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How to Dress Baby for Sleep in Summer: 5 Tips

By: Brooke Hamilton


When summer rolls in, most people breathe a sigh of relief. Blue skies and sunshine—what could be more relaxing?

However, for new parents, summer brings a whole new season of fresh questions. How do we keep our little ones safe, healthy, and happy in the warmer months?

If you’re wondering how to dress your baby for sleep in summer, in particular, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we have a few tips on how to keep your baby cool in summer months.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this blanket breakdown.

Tip One: The Importance of Fabric Choices

Tip number one is to ensure your baby always drifts off to dreamland wearing super breathable fabric.

This is because babies can’t regulate their temperature as easily as we do. In fact, for the most part, they don’t even sweat.

Sweating is a crucial strategy our bodies use to dissipate heat. But by dressing your baby in breathable fabrics, you can help their bodies compensate and prevent overheating.

One fantastic temperature-regulating fabric is viscose from bamboo. Light, soft, and stretchy, it’s an ultra-cozy fabric that will keep your little one cool and comfy during the summer.

Tip Two: Ideal Summer Sleepwear Types for Babies

While you don’t want your baby to overheat, it’s important to keep them fully covered at night in easily-removable layers. Tip two: layering is key!

Did you know that babies can lose heat up to four times faster than adults do? Dressing baby for bed in summer is a matter of achieving balance with thoughtful layering.

In warmer weather, many parents opt to combine short-sleeved one-pieces or baby pajamas with a lightweight sleep sack. If your baby doesn’t tend to run particularly hot, you could stick with a long-sleeved one-piece. 

Enhancing Your Baby's Summer Sleep Environment

It’s not just clothing that makes a difference when ensuring your little one is comfy at night. Aside from breathable yet cozy sleep attire, you can help your baby sleep restfully by creating the perfect, baby-safe sleep environment.

In midsummer, when the air conditioning is running, be sure to check that the room isn’t getting too cold. Between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal room temperature on a warm summer night.

And just as important as room temperature is creating a cool and cozy summer crib.

Tip Three: Breathable Bedding Options

Layering isn’t just for clothes—bedding is part of the equation, too!

Blankets are a good option for older babies over 12-18 months of age and young children who aren’t at risk of tangling themselves up as they toss and turn. In summer, blankets should be light and airy, only there to add an extra touch of warmth.

As with pajamas and one-pieces, select baby blankets that are made from a breathable fabric. Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating materials are the best way to go, and viscose from bamboo stands out as a fabric superstar.

Tip Four: Sleep Accessories for Summer

It’s not recommended to put infants and babies under 12-18 months to bed with a regular blanket. This is because of the potential for them to roll and twist themselves up in their bedding.

Instead, the best option in summer for a very little sleeper is usually a lightweight sleep sack .

But what is a sleep sack, anyway?

Sleep sacks are a cozy alternative to traditional blankets. They’re essentially “wearable blankets'' that feature a zipper and snugly closed bottom that wraps around your baby’s legs, like a sleeping bag with arm holes or sleeves. Sleep sacks are great at keeping your little one snug and secure all night long, and they won’t be able to kick it off in the night. 

Tip Five: Take it One Night at a Time

Our final tip? Just breathe—armed with the above information and the best fabrics for summer sleep, you’re equipped with everything you need to keep your baby comfy and safe. To that end, if you see any signs of overheating during the summer—your baby’s skin becomes red, they feel unusually warm to the touch, or they just won’t stop fussing— remove a layer of clothing (or a blanket, if they’re sleeping with one). This will help them cool down and settle in for sleep. We have more tips on how to dress your baby in summer, day or night.

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