Staying home and socially distancing doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some interesting and creative gender reveal party ideas! 

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Staying home and socially distancing doesn't mean you can't come up with some interesting and creative gender reveal party ideas!

Gender reveal parties are as popular as ever. This celebratory gathering brings family and friends together to learn the sex of your baby. Perhaps it is also the moment you and your partner find out too!

Ever since the COVID crisis came upon us, such parties have been eliminated or reduced to host just a few close relatives for the safety of the mom-to-be, the unborn baby, and guests. Too much togetherness is not a great idea these days - vaccinated or not - when staying healthy is everyone's top priority.

That certainly doesn't mean gender reveals are a thing of the past . You simply have to change things up a bit to conform with the "new normal." A smidge of sacrifice is small potatoes when you look at the big picture. Plus, you will still have a ton of fun with a "tweaked" concept of a gender reveal party. Compromise. You can do it!

What is a Gender Reveal?

In a (pea)nutshell, baby gender reveal parties were invented to announce your baby's sex a cause for celebration. Rather than keeping it quiet or telling a few people what the sex is before the baby is born, the gender reveal party makes the occasion one to honor it in the happiest way possible. This is a major! Make the most of it!

People have had a variety of gender reveal ideas from slicing a cake with either pink or blue cream inside to mark the big reveal to skydiving through a cloud of colored smoke to make the moment one they will certainly never forget. Chances are, you are leaning towards something more towards frosting than free-falling - pregnant or not! The point is, parents-to-be make the "sex surprise statement" a reason to party. Have this last blast before the baby are going to be busy!

Some people do their gender reveal announcement in conjunction with their baby shower, but any excuse for an additional festivity is exciting for everyone. Plus, it can be especially sentimental when the parents themselves hear the "breaking" news along with everyone else. Sometimes, their OBGYN will disclose the sex details to someone other than mom or dad, and this particular person will plan the party accordingly. Hopefully, they are trustworthy and won't spill the beans before the reveal and blow it!

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Going From a Grand Gathering to a Pared Down Gender Reveal Idea

Although most states have loosened up COVID restrictions, it is still advisable to stick with a smaller crowd for your gender reveal party or any other sort of get-together, for that matter. There is no justification for risking the health of the parents-to-be and their baby, along with anyone else who may be joining the "before-the-baby-comes" bash.

What you may have hoped would be a big blowout will be far from complete, but the sentiment will be the same. You will be surrounded with lots of love; you'll shout out a much-anticipated broadcast and immerse yourself in the overwhelming joy of everything excellent that's to come.

Smaller-scale baby gender reveals will still be just as heartwarming as a huge party, with the appeal of more intimacy and a chance to include those who live far away, virtually. You will not miss out on the thrill of this meaningful experience, so remember to relish your gender reveal party for what it is, not what it could have been. It's all about having a positive attitude and channeling your creativity. You will need plenty of practice with this as you become a parent! Celebrating your new arrival is a blessing, no matter how it's done.

Socially-Safer Gender Reveal Ideas and Inspiration

Considering that a flock of family and friends congregating for the sake of your unborn child is out of the question, it becomes the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. Your low-key vibe may wind up even better than a "roar it from the rooftops" shindig would have been.

Here is a list of inventive gender reveal ideas that are just as special as a banquet hall-sized baby ball. Your pint-sized party will be bite-sized and beautiful, just like the baby you are waiting to welcome home!

All of these adorable gender reveal ideas can be held with just the parents alone or along with a handful of limited baby gender reveal party attendees. If it makes sense, you can "Zoom" the rest of your crew while the reveal is underway or videotape the event so they can watch it at a later date. Of course, take plenty of pictures to capture the day, send to everyone important, and post on social media.

1) “Baby Ballot”

Does your bunch like to bet? If so, a “baby ballot” gender reveal will be right up their alley. Send out baby-themed voting ballots to your close friends and relatives before you make the big reveal. They will have the opportunity to check off whether they think you are having a boy or a girl. Get back to everyone once all the ballots are returned and find out who got it right.

Make the voting even more fun with other details such as guessing what the baby’s height and weight will be. What time the baby will be born. How long mom will be in labor. And so on. Perhaps anyone who gets everything correct on their card can win a cute prize.

For the parents’ benefit, leave a space on the ballot for your loved ones to leave their baby name suggestions for your new arrival. If you see something special, and wind up using it, you’ll always have that person to thank!

