Use these baby shower gift tips to understand what makes the perfect baby shower gift, how to shop for gender neutral gifts and how much to spend on your friend or family member!

Baby Shower Gift Tips

Congrats, your friend is having a baby! Now what? What do you buy for the baby shower, and what if you don’t know the sex or if they don’t have a registry? That’s where these simple baby shower gift tips come in! Expecting parents are often overwhelmed preparing for their new little one’s arrival, but these top baby shower gifts and tips are sure to ease your anxieties as well as theirs, so gifting can be easier for everyone.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for First-Time Parents 

The first and foremost baby shower gift tip: buy something expectant parents NEED. Families often have registries of items they need for the baby, ranging from everyday inexpensive items to expensive breast pumps and strollers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them fun stuff too! Here are a few baby shower gift tips for first-time parents who are starting from scratch:

  1. Diapers - You can never, ever have too many diapers! Buy your friend or family member a selection of high-quality, brand name diapers, and they’ll be grateful to have a stockpile for when the baby arrives. If you’re not sure what size diapers to purchase for a baby shower, consider purchasing size 1 or 2 in case the baby is larger than the newborn sizes, which the family may also receive a lot of at the baby shower. By purchasing size 1 or 2 diapers, they’ll have the sizes ready when they need them
  2. Clothing - Parents quickly learn that laundry is an important part of their life as a mother or father. There’s bound to be diaper blowouts and spit-up sessions that require several new outfits per day, so an abundance of clothing is a must! Purchase clothing in a variety of sizes so that you don’t end up with more baby clothes in a particular size than they can use, and always consider the time of year the child will be wearing it at that age. Purchase cute coordinating sibling outfits for families, superior baby basics or photo-worthy mommy and me outfits that parents will love photographing their child in. Yes, there is plenty of adorable gender-neutral baby clothing available too!
  3. Blankets & Swaddles - Babies need basics like blankets and swaddles for both their nursery bedding and their everyday messes. Patterned swaddle blankets are a top baby shower gift that kids can bond with for years, and they’re useful for bedtime, stroller covers and all-around cuddling. 
  4. Car Seat & Stroller - Before new parents can take their baby home, they’ll need a car seat, so why not surprise them with the perfect car seat and stroller combo? You could even partner up with another friend or family member to get the parents a matching car seat and stroller set to help get them from point A to point B.
  5. Diaper Bag - A useful (but cute, of course) diaper bag is another must for moms-to-be. Take it a step further with a portable changing station so the parents can easily change a diaper anywhere, any time.
  6. Baby Lounger Pillow - Many parents swear by products like DockATot to keep their babies comfortable when they’re not sleeping in their crib or nestled in their parents’ arms. A baby pillow or lounger can be a wonderful gift for first-time parents.
  7. Gliders, Swings or Buzzy Seats - As babies grow and start to learn their surroundings, they’ll love a seat that keeps them entertained or even rocks them to sleep, and parents will appreciate a chance to step away to go to the bathroom in peace.
  8. Covers - Whether she’ll use it to nurse, cover the car seat for a sleeping baby or as a seat protector in a shopping cart, a simple multi-use cover is a useful baby shower gift for everyone. Psst, you can also use those swaddle blankets as a cover up anytime! 
  9. Breast Pumps - If a mom-to-be has a specific breast pump listed in her registry, it’s a perfect item for busy mothers and a must for most!
  10. Small Toys and Teethers - Don’t overlook the simple baby shower gifts! Inexpensive baby shower gifts like teethers, crinkly toys, rattles and books all make excellent gifts, even at a lower price point. You can also consider other inexpensive baby products like cute coordinating bibs, burp cloths, lotions, shampoos and washcloths that new parents will need!
  11. Towels - A bath time essential, hooded towels keep babies snug and dry after their bath. Not only do they offer warmth and comfort, but they come in various adorable designs that make bath time fun! Plus, they'll get plenty of use throughout the early years.

In addition to these top baby shower gift ideas, expectant parents will appreciate gifts that make their lives easier, such as a prenatal massage, meal prep services, a diaper subscription or just a helping hand when they need it.

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How Much Should You Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

There’s no right or wrong amount to spend on a baby shower gift. It comes down to two things: how much can you afford? How close are you with the parents-to-be?

According to some sources, you can break down how much to spend on a baby shower gift by your relationship with the recipients. If you’re only an acquaintance, such as a co-worker, it’s perfectly fine to spend less than $20 on a baby shower gift, and there are plenty of great baby gifts for under $20! If they’re a good friend, consider spending closer to $50 if you feel like you can afford it, and if they’re a close family member like a sister or in-law, consider upping the price to $100.

Ultimately, you know your budget best, and we’ve established that you can find beautiful baby shower gifts at a variety of price points. If you know you can’t spend a lot of money on a gift, you can also make a thoughtful homemade gift or go halvesies with a friend to split the cost of a more expensive item. In the end, your friend or family member will just be happy you’re celebrating their new baby!

Baby Shower Gift Tips

Unique Baby Shower Gifts that Wow!

Our list of baby shower gift tips wouldn’t be complete without a few baby shower gifts that are so unique that you’ll amaze the receiver. Thoughtful gifts like mommy & me robe and swaddle sets, custom-made nursery signs and unique stuffed animals will amaze expectant parents and show them how excited you are about their growing family.

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