mom, daughter and infant in matching clothese

New Mom and Baby Collection: Essentials for a New Mom

By: Brooke Hamilton


We’re honoring New Moms and Babies this Mother’s Day with essentials for a new mom and new baby. That “fourth trimester” can be beautiful, full of wonder, and really hard. We want to add color to those early days of motherhood by creating beautiful newborn essentials and clothes that make Mom look and feel a little bit like herself again.

Being a new mom to a newborn is wonderful, beautiful, literally life-changing, and, let's be honest, really hard. Your whole world has changed overnight, and your new world revolves around this tiny, squishy, adorable baby.

The house is a mess, with dishes and bottles piled in the sink. Huge piles of laundry with tiny little clothes fill the laundry room, and milk covers everything. Most likely, you're not sleeping well, and the sleep you are getting is very broken. Your house, routine, and schedule have been totally flipped upside down, and you probably feel you have been turned upside down, too.

We believe there is a lot of power in a good outfit, and a dopamine outfit can turn your day around. This is why we created luxe newborn essentials, like bibs, burp clothes, and swaddles that are beautiful and super soft on baby's delicate skin. We also created essentials for a new mom that promise unparalleled comfort without compromising style for those early newborn days.

You May Not Feel Like Yourself

In the first weeks of your baby's life, you may not recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. Your body doesn't look nine months pregnant anymore, but you certainly don't look like your pre-pregnancy self.

Once round and hard, your belly is now soft and squishy. Maybe your feet are still swollen. You don't have time to do the things you love right now—you don't even feel like you have time to shower!

You're still learning about your new little baby, and you probably feel the pressure to do everything "right." We know you are up late at night feeding your baby, changing diapers by nightlight, and rocking your baby back to sleep.

We know you are spending time researching baby schedules and learning how to use your baby carrier. You're up late googling "Is this normal baby poop?" And you may also be wondering, “How do I dress my baby for sleep?” The postpartum stage can feel lonely, but know you are not alone. 

Essentials for a New Mom

We see you and are celebrating all your new small victories throughout your day (and night) with you. You brushed your teeth today? Woohoo! Washed your hair? Yes, Mama!

Managed to put dinner in the oven? You're amazing! Whenever you put on one of our buttery soft robes, we hope you feel like the rockstar you are! Our goal is to bring a smile to your face with bright colors and fun patterns that bring color to those early days of motherhood.

We created beautiful essentials for a new mom, like luxe robes and chic women's loungewear that make you look and feel a little bit like yourself again. Hopefully, when you and your new baby change into adorable, matching mommy and me clothes, you can feel that sense of being a little put together. 

Essentials for Baby

And that new little world-changer you just brought home? We designed baby clothes and essentials for them, too. When you zip up your baby in a Posh Peanut footie one-piece or wrap them up in a soft and stretchy swaddle, know that we are celebrating their arrival right alongside you! Rest assured, you're doing at least one thing right when you keep your baby snug and cozy with fabric that's super soft and gentle on their delicate skin.

We also designed beautiful burp cloths and bibs because even though these baby items are for catching messes, they don't have to be boring. Our bibs have the same bold designs you know and the silky-soft fabric you love. Even our burp cloths have ruffles!

Posh Peanut is Here for You

Let's be honest: Those early days are challenging, but dressing you and your baby doesn't have to be. We designed super soft clothes to give you that extra layer of comfort and luxury so you can have something beautiful even when your house is a mess. And don't worry about baby stains or spilled milk; these clothes wash like a dream (even if they sit in that laundry pile for a while).

Instead of boring and beige, brighten your newborn essentials (and your day) with bold, fun designs and colors you (and your kids) love! So that next time you go to catch spit-up with a super soft, ruffled burp cloth, you might even enjoy it.

Posh Peanut has styles for every age and stage, from crib sheets, big kid duvet covers, darling daywear outfits, and cozy pajamas. New arrivals and limited edition collections launch every Thursday, so you'll find something you and your family will love.