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Here are a few of our favorite unique boy names and unique girl names to help you pick a baby name for your peanut!

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Finding the perfect name for your peanut is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. The options are just about endless. Zeroing in on the best name for your baby girl or baby boy may take time, but we have a tip. Get creative! Cute, unique girl names and uncommon boy names are special and will make your child shine.

When choosing a unique baby name, consider how it will represent your child…forever. You may want to go for something one-of-a-kind. Perhaps you like a unique name that we’ve heard before but is still relatively rare. There are plenty of factors to mull over before the baby arrives. From the origin to how you will spell it, your unique baby’s name requires discussion. Hopefully, it doesn’t lead to a debate!

You are about to create the best memories of your life. And it all starts with the name you choose for your baby. A unique baby name that you may not have considered before could wind up your favorite.

Keep in mind that there is a lot that goes into a name. Have patience while selecting and one will eventually stand out. These ideas and unique baby name suggestions will help you get started. Get your potential baby name list out and add to it!

Consider the Meaning/ Origin of Unique Girl’s Names and Unique Boy’s Names

What is in a name? Names have meanings, origins, and histories. If you look up a name online or in a baby name book, you will often see the name’s meaning and place of origin.

For example, the name Aria is simple and sweet. In Italian, an aria is a song. The Greek interpretation of the name Aria means “lioness.” This is considered a gender-neutral name in Persian, meaning “noble.” No matter which meaning you go with, the name is strong, and it won’t go out of style.

Zuri is a Swahili girl’s name that means “beautiful.” Your baby girl can have a unique name that embodies everything about her.

How about Maverick for an uncommon baby boy’s name? American in origin, the name Maverick means “independent” and “one who avoids conformity.” 

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What Will Your Baby’s Initials Be?

Deciding upon an uncommon baby boy or baby girl name can be a challenge in itself. Now, also consider their initials particularly if you choose a middle name too.

Say if your last name is “O’Connell.” The unique baby boy name, Ulysses may be on your “Top 5” list. But if his middle name is Frank, you wind up with “U.F.O.” as his initials. You may want to rethink your choice and go for something less celestial! Not to mention, Ulysses means “to hate.”

While “U.F.O.” probably won’t be too traumatic, there are lots of initial combinations that can be questionable. Amity, for example, is a lovely unique baby girl name, meaning “friendship” in Old English. But if her middle name is Sharon and her last name is Smith…see where this is going?

If you plan on a unique name for your baby, pairing it with a more common middle name is a nice combination. Cadewyn is a gender-neutral unique baby name. The Welsh name means “White Battle.” Pair it with the middle name Beth for a girl or Jake for a boy. You may not want to have a middle name at all, especially if the first name is on the longer side.

Choose a Unique Baby Boy or Baby Girl Name of a Specific Descent

You can look to your family tree for baby name inspiration. If you have an African background, for example, Chiedza, a unique African baby girl’s name, means “light.”

Here are more unique boy and girl names with their meanings that fit into this category:

Unique Boy Names (Descent/Nationality/Origin)
  1. Alfan – “The Art” – German Origin
  2. Brannagh – “Black Raven” – Irish Origin
  3. Edek – “Guardian of Property” - Polish Origin
  4. Izel – “Only One” – Mexican Origin
  5. Mitsuki – “Beautiful Moon” - Japanese Origin
Unique Girl Names (Descent/Nationality/Origin)
  1. Amulya – “Priceless” – German Origin
  2. Cesia – “The Moon. Heavenly” - Polish Origin
  3. Eiley – “Shining, Brilliant” - Irish Origin
  4. Kiyomi – “Purity, Beautiful” - Japanese Origin
  5. Tepin – “Little One” – Mexican Origin

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Turn to Places and Nature to Come Up with Your Unique Baby Name

Think of celebrities like Paris Hilton (meaning “from Paris, France” – Greek) and Dakota Fanning (meaning “friend, ally” – Native American) who have names that are also places. Choose an uncommon baby boy or unique girl name that is also a place you love to visit or a name inspired by nature. You may even want to use the name of your hometown. Also, look at the world around you and find a name in nature.

Here are more unique baby names with their meanings that fit into this category:

Unique Boy Names (Places/Nature)
  1. Banyan – “The God Tree” - Indian Origin
  2. Birk – “Birch Tree” - Scottish Origin
  3. Hudson – “Son of the Hudd” - English Origin
  4. Rio – “River” – Spanish/Portuguese Origin
  5. York – “Yew Tree” - Celtic Origin
Unique Girl Names (Places/Nature)
  1. Aspen – “Trembling of Leaves” – English Origin
  2. Calla – “Elegant Flowers, Most Beautiful” – Greek Origin
  3. Eira – “Snow” - Welsh Origin
  4. Holland – “Ridge Land” – Old English Origin
  5. Vegas – “Meadows” - Spanish Origin

Go Biblical with Your Unique Baby Name

If you are seeking a religious name for your baby boy or girl, the Bible can be your go-to guide. Biblical names hold great significance. Choosing one of the unique biblical names makes it extra special. For instance, Elon Musk has become a household name - Elon meaning “oak tree” in Hebrew. 

