How to Plan a Gender Reveal Party: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Plan a Gender Reveal Party: Step-by-Step Guide

By: Brooke Hamilton


Whether you're the mama-to-be, the bubbly best friend, or the elated grandma-in-waiting, the journey of pregnancy is filled with anticipation. One of the most thrilling moments is discovering whether the newest addition to the family will be a bouncing baby boy or a darling little girl.

If you're eager to share this joyous revelation with your nearest and dearest, a fun gender reveal party offers the perfect solution. It not only brings together family and friends for a meaningful celebration, but it also crafts a lasting memory for everyone involved. Plus, it provides numerous opportunities for those picture-perfect moments.

As you gear up for a reveal of a lifetime, come along as we explore how to plan a gender reveal that everyone is sure to remember.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Theme for Your Gender Reveal

One of the initial tasks on your gender reveal to-do list is selecting a party theme for the big day. Your theme can range from simple to extravagant based on the soon-to-be mom’s preferences.

Below, we provide suggestions that span from cute and casual to breathtaking and bold:

  • Team sports – If the future parents are sports fans, you can opt for a “Team Pink” vs. “Team Blue” gender reveal party theme. Break out the sports-themed decorations and ask guests to wear pink or blue, based on which gender they predict the baby will be.

  • Radiant rainbows – Why choose from pink and blue when you can incorporate every color of the rainbow? From red to violet (and every hue in between), bedazzle your party with splashes of color ahead of the big reveal.

  • Storybook wonderland – If one of the future parents has a favorite childhood book, feel free to pull from that title’s plot to create a storybook gender reveal party theme that would make Shel Silverstein proud.

Looking for more inspiration? Try one of these fun and festive themes:

  • Fiery fiesta

  • Colorful carnival

  • Jungle safari

  • Bows or bowties

  • Under the sea

Step 2: Decide How to Showcase the Big Reveal

The big question on every guest’s mind (aside from the obvious "Is it a boy or girl?") will be how you plan to reveal the little one’s gender. It’s one of the core components when learning how to plan a gender reveal party. From the classic balloon box gender reveal idea to a more elaborate fireworks display, your options are vast and include:

  • A treasure hunt – If your guests are an adventurous bunch, consider setting up a treasure hunt filled with clues. The final destination: a chest enclosed with a lock that guests must open to discover the baby’s gender.

  • A confetti-filled piñata – Fill a teddy bear or bottle-shaped piñata with pink or blue confetti. You’ll get a good laugh out of guests as the parents excitedly take a few thwacks at the surprise-filled reveal.

  • Gender-reveal cupcakes – Foodie enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this tasty treat that doubles as a delectable way to announce your little one’s gender.

  • A personalized storybook – If you choose to incorporate the storybook theme, you can unleash your creativity by ordering a customized book that captures the love story of the new parents, complete with a fun gender reveal ending for everyone to enjoy. It also serves as the perfect keepsake for the parents!

  • Baby one piece – After learning the baby’s gender, purchase the softest and snuggliest baby bodysuit that indicates whether the little one will be a boy or a girl. Wrap the one piece in a box covered with gender-neutral wrapping paper and present it to the parents to open when it’s time for the big reveal.

Step 3: Decorate the Venue

Whether you’re hosting a cozy gender reveal in your backyard with select family and friends or you’re inviting everyone you know to celebrate the event in a slightly larger venue, one thing is a must: choosing decor to set the tone.

Below, we highlight some of the can’t-miss factors to consider as you peruse the party shop aisles for gender reveal party decorations:

  • Color scheme – From traditional pink and blue to a more modern and subdued sea-foam green, choose your color scheme, followed by balloons, banners, streamers, and table decor that align with those colors.

  • Table decor – Breath life into your tables and seating arrangements by adorning them with themed centerpieces, like floral arrangements, baby-themed decor, or framed pictures of the parents posing with their ultrasound photos.

  • Themed props – If your party has a specific theme, such as “Sports Teams” or "Under the Sea," feel free to spice up the decor by opting for a few choice props that bring the theme to life.

  • Signage – Don’t underestimate the importance of strategically placed signs throughout the party. For example, if catering is part of your plan, consider charming hand-written signs highlighting cuisine options. (Bonus points if they come with cute gender-themed sayings like 'Donut know yet!’).

Step 4: Make a Snack Menu Guests Will Love

If you’re aiming to include some delectable snacks on your menu, look no further. Alongside tried-and-true main course options like a build-your-own pizza station, a taco bar, or a hot dog stand, here are a few of our favorite savory and sweet snacks to delight your guests:

  • A pickle bar – Pickles are a classic pregnancy craving, so why not add a tray of artisan pickles for guests (and the future mom) to enjoy? You can incorporate a variety of flavors, such as spicy jalapeno, garlic parmesan, wasabi soy, and raspberry mint.

  • Mini chicken pot pies – If you’re hosting a party during the chilly months, these savory pies are the perfect bite-size treat.

  • Cake pops – Fill them with pink and blue ooey-gooey goodness on the inside, and then dip them in white chocolate with pink and blue sprinkles on the outside. Voila! Decadent and very on-theme.

  • Berry bowl – Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, oh my! It’s simple, it’s fresh, and it allows everyone to put a dose of antioxidant-filled goodness on their plates.

Tips for Making an Unforgettable Gender Reveal

While the joining of loved ones for such a monumental celebration is enough to make the experience memorable for the soon-to-be parents, why not take it a step further?

If you’re keen on elevating your gender reveal, here are some party ideas to guarantee it’s a day they’ll cherish forever:

  • Create inspiring invitations – The journey to a memorable gender reveal starts well before the party begins. Once you've settled on a theme, date, and venue, consider whether to send virtual gender reveal invitations or opt for traditional paper invitations. If you design them from scratch, be sure to include a clever message that hints at the day's festivities, like “Join us for a magical reveal” or “He or she, what will it be?”

  • Encourage virtual participation – Be sure to include family and friends who don’t live within driving distance. You can include a link in your gender reveal invitations that allows guests to attend the party virtually, making sure that everyone can celebrate, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Incorporate interactive games – What better way to build anticipation for the big reveal than by energizing the partygoers with a baby-themed game or two? Minute to Win It games not only serve as playful icebreakers—they also set the stage for excitement and laughter.

  • Set up a photo booth – A photo booth creates the ultimate Insta-worthy atmosphere for family and friends to cozy up and say “cheese.” With some aptly-colored helium balloons and a few props on hand (like ultrasound photos or hats and boas in pink and blue), guests will be lining up to take selfies.

  • Arrange for a professional photographer – While receiving pictures taken by friends at the party is always thoughtful, organizing them can be a challenge. Moreover, there's no guarantee that anyone captured the pivotal shot you were hoping for. Avoid this uncertainty by hiring a professional photographer who will make sure to capture all the beautiful moments you envisioned (and probably a few extras).

  • Provide the parents with a keepsake – When it comes to keepsakes, the sky’s the limit. If you set up a photo booth with a Polaroid camera, you can use the candids taken throughout the day to create a one-of-a-kind photo album to give to the parents. Another option is placing a memory jar at each table, allowing attendees to leave their well wishes, predictions, and advice for the guests of honor.

There may also be some guests who wonder: Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party? So, ensure you include a note on your invitations that indicates whether or not the parents-to-be are accepting gifts at their party. 

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