4 children in pajamas on a bed

How to Dress Your Toddler for Sleep: Comfort Tips

By: Brooke Hamilton


As moms, we know a surprising amount of thought can go into the simplest things. If you’re making decisions for a little one, it’s only natural to put your love and care into every detail.

When you think about how to dress your toddler for sleep, you’re probably balancing a few factors. Of course, you want your children to be comfy and cozy. But what about safety, especially as they are transitioning to sleep in a toddler bed? What about warmth? And what even is a sleep sack ?

We've created the ultimate guide for how to dress a toddler for sleep. Dive into the snug little world of toddler sleepwear with us.

Choosing the Right Fabric

There are so many fabric choices in today's world, but is there a "right" choice?

A growing stack of evidence shows that synthetic fabrics are harmful to our health, able to shed tiny fibers we later breathe in, releasing microplastics that our bodies absorb. And surprisingly, our children are often exposed even more than we are.

Making the switch from synthetic fibers to an ultra-comfy fabric, such as viscose from bamboo, has the potential to make a long-lasting impact on our children’s health.

At Posh Peanut, our toddler pajamas are made with our signature Päpook® viscose from bamboo fabric. Breathable and lightweight, this famed fabric combines a skin-soft feel with lasting stretchiness to grow with your toddler. 

Avoiding Irritating Materials

We all know that some people have more sensitive skin than others. You know your child’s skin better than anybody.

If your toddler is prone to rashes, dryness, or strong reactions to certain textures and chemicals, Päpook® can benefit them, too. Viscose from bamboo is gentle to the touch on sensitive skin to keep your little one comfortable all night long (and all day, too!). 

Optimal Sleepwear for Different Seasons

Moms are often advised to put babies in one more layer than an adult would prefer, but what about when our babies get a bit older?

With clever use of layers and a little trial and error, moms can help their toddlers beat the heat or stay nice and warm as the temperature requires.

Dressing For Warm Nights

When summer rolls around, and the hot weather arrives, opt for pajama shorts instead of pants, short sleeves instead of long sleeves, and choose a lightweight blanket or sleep sack with lighter padding. Additionally, choose a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture on hot nights, like viscose from bamboo.

That said, if your home has powerful air-conditioning or your little one sleeps close to the AC unit, summer might not be the time to shed layers! If your AC is on and keeping your house cool, consider dressing your toddler in a lightweight sleep sack with one or two layers beneath to find the ideal temperature balance. If it’s a bit warmer in the house, a pair of lightweight pajamas and a breathable sleep sack should do the trick. 

Keeping Cozy in Cold Weather

The key to staying warm in colder weather is layering with cozy fabrics. Pajamas made from viscose from bamboo naturally regulate body heat to keep your little one snug. Long-sleeved pajamas and long pants are the go-to choice for winter weather. You could also add fuzzy socks!

Additionally, a wearable blanket or sleep sack with a zipper can be easily taken on and off to keep your little one comfortable at night. Depending on the temperature in your little one’s room, you may want a sleep sack with thicker padding.

Establishing a Bedtime Routine with Favorite Sleepwear

Dressing your toddler for sleep can be a sweet nightly ritual the entire family looks forward to. Some toddlers like to pick what they wear, learning to make small decisions for themselves. And, of course, what mom doesn’t love putting their kids in pajamas they know are super soft and cozy! Dressing your toddler comfortably for sleep can also be a key part of helping them stay in bed all night.

You shouldn’t have to choose between skin-safe, healthy material and style as adorable as your little one. After all, safe sleep is the best sleep for your toddler.

Check out Posh Peanut’s buttery-soft pajama sets and sleeveless sleep sacks made of viscose from bamboo so you and your toddler can rest safer and more comfortably. Check out the rest of our toddler clothes today!


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