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The material from which clothes are made is a priority as much as it is a pleasure.

Baby girl in Bamboo Baby Clothes

Our viscose from bamboo baby clothing is 4x stretchier than cotton, super-soft, and delicate on sensitive skin. We think this unique material makes the best bedtime wear including swaddle blankets, sleep sacks, one piece footies, and two piece PJ sets. Though we have also learned that this material is ulta-versatile, cozy, and kids don’t want to take it off! Which is why we extended our line into daywear pieces such as rompers, dresses, and jackets… you get the idea.

Material Girls (and Boys)

Material matters when choosing the perfect baby clothes. There is more than meets the eye when you are combing through the racks in department stores or browsing the web for good deals. The feel of the fabric is something parents pay attention to, but not everyone knows exactly what they are putting on their child.

There are differences between various fabrics, and a good portion of the baby clothing you will come across will be made from cotton. It is soft, inexpensive, and pretty much always available. But we've got something even better for your baby… our signature Päpook viscose from bamboo fabric! It may not be as common as conventional cotton, but it's a clear winner, and here's why.

The Benefits of Viscose from Bamboo vs. Cotton

When it comes to baby clothes, is viscose from bamboo clothing better than cotton? We think so! Have you noticed that Posh Peanut products are surprisingly soft? Every item we sell is as smooth and supple as silk. It's just like the caring caress of your tender touch. Viscose, which comes from the cellulose of the bamboo plant, is our company's go-to fabric. It is the reason our cute baby pajamas, clothing, and accessories are so distinctive. Parents love it!

Viscose made from bamboo fabric (sometimes called "rayon from bamboo") is all about quality. It makes us feel good to offer original luxe baby clothing that is attainable. We never cut corners, and the customer always comes first. Dress your baby in comfort, knowing Posh Peanut is with you every step of the way. We take pride in our products, so you can too.

So, let's get down to the basics of rayon from bamboo and why this fabulous, feel-good fabric will win you over. Who knew it would kick cotton to the curb? These primary attributes of this fabric listed below are enlightening, encouraging, and all-around excellent. You'll be on board by the time you're done reading!

Baby girl leaning on chair in black bamboo baby clothes

1) Viscose from Bamboo is So Soft

Your baby's skin is fragile and any fabric that it comes into contact with must be mild. Nothing scratchy or stiff should ever skim their skin, only gentle garments will meet your rigorous requirements. Your baby's well-being is your #1 concern. How you dress your child is part of the responsibility every parent takes pride in, and we all want our children to be cradled in nothing but complete comfort.

While some types of cotton can create soft clothing options for babies and kids. Everyday cotton clothing you can find nearly anywhere is not nearly as soft as bamboo. Bamboo fibers are soft and natural, making them the perfect material for clothing. Bamboo is comfortable to wear and looks stylish at the same time. It is similar to silk, but unlike silk, viscose from bamboo holds its shape wash after wash.

For an even more deluxe texture, you will be comfortable with bamboo. Bamboo beats out those cotton creations, as well as the lower-end items you don't want anyway. Once you run your fingers over this phenomenal fabric, you will appreciate how fine it truly is. You will not want to dress your baby in anything else - it is that exquisite!

2) Viscose from Bamboo is Super Strong and Dependable

As buttery-soft as bamboo can be, it is equally durable. Baby clothes go through the wringer, and the constant washing and drying can cause wear and tear, turning "brand new" into a distant memory. No matter how many stains, spit-ups, spills (or something worse) you have to deal with, viscose from bamboo baby clothes are up for the challenge. And that's a lot to withstand. You can believe in bamboo to stand up to your baby's many messes without compromising the overall quality. Consider bamboo the "bodybuilder" of fabrics for baby clothes!

Viscose from bamboo is solid, so the clothing won't shrink, get stretched out and deformed, or get worn out. Notice how well our garments hold their original shape even after going through the wash cycle for what seems like the hundredth time. Cotton can only take so much of a beating, and those articles of clothing won't look like new for longer. By now, we have all seen how cotton clothing breaks down, becoming unattractive and unwearable. Seems like a waste.

3) Viscose from Bamboo is Breathable

Babies need to feel protected, and their clothing provides this barrier. Rayon from bamboo clothing is incredibly breathable, making fabric better than cotton in this respect. Breathable baby clothes are not just a plus for the warm weather, which may seem obvious. Comfort all year-round, from the hottest of summer days to winter's below-zero nights will keep your baby cool, cozy, and never constricted.

