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How to Keep Your Baby Cool in Summer Heat

By: Brooke Hamilton


Summer is such a fun time for families! As warm-weather activities ramp up, families spend more and more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. From making memories at the beach to baby’s first butterfly sighting, there’s no shortage of big and little moments to look forward to.

But summer heat can be particularly taxing for babies. When temperatures rise, keeping your little one cool is crucial to enjoying the sunniest days of the season.

Are you wondering how to keep babies cool in summer but need help figuring out where to start? Don’t sweat it. Keep reading for our recommendations to help keep your baby cool and comfortable under the summer sun.

On-the-Go Cooling Tips for Babies

Whether you are out playing at the park or enjoying an outdoor play date, follow these tips to keep your baby cool in hot weather:

  • Dress for the dog days of summer– Sun protection starts with the right wardrobe. For optimal comfort, dress your baby in lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and pants covering their arms and legs to protect them from UV rays. A breathable, moisture-wicking fabric like viscose from bamboo is ideal. Learn more in our guide on how to dress your baby in summer

  • Seek shade – Seek ample shade during the hottest parts of the day, typically 10 am–2 pm. Take a breather under a big tree, or pop into your favorite coffee shop. Limiting your baby’s sun exposure in peak heat can prevent overheating.

  • Stay hydrated – Increased feedings 1 of breastmilk or formula can keep babies 0–6 months hydrated. For babies 6–12 months, a few sips of water throughout the day are best. Remember that hydration is vital to keeping our bodies cool—that means you too, Mom!

As the days warm up and get longer, you may be looking forward to spending more time outside pushing your baby around in a stroller. Below are some tips for optimizing your baby’s comfort in their stroller.

Stroller Shade and Ventilation Tips

Nothing says summer like a lazy stroll through the neighborhood with your little one. Follow these stroller tips to ensure your baby enjoys your walks as much as you do:

  • Materials matter – Shop for a stroller with breathable materials like mesh. The design’s perforations and ample air vents will help keep your baby cool and comfortable when a summer breeze blows through.

  • Canopies, not coversChoose strollers with large, adjustable canopies to control coverage regardless of the time of day. Stroller covers or blankets can trap air and overheat your baby.

  • Consider color – Strollers in dark colors like black and navy can attract heat and irritate babies’ skin if left in the sun for too long. Opt for lighter colors in shades of blue and pink to minimize heat absorption. 3

A stroller with a canopy is your go-to source of shade while you are out and about in the sun. Keep reading for more good ideas on how to beat the summer heat.

Hydration and Cooling Accessories

This summer, you’ll want to add some additional accessories to your diaper bag to help hydrate and cool your baby:

  • Baby-safe water bottle

  • Stroller fan

  • Cooling towel

These items will help you regulate your baby’s body temperature in the summer months, but protecting your baby’s skin is essential, too.

Use Sun Protection for Your Baby

In the first few months after birth, a baby’s skin is still developing and tends to be delicate . Sun protection is a simple safeguard from direct sunlight for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Sun Hats and Protective Clothing

Find a sunhat with a wide brim to cover your baby’s face, neck, and ears. Also, protective baby clothes like lightweight and breathable long sleeves and pants are an easy and stylish way to protect your baby's skin from direct sunlight and avoid burns and rashes throughout the day.

Choosing the Right Sunscreen

Keep in mind that you should only apply sunscreen after your baby reaches six months old. Look for sunscreens labeled “broad spectrum” and “water-resistant” with an SPF of at least 30. Ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide are ideal, as they are especially gentle on a baby’s skin. 

Water Play

Water play is a quintessential summer activity when the sun is high, and it’s also linked to physical and social developmental milestones in babies.

Take Baby in the Pool

Swimming and splashing don’t just help cool babies down––they improve babies’ strength by developing their muscles and hand-eye coordination. 7 It’s also a great sensory activity! Invite other moms to join the fun, too—babies build social skills when they play and discover together. 7 Don’t forget to find the ideal  baby swimwear and swim diapers for your little one’s needs before hitting the pool.

Give Your Baby a Bath

Bath time provides a chance to bond with your baby and cool them down after a long day in the sun. The best bath temperature is 98.6°F–100.4°F to keep baby comfortable. Check the water with your elbow or wrist to confirm it’s lukewarm. 

Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment

When it comes time to drift off to dreamland, a comfortable sleep environment can help reduce the risk of overheating during those balmy summer nights. Keep the baby's room cool by using air conditioning or fans and dress them in lightweight, breathable fabric to help regulate their body temperature.

Best Clothing for Sleep

Choose super soft and breathable clothes that are designed for maximum comfort to help promote a good night’s sleep for your baby. Silky-soft, breathable fabrics, like viscose from bamboo, are a great choice for summer sleepwear. Discover more helpful tips on how to dress your baby for sleep in summer months.

Best Bedding for a Cool Sleeping Environment

Don’t stop at clothing—silky-soft crib sheets and sleep sacks made from breathable fabric are also a great way to keep your baby cool and comfortable as they sleep.

Enjoy the Summer Sun with Posh Peanut

Summer offers endless opportunities for parents and babies to get outside and enjoy the sun and the outdoors. Still, soaring summer temps can be hard on your baby, leaving you wondering how to keep baby cool in summer.

At Posh Peanut, we’ve designed a luxe collection of baby clothes and nursery accessories that blend style and function. Our lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric is buttery soft and has a slightly cool feel, keeping your baby cool and comfortable all season long. Plus, our designs are unique and adorable—there's something for every style.

With Posh Peanut, keeping cool and looking cool has never been so simple.


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