Here are more unique baby names with their meanings that fit into this category:

Unique Boy Names (Biblical)
  1. Aram – “High-Elevated” – Hebrew Origin
  2. Barnabas – “Son of Consolation” – Aramaic Origin
  3. Lemuel – “Devoted to God” - Hebrew Origin
  4. Nicodemus – “Victory of the People” – Greek Origin
  5. Zimri – “My Music, My Praise” – Hebrew Origin
Unique Girl Names (Biblical)
  1. Bethsheba – “Daughter of an Oath” - Hebrew Origin
  2. Drusilla – “Fruitful, Watered by the Dew” – Latin Origin
  3. Jael – “Mountain Goat” – Hebrew Origin
  4. Junia – “Youth” – Greek Origin
  5. Salome – “Peace” – Aramaic Origin

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Name Your Baby Boy or Girl Something Old-Fashioned/Vintage

What’s old is new again! Unique names that used to be popular are resurfacing. Consider some of these “oldies but goodies.” Great Aunt Harriet (meaning “estate ruler”, French) will be delighted to share her name with your newborn.

Unique Boy Names (Old-Fashioned)
  1. Arthur – “To Bear” - Celtic Origin
  2. Elmer –Noble, Famous” – Old English Origin
  3. Franklin – “Freeman” – English Origin
  4. Lloyd – “Gray” - Welsh Origin
  5. Silvester – “Of the Woods, Forest” – Roman/Latin Origin
Unique Girl Names (Old-Fashioned)
  1. Agatha – “Good” – Greek Origin
  1. Dolores – “Sorrow” - Spanish Origin
  2. Ethel – “Noble” – Old English Origin
  3. Gladys – “Country” – Welsh Origin
  4. Winifred – “Fair, Peace” – Old English Origin

Unique Baby Name with a Common Nickname

Get the best of both worlds when you choose a unique baby name with a popular nickname. These unique baby boy and baby girl names can be shortened for simplicity:

Unique Baby Boy Names/ Common Nickname
  1. Alastair (Al) – “Defender of the People” - Scottish Origin
  2. Benaiah (Ben) – “Built by God” – Hebrew Origin
  3. Dansby (Dan/Danny) – “From the Farmstead of the Danes” – Old English Origin
  4. Jovan (Joe/ Joey) – “God is Gracious” – Slavic Origin
  5. Nicanor (Nick) – “Victory of the People” - Greek Origin
Unique Baby Girl Names/ Common Nickname
  1. Alodie (Ali) – “Wealthy” - French Origin
  2. Amethyst (Amy) – “Against Intoxication” – Greek Origin
  3. Maisha (May/Missy) – “Life” – African Origin
  4. Patience (Pat/Patty) – “Act of Being Patient” – Old English Origin
  5. Wenhui (Wendy) – “Literature, Writing” - Japanese Origin
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The Top Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names of 2021

If you are looking for a unique name, steer clear from these top baby names.  While they are all beautiful names, your child won’t be the only one in class named Olivia or Noah. BabyCenter’s rankings list is out, with Olivia at the top for baby girls and Liam as the most popular for baby boys.

Rounding out the top 3 for girls it’s Olivia, Emma, and Amelia. And for the boys, they list Noah, Liam, and Oliver. Perhaps you can use one of these top baby names as your child’s middle name, paired with an uncommon first name, as suggested earlier.

Take a Cue from the Celebrity Kids’ World

There are many celebrities who’ve named their children something off the beaten path. Would you do it too?

  1. Apple – “Apple” – (Parents: Actress, Businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow and Musician Chris Martin)
  2. Blue Ivy – “The Color Blue/ Sad” – American (Parents: Musician, Actress Beyonce and Musician Jay-Z)
  3. Bronx – “Bronx’s Land – American (Parents: Musician, Actress Ashlee Simpson and Musician Pete Wentz)
  4. Denim – “Strong Cloth” – French (Parents: Musician, Actress Toni Braxton and Musician Keri Lewis)
  5. Genesis – “Birth” – Latin (Parents: Musician Alicia Keys and Musician Swizz Beats)
  6. Maple – “Piece of Cloth” – (Parents: Actor Jason Bateman and Actress Amanda Anka)
  7. North– “Geographical Direction” - English (Parents: Television and Media Personality, Businesswoman Kim Kardashian and Musician Kanye (“Ye”) West)
  8. Sparrow - “Small Bird in the Finch Family” – English (Parents: Actress, Television Personality Nicole Richie and Musician Joel Madden)
  9. Story – “Dweller by Large and Rough Water” – Viking (Parents: Actress Jenna Elfman and Actor/Producer Bodhi Elfman)
  10. Sunday – “Born on Sunday” – American (Parents: Actress Nicole Kidman and Musician Keith Urban)

