If you want to learn how to take perfect family photos, it all starts with a few simple tips for keeping the family happy and ready for pictures together. Check out our tips for taking better family photos!

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At least once a year, it’s extra special to take beautiful family photos with your partner and children to share with family or hang in your home. That said, parents quickly learn it’s not as easy as it looks on Instagram to take perfect family photos! The kids are tired, your partner is just not into it and you’re frantically chasing a toddler. As you start thinking about your next scheduled photo shoot, hopefully these tips for taking better family photos will help you take the perfect family photos you always dreamed of having. Get ready to make all your Instagram followers jealous with cute holiday photos!

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Tips for Taking Better Family Photos 

1. Have a Well-Rounded Meal – Everyone gets hangry, and hangry kiddos make for a rough photo session. Plan meal and nap times around the photo shoot so that everyone is well-fed and well-rested. While this won’t ever be an exact science (or if it is, please share your secret!), taking better family photos starts with everyone being happy. Of course, be sure to have snacks on hand just in case the kiddos ask for more!

2. Coordinate Outfits – While matching family outfits are always a fun way to show your "togetherness," wearing coordinated outfits with complimenting colors and patterns can also represent each family member's individuality while maintaining a cohesive look. Here at PP, we strive to make our collections coordinate with each other so that you can always take cute pictures of your kids – even on a lazy Sunday morning at home. Whether it’s coordinating solids like a neutral Stone Gray with floral patterns or other patterns for boys and girls, there are so many cute combinations you can coordinate with each other and with you and your partner’s outfit choices.

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3. Incorporate an Activity – If you’re concerned that your kids will have trouble sitting still or behaving well during the photo shoot, try incorporating an activity you can work on as a family that will photograph well. Consider activities like a game or flying a kite together to sweet, real-life moments.

4. “Cheese” is for Eating – Stop saying “cheese” for photos! As many family photographers may tell you, this only results in forced, staged smiles when what you really want are authentic ones. Candid photos are often the cutest ones, especially when the parents just let the kids be kids during their photo shoot. The key is an experienced photographer, which brings us to our final tip!

5. Splurge on a Professional – If possible, book a professional photographer for the photo sessions that really matter to you, like for a newborn photo session or family Christmas photos. A good photographer will be able to take perfect family photos that represent who YOU are together and ensure that all of the work you put into that photo shoot is worth it in the end.

Nothing is more precious than perfect family photos to share with your family or hang on your wall. Get ready – it’s time to start thinking about family holiday photos already!

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