately, swallowing can help mitigate these ear issues, so consider giving your little one something to eat, drink, or suck on, like a pacifier.7

  • Distract them – If you feel a meltdown is imminent, try to head it off with a distraction: a silly song or sound, a game of Eye Spy, a high-value snack, or a show or game on your phone.

Ensure Smooth and Stylish Sailing with Help from Posh Peanut

The idea of traveling with infants and toddlers can certainly be daunting, but with a little preparation, creativity, and patience, you can ensure a smooth and memorable trip. By planning ahead, picking the right lodging, and packing the right baby gear, you’ll be well on your way to having yourself an exceptionally worldly peanut.

Speaking of peanuts, don’t forget to bring Posh Peanut along for the journey. Travel in extra comfort and style with our breathable and silk-soft outfits, multi-carry diaper bags, and super cute children’s duffles.


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