Try one of these New Year’s Eve family night ideas to celebrate at home this year!


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The days of closing down the bar with a group of your fellow childless friends may be behind you (or maybe not, we don’t judge), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time at home with your family. There are a million ways to celebrate the new year! We’ve rounded up our favorite New Year’s Eve family night ideas to help you have a fun, enjoyable holiday at home! Whether it’s your first New Year’s with a newborn or your family has continued to grow, you can keep the night low-key or invite over a few friends for a fun celebration.

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Kid-Friendly Family Night Ideas for Saying in on New Year’s Eve 

1. Milk & Cookies Toast: Kids of all ages would love to be included in a New Year’s toast. Include them by planning a milk and cookies toast in order to celebrate the new year, and I’m sure the adults will love it too. Afterward, they can go back to enjoying their champagne and mixed drinks.

2. Make your Own Photobooth: If you’re inviting friends over to celebrate New Year’s Eve, try making your own photo booth with streamers, confetti and props. Older kids will love helping you make and set up the photobooth and, of course, taking photos together. Even if it’s just your close family, this will be a fun family activity that will keep everyone entertained for hours.

3. Play Dress-Up: Let the kids raid your closets to pick out their favorite combinations for the night. The adults can hold a little fashion show for kids to strut their favorite outfit and feel like a celebrity. Whether you want to supervise or let older kids have fun on their own, dress-up games are a great way to keep kids entertained.

4. Balloon Countdown: Make a game out of the hours leading to the countdown for a fun New Year’s Eve family night idea! Add confetti to balloons, fill with helium and mark them with hour numbers. Every hour leading up the new year, you can let the kids pop a balloon! Of course, you can also try this without confetti. It will be a fun way to get the kids involved.

5. Game Night: You can never go wrong with a game night! This was always my personal favorite New Year’s Eve family night idea as a kid, and it’s still my favorite as an adult. Create a competition with fellow families or

6. “Mock” Countdown: Worried the kids won’t make it to midnight? Maybe you won’t either for that matter. Don’t let than stop you from a fun New Year’s Eve family night! There are videos online to count down to the new year at any point during your evening – or you can even watch last year’s – and everyone can still enjoy shouting “Happy New Year” to celebrate. 

7. Make Confetti Poppers: Use paper and a few other supplies to make your own confetti poppers! A New Year’s Even family night isn’t really complete with poppers and/or noisemakers. Make them together earlier in the evening and launch them off when you’re ready to celebrate the new year, even if it’s at 7pm.

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No matter what New Year’s Eve family night ideas you choose to try out, being together is the real point. You’ve surely hit some incredible milestones this year and have many more to look forward to. Take a moment with your partner to reflect and enjoy it!

From all of us at Posh Peanut, happy holidays and happy New Year!

Do you have other family night ideas for staying in on New Year’s Eve?

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