2) Cookie Care Packages Idea

A fun way to have a gender reveal party is to have you open your bakery treat box of gender reveal cookies, plan to send some out to your family members and friends, too, so they can dig in the same time you do. A cute gender reveal idea with cookies is a twist on the classic black and white cookies, instead of a pink and white or blue and white top.

You can also go for delicious rainbow cookies in scrumptious shades of pink or blue or sandwich cookies with pink or blue cream inside (think Oreos and make them double-stuffed). Fortune cookies with the message inside is a cute reveal treat you can have made to order. You could do brownies, blondies, or donuts with colored icing and cake pops too. Pink or blue sprinkles would be festive, not to mention, fun to eat!

This same cookie concept can be applied to similar treats like cupcakes or even an entire gender reveal cake. Cutting into something to display the "secret" baby's gender is particularly pleasurable, making these types of desserts a favorite among expecting parents. The frosting inside the cupcakes or cake can be pink or blue, or the cake itself can be any given shade with the "magic" of food coloring.

A good food idea is to make these sweets yourself, ask someone better at that sort of thing to do you a favor, or have them baked professionally. The third option is usually the best bet.

If you cannot send such goodies to a big group (be it logistics, budget, etc.), simply have them call in via Zoom and watch along as you indulge...and divulge. They can snack on something they've already got in the pantry!

This gender reveal idea is a favorite among parents-in-waiting, as it is a snap to pull off, and who doesn't want some sugar?! Aren't you eating for two?

3) The "I'm Having a Baby Sister (or Baby Brother)" Exclamation Idea

There is nothing cuter than your older child letting everyone know what's in store, sibling-wise. With a new baby sister or baby brother on the way, your child (or children) is undoubtedly full of excitement and anticipation. Give them the honor of telling the world (or a select bunch) whether they will be welcoming a baby sister or a baby brother into the family. Consider dressing any older siblings in matching sibling outfits tailored to the theme, such as pink or blue designs that hint at the baby’s gender. They will love being part of this experience.

You can do this type of gender reveal party live, via social media, or by "snail mail" on a lovely postcard with your child's photo and message, perhaps while pointing at your pregnant belly. When your recipients get word of the fantastic news, they will be as over the moon as your kids are.

No kids yet? No problem! Perhaps you have a pet that can serve as the "big brother" or "big sister." While they won't broadcast the baby's gender quite as a human can, the charming concept will delight your loved ones just as much.

Has your dog run towards you wearing a pink or blue tutu or with a unique sign signifying the baby's gender on their collar? You can have dog treats made in the chosen color of your reveal as a reward for their participation. If you have a cat, good luck getting them to cooperate, but it's worth a try!

Hopefully, your "fur baby" will get used to being #2 once their "sibling" arrives.

4) Daytime Drive-By Dedication Idea

Ever since COVID crushed us, the usual way we celebrate special occasions has shifted significantly. Weddings, graduations, birthday parties, you name it. Gender reveals are no different, but we still want to (and can) share the good cheer.

A drive-by gender reveal party theme is an excellent way to let folks know what you're expecting, and you do not even have to leave the house. Have a big sign made for your front lawn (or DIY if you're handy) that displays the gender of your baby. "We're having a girl (or a boy)" is sufficient, but you can get witty with how you want to word it.

Decorate your home and yard further with pink or blue balloons, paper storks, and other "baby stuff" to give the drive-by participants a reason to party (albeit from their Honda). Jazz up your house with colored lights, party supplies, silly string, darling decals, and related decorations. If you live in an apartment building or condo complex, this concept may not be doable, but you can ask the management what's allowed and go from there.

It will be so sweet to watch from your living room window or front door as the people who mean so much to you take the time to drive over and celebrate in compliance with COVID. They can honk to express their happiness and wave from the car window. Hopefully, you are friendly with the neighbors, and they don't get annoyed by the all-day attraction!

child in baby girl blanket, mom in matching leopard robeFinal thoughts

Your gender reveal party idea will be perfect, no matter who is there, what you do, or its size or structure. The objective is to celebrate the new life that is soon to be part of your world. If it's only you and your partner partying, so be it. This is your time to take it all in and enjoy every minute of it.

If this is your very first baby gender reveal party, congrats on becoming a new parent! If you've "been there, done that," you shouldn't feel bad about celebrating this next baby in this beautiful way. And do it all over again if you have another!

Did you have a gender reveal party idea for your baby? Was there a theme or concept? Have you attended a gender reveal that stood out from the rest? What made it so special?

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Editors Note: This post was originally published 7/28/2020 and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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