Skip the shopping lines this week and try one of these Black Friday ideas for families instead!

Black Friday Ideas for Families (Besides Shopping)

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First of all, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving this week! We’ll be kicking off our Black Friday sale this Thursday, but we also wanted to examine a few other fun ways to spend the holiday weekend besides shopping. As amazing as the deals can be, we have a few Black Friday ideas for families who just want to spend time together and enjoy a few days away from work or school. Don’t worry though, you can still shop the PP Black Friday sale in between activities – we won’t tell on you!

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Shopping Alternatives: Black Friday Ideas for Families to Bond

 Have a Movie Marathon: Whether you just downloaded Disney+ or have been too busy to watch the latest releases, relax as a family to watch your favorite movies. Sure, we can’t condone that much screen time ALL the time, but it’s a special occasion! Everyone needs a little relaxation. Make it extra fun with a family pillow fort, a few board games and everyone’s favorite snacks! It’s a great excuse to stay in your pajamas all day.

Plan a Game Day: Is the extended family staying in town? Schedule a game day for everyone to spend together without the same pressure as Thanksgiving Day. Ask everyone to bring a game and a dish of food to share for a casual family day.

Put up Holiday Décor: I’m a little bias, but this is my favorite of the Black Friday ideas for families because it’s what my own family used to do. Christmas trees are going up earlier and earlier, but if you’re the wait-until-after-Thanksgiving type, use Friday as the day to decorate. Sip some eggnog, hang ornaments on the tree and watch a Christmas movie together. Enjoy the calm while it lasts!

Go to the Park: You may not want to hit the mall on Black Friday, but going to the park will still get you out of the house. Depending on the weather in your area, pack up the family for an outdoor picnic at a local park. Walk around, enjoy the fresh air and play an outdoor game together, like throwing a ball around or frisbee. Even if your peanuts are too little to play, getting out of the house will be a fun Black Friday family activity. 

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Bake Together: Life gets busy (especially during the holiday season), so it’s hard to find quality family time in the kitchen. Invite everyone to bake cookies and decorate them together this Black Friday. Whip up a batch of icing for decorating with sprinkles. Then enjoy snacking on the cookies or bring them to your neighbors to wish them “happy holidays!”

No matter how you spend your week, take the time to enjoy the calm before the storm that comes with the holiday season. We’ll be sharing all of the details for our Black Friday and Cyber Money sales via social media and email – be sure to jump on these deals while they last! As wonderful as these Black Friday ideas for families are, don’t forget to treat you or your family to something soft, stylish and useful from Posh Peanut this week!

Do you have any additional Black Friday ideas for families? How do YOU spend the day?!

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