child wearing Care Bears print outfit surrounded by Care Bears plushies of different colors

Care Bears™ x Posh Peanut: Care Bears Clothes & Accessories Collection

By: Brooke Hamilton


For the first time ever, Care Bears x Posh Peanut is launching a charming Care Bears clothes and accessories collection featuring the adorable Care Bears on our award-winning Papook® viscose from bamboo fabric. This collection features nine of your favorite Care Bears characters: Share Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Funshine Bear, Bedtime Bear, Good Luck Bear, Wish Bear, Birthday Bear, and Friend Bear.

Care Bears Characters

Let's take a closer look at each of these loveable bears and what each one represents, and take a guess at what their favorite Posh Peanut product may be.

Share Bear™

Share Bear has a sundae badge on her tummy, is as sweet as sugar, and believes that sharing is caring! She encourages us to be giving and share a smile with those around us. We think she would love a Posh Peanut kids lunch box to share her lunch with her friends!

Grumpy Bear™

Unmistakable with a rain cloud on his tummy, Grumpy Bear reminds us that it's ok to be grumpy sometimes. And even when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, sometimes all we need is a hug! We think the Luxe Patoo would be great for Grumpy Bear because it feels like a hug when you're snuggling with it!

Love-a-Lot Bear™

Love-a-Lot Bear has a pink and red heart on her tummy. She believes that love makes the world go round and encourages us to spread the love. Love-a-lot knows that love will always find a way, so we think her favorite Posh Peanut essential would be a cute and cuddly Lovey!

Funshine™ Bear

Funshine Bear, with a smiley sun on his tummy, knows how to have fun and encourages others to "enjoy each day!" Laughing, playing in the sun, and making sure others have fun, too, is Funshine Bear's perfect day! Because Funshine Bear likes to play outside, we think he needs an adorable Posh Peanut wide-brimmed sunhat!

Bedtime Bear™

Bedtime Bear™ loves to snuggle up for a few Zs! The moon and star on his belly will help you drift off to dreamland for a good snooze in no time. Bedtime Bear would probably love to fall asleep cuddled up in our silky-soft viscose from bamboo quilts and bedding.

Good Luck Bear™

Green with a four-leaf clover on his belly, Good Luck Bear knows that with a little luck and a great big try, anything is possible! He's charming, generous, and always looking out for his friends. If Good Luck Bear could pick a Posh Peanut essential, we think he'd grab a kids backpack to take his good luck with him wherever he goes.

Wish Bear™

Wish Bear is always optimistic and will help make your dreams come true with the shooting star on her belly! Always encouraging you to shoot for the stars and wish extra big, Wish Bear reminds us that anything is possible! Because of her extra-big positive attitude, we think Wish Bear would love one of our Grand Patoos, the largest blanket we make!

Birthday Bear™

Birthday Bear™, with a birthday cupcake belly badge, LOVES a good party and celebrating with his friends! His favorite thing to do is play party games and give thoughtful presents. We think he would find the Newborn Essentials Kit (a cute storage basket with a Lovey, Teddy, and Posh security blanket) a perfect gift for a new baby!

Friend Bear™

Friend Bear is encouraging, fun, and caring, just as a friend should be! The smiling flower on her belly badge reminds us always to be kind to each other. A kids duffle bag would be the perfect Posh Peanut essential for Friend Bear so she can go visit all her friends!

What the Posh Peanut Team is Saying About Care Bears

If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, you are probably familiar with Care Bears! These charming bears were popular then, and they maintain their popularity today as their charming personalities and message of caring continue to resonate with new generations.

We asked the Posh Peanut team to share a Care Bears memory:

"When my little sister was 5 or 6 years old, she always had bad dreams. She always would wake my parents up to sleep in their bed in the middle of the night. So, they got her the blue Bedtime Bear to protect her from bad dreams! Then she started sleeping in her own bed all night."

  • Zoe S., E-Commerce

"My sisters and I loved the Care Bears! I distinctly remember loving their cute heart noses and learning about each one's belly badge powers. We each had a favorite bear. My favorite was the Good Luck Bear because he was green, the same color as my birthstone."

  • Brooke H., Marketing

We hope this collection of Care Bears clothing allows you to share a special part of your childhood with your little peanut.

The Care Bears x Posh Peanut Collection

This new Care Bears x Posh Peanut collection truly comes from the heart! These designs are inspired by a colorful, cotton candy world of soft pastel clouds and stardust, where the Care Bears characters cuddle, climb, and float with their friends.

This adorable Care Bears clothing and accessories collection features your favorite Posh Peanut styles. Your family will love the warm, fuzzy plush Patoos, and cute kids pajamas.

We even have several Care Bear onesie options, like a bodysuit and our best-selling zippered one-piece. Our one pieces have 2-way zippers to make diaper changes a breeze and are crafted in our buttery-soft viscose from bamboo that will keep your little peanut snug all night.

And if you're looking for Care Bear clothes for adults so you can match your mini-me, we have you covered! Our Luxe pajama set is perfect for snuggling up with your peanut and their Bedtime Bear. If you want something that can go from daytime to lounge-around-time, our Women's short-sleeved scoop neck tee is a fan-favorite because it's super soft, easy to wear, and flattering.

Beyond Care Bears clothes, we also have travel accessories, like travel cubes and an adorable duffle bag. Or, transform your nursery with Care Bears crib sheets, pad covers, and hooded towels. If you love Care Bears, we have so many opportunities to bring them into your home and nursery!

Final Thoughts

Don't miss out on your chance to score pieces from the first-ever Care Bears x Posh Peanut collection! Our community has been asking for this collection for some time, and we are excited to make their Care Bears wishes come true!

Our children's clothes and baby clothes are made with super soft, snuggly, and lightweight fabric that's delicate on sensitive skin. You have to feel it to believe it! Four times stretchier than cotton, your growing little one can wear these styles longer than standard cotton clothes.

Shop Posh Peanut for the whole family. With new collections launching every Thursday at 8 AM PT, there is something everyone will love.