Napping babies can get sweaty while sleeping, and even on chilly days, when we bundle up the little ones in lots of layers. Viscose from bamboo fiber is better than cotton, as it keeps your baby feeling dry and comfortable all day and night. Thanks to its amazing ability to wick water away from the skin, this material is better at absorbing sweat into the material than cotton can. Viscose can take in more liquid than its weight.

Organic cotton does an OK job, but the baby's clothes tend to stay damper for far longer, something we want to avoid. Go for breathable viscose from bamboo baby clothing to ward off chills, skin irritation, and general discomfort. It's a delight.

4) Bamboo is Sustainable (Self-Replenishing) and Safer for the Environment

For those interested in protecting and preserving our natural resources, know that the clothing you choose for your baby plays a part in the well-being of the planet. Unlike cotton, bamboo rarely needs to be replanted, as it sprouts on its own...and significantly, at that. Bamboo can grow up to 4 feet in just one day, depending upon the type, making it one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. This growth exceeds cotton by tenfold - a stat worth sharing.

Along with bamboo's impressive growth capacity and speed at which it does so, it is generally grown pesticide-free, whereas cotton (non-organic) may require the aid of fertilizers and chemical pesticides to survive and thrive. You definitely don't want anything unnatural anywhere near your baby's skin. Keeping it "green" is the way to go. Your future grandkids will be grateful!

5) Bamboo Means Less Water is Wasted

Cotton needs 2/3 more water to grow than bamboo requires, as no irrigation for bamboo is necessary. Cotton can't grow sufficiently without water, and the maintenance to keep it flourishing uses even more hydration in the process. Over time, a lot of water is needed, which adds up astronomically.

Water conservation is crucial for the climate, and if the clothing you purchase for your child can contribute to this eco-friendly action, it is another reason to take a ride on the "bamboo clothing bandwagon!" Minding your carbon footprint is admirable and attainable.

6) Viscose from Bamboo Baby Clothes Are Hypoallergenic

Babies' sensitive skin needs to be treated with a light touch and a load of love (from you and their clothing). Part of good parenting is protecting our precious peanuts from the outside. Is viscose from bamboo safe for babies? When comparing viscose from bamboo vs. cotton for baby clothing fabric, our viscose from bamboo comes out on top as the more skin-safe of the two materials. It is hypoallergenic, always. This is important to be aware of, even if your baby does not have any known dermatological allergies at this point. New skin sensitivity can always develop at any time, so being proactive is a positive thing for any parent to practice.

Some of the cotton varieties and blends you'll find can be hypoallergenic too, but that is not always what is on the shelves when you are out shopping for new clothing for your baby. Why take a chance and irritate your baby's skin when you can be certain your rayon from bamboo bodysuits and baby blankets are always a sure thing? Better to be safe than sorry, and you can't always count on cotton.

An uncomfortable baby is upsetting for everyone. Of course, the baby will be miserable, but parents will be beside themselves when they are trying to soothe their irritated skin. No parent wants their child to be in discomfort, especially from something as simple as a choice in fabric. Viscose from bamboo baby outfits make it easy to do what's best for your baby.

Along with clothing, even your baby's accessories and other items like hooded bath towels, crib sheets, and changing pad covers can be made with the balance and beauty of viscose from bamboo. You will have no more worries weighing you down revolving around annoying itching, rashes, or related skin conditions. Your baby will be wrapped in pure bliss...and look beautiful to boot! Can we get a "Woo hoo!"

Final thoughts

The viscose from bamboo vs. cotton comparison comes down to the basics of comfort, quality, and care. Bamboo clothes are supremely soft and smooth, better for the environment, and look just lovely on your baby. We at Posh Peanut have complete trust in this fantastic fabric. It's at the core of our company. Our happy customers can attest to the many advantages of using viscose from bamboo fabric, and their babies are better for it. Check out our baby pajamas, kids pajamas, and daywear options made in this high quality, buttery soft fabric.

Have you fallen in love with viscose from bamboo? If you have not yet experienced how nice it is, now is the perfect time to treat your baby to the many benefits of viscose from bamboo garments. Sorry to say, conventional cotton, but bamboo has got you beat!

We hope you share your photos of your baby in Posh Peanut. We'd love to see them looking cute and comfortable.

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Editors Note: This post was originally published 9/2/2020 and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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