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12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate Moms

By: Brooke Hamilton


Where would we be without moms? In many families, moms are the engine that makes things happen and makes sure nothing gets left behind. They are the middle-of-the-night feed, the go-to diaper changer, the chauffeur to practice, the party planner, the shoulder to cry on, the chef, the warm hug, the vacation planner, the get-it-done extraordinaire, and so much more. So, come this Mother's Day, your loved one deserves to be celebrated! That's why we created a list of unique gift ideas.

Sure, a fresh flower bouquet and a store-bought card are lovely, but we think moms deserve more! Show Mom you care with the perfect Mother's Day gift! Start with this 12 Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate Moms gift guide. And if you are a mom, go ahead and pass this along to your partner. 

1. Matching Pajamas

This may seem obvious coming from a brand known for matching mommy and me clothes, but it's the perfect gift! Matching pajamas brings a sense of warmth and togetherness to a family. They make a candid photo of Mom snuggling on the couch with her kids that much cuter. 

2. Spa Day

The best gift for a busy mom: a spa day! Send mom to the spa for a day of pampering and relaxation. Schedule a massage, pedicure, or facial so she can unwind and take a break from her busy schedule. Or, set up a spa experience at home! Get out the oil diffuser and the calming ocean wave soundtrack, and treat mom to a manicure or an at-home facial. Complete her experience with a new, buttery soft Posh Peanut robe in her favorite color. 

3. Photo Gifts

There are so many unique personalized gifts now! Print her favorite picture on a mug, candle, or throw pillow! There's no better way to capture those sweet little faces that change all too quickly than a thoughtful photo gift.

4. New Cozy Loungewear

Let's upgrade her favorite at-home lounge set with new loungewear to keep her cozy and stylish throughout the day. And we'll just throw it out there (again) that she would probably love a set that matches with her kids, too. 

5. Necklace or Bracelet with Kids' Name or Initials

A gold or silver bracelet with your kid's initials or full name would make a fantastic gift that she may not go out and buy herself. Most likely, she thought long and hard about naming her children. And almost certainly, she feels super fondly about her children's names. With jewelry, she can wear her children's names with pride. You can find adorable options on Etsy! 

6. DIY Gifts

No Mother's Day gift list would be complete without a nod to DIY gifts. Many excellent DIY gift ideas exist, like a homemade scented candle, painted flower pot, or handprint art! A DIY personalized gift will never go unappreciated. Check out Pinterest for some fresh inspiration.

7. Night Off Dinner

A classic - but for good reason. Give Mom a night off cooking or doing dishes! Try that restaurant she has wanted to try or cook one of her favorite meals at home. Remember her favorite bottle of wine or dessert and flowers for the table!

8. A New Diaper Bag

Looking for a great gift for a new mom? How about an elevated diaper bag! We believe that moms should love the bag they carry every day. A diaper bag should be beautiful, versatile, and with plenty of pockets for organization! Our 5-in-1 Diaper Bag ticks all the boxes. 

9. A Personalized Gift Basket

Here's a fun gift idea - a basket of her favorite things! Find a cute basket at your local home goods store, and fill it with things she loves! For example, her favorite chocolate, a t-shirt with her favorite artist, and that new piece of home decor she has been talking about. Or, show her that you care with a mug that will keep her coffee hot, a new cozy blanket, and the latest book in the series she is reading. 

10. Night Off Bedtime

Sending Mom away for a girl's weekend in New York is a great idea, but it may be unrealistic. But how about a night away in a nearby hotel? Splurge on a stay-cation for mom! Send her to a nice local hotel for the night so she can order room service, watch her favorite TV show, and sleep in - in peace! 

11. A Photoshoot with Coordinating Outfits

Capture your essence as a family in this season of life with a professional photographer! If you want to take this one step further, choose matching family outfits! Don't feel confident in picking out outfits? Grab her a digital gift card from her favorite shop! 

12. A Handwritten Card

Remember to thank Mom with a handwritten note. A thoughtful note is the perfect way to tell Mom how much she means to you and your family. We promise you she will love it! 

Moms work hard every day and deserve to be recognized and honored on Mother's Day. We hope this list gave you the perfect gift idea for the mom or the mother figure in your life! Whether you take time to write that handwritten note, make a reservation for dinner, or blow her away with a new diaper bag - we know she will appreciate it! 

Now that you're equipped with a great idea or two for Mother's Day, remember we have the softest collection of pajamas, loungewear, and cozy blankets for the whole family. Browse our new arrivals and curated collections and find that perfect gift today.