More Unique Cute Baby Girl and Baby Boy Names and Meanings

More Unique Baby Boy Names
  1. Advik – “Unequalled, Unique, Exclusive” - Hindu Origin
  2. Anders – “Brave” – Scandinavian Origin
  3. Asher – “Happy One, Fortunate” - Hebrew Origin
  4. Axl – “Father of Peace” – Scandinavian/German/ Hebrew Origin
  5. Bowie – “Yellow-Haired” – Irish Origin
  6. Briggs – “Bridges” – Old English Origin
  7. Colter – “Colt Herder” – English Origin
  8. Delancy – “Creative and Unique” - French Origin
  9. Ezekiel – “God Will Strengthen” – Hebrew Origin
  10. Ford – “River Crossing” – English Origin
  11. Grady – “Noble” - Irish Origin
  12. Jasper – “Brings Treasure” – Persian Origin
  13. Jenson – “God is Gracious” – Hebrew Origin
  14. Leland – “Meadow Land” - English Origin
  15. Percival – “Pierce Valley” – French Origin
  16. Rhett – “Advice” – Dutch/English Origin
  17. Ronin – “Well-Advised Ruler” – German Origin
  18. Ryker – “Rich” – German Origin
  19. Tanner – “Leather Worker” - English Origin
  20. Zain – “Handsome” – Arabic Origin
More Unique Baby Girl Names
  1. Aino – “Unique, The Only One” – Finnish Origin
  2. Alora – “The Lord is My Light” – Hebrew (Also means “My Dream” – African) Origin
  3. Andromeda – “Ruler of Men” – Greek Origin
  4. Blossom – “Bloom, Flower” – English Origin
  5. Cleo – “Glory” - English Origin
  6. Cressida – “Gold” – Greek Origin
  7. Delta – “Born Fourth” - Greek Origin
  8. Farren – “Adventurous” – English Origin
  9. Goldie – “Made of Gold” - English Origin
  10. Juniper – “Young” – Latin Origin
  11. Kenna – “Fire Born, Good-Looking” – Irish/American Origin
  12. Liberty – “Freedom” - American Origin
  13. Linnea – “Lime Tree” – Scandinavian Origin
  14. Mylah – “Soldier” - English Origin
  15. Oceana – “From the Sea” – Greek Origin
  16. Paisley – “Church, Pattern” – Scottish Origin
  17. Poppy – “Red Flower” – Latin Origin
  18. Riya – “Singer” – Sanskrit Origin
  19. Seren – “Star” – Welsh Origin
  20. Taya – “Young, Valley Field” – Japanese Origin

Additional Unique Baby Naming Tips

Get used to it

You may have a unique baby name in mind. Before making a commitment, “practice” using the name. Write it down. How does it look? Say it out loud. How does it sound along with the name(s) of their sibling(s)?

Get feedback

Share your unique baby name with people you trust. If you value their opinion, they will provide constructive feedback. Of course, what you name your baby is your decision, but getting others’ reactions can be valuable.

Spell a common name in a unique way

You can be unique in your own way by spelling a more popular name in an uncommon way. For example, the name Jennifer can be spelled “Jennipher.” Lisa can be “Leesa.” Change Melissa to “Melysa.” Keep in mind that your child may have to correct people who misspell their name in the future.

Name your baby after someone special
You may have a former teacher who changed your life. Perhaps you can name your baby after a relative to keep the family tradition alive. A character’s name from a book you’ve read may stand out. If any of these names are unique, they may be in the running.

Think about your favorite stars

These actors, musicians, models, and other famous people below have uncommon names. You may love one of these 30 names for your baby. Unique names for boys and girls aren’t just for celebrities.

  1. Alanis (Morissette)
  2. Ashton (Kutcher)
  3. Busy (Phillips)
  4. Charlize (Theron)
  5. Cher
  6. Coco (Rocha)
  7. Colbie (Caillat)
  8. Drake
  9. Eboni (K. Williams)
  10. Forest (Whitaker)
  11. Halle (Berry)
  12. January (Jones)
  13. Jewel
  14. Kanye (West)
  15. Kendall (Jenner)
  16. KeKe (Palmer)
  17. Niall (Horan)
  18. Rami (Malek)
  19. Rebel (Wilson)
  20. Sanaa (Lathan)
  21. Scout (Willis) – P.S. – We’ve got a Posh Peanut Scout collection that is as cute as can be!
  22. Selita (Ebanks)
  23. Shania (Twain)
  24. Shia (LaBeouf)
  25. Sterling (K. Brown)
  26. Taye (Diggs)
  27. Tiger (Woods)
  28. Tilda (Swinton)
  29. Uma (Thurman)
  30. Zayn (Malik)

Final thoughts

These baby unique names and ideas will inspire you to think of something exceptional. When you are bold enough to think outside the box, your baby’s name won’t be forgotten!

Did you give your baby a unique name? What are your favorite names for boys and girls?

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Editors Note: This post was originally published May 19, 2020, and has been completely updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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