Mother preparing to change baby diaper wearing matching leopard outfits

Essential Tips for Traveling with Diapers

By: Brooke Hamilton


Before you head out on the open road or take to the skies with your little one, it’s crucial to make sure you’ve packed the essential baby products for your trip. Besides snacks and stuffed animals, there’s one item you can’t forget when traveling with a baby: diapers.

But how are you supposed to pack diapers for a vacation without sacrificing all of your luggage space? And how many do you need?

In this guide, we’re giving you a crash course in traveling with diapers. We'll explain how to choose the right ones for your trip, share space-saving packing tips, and explain how to change them during travel so your peanut stays dry and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Type of Diapers for Travel

Whether you’re venturing by train, plane, or automobile, it’s a safe bet to opt for overnight diapers when you’re traveling. Since these heavy-duty options are thicker and more absorbent than other diapers, they can help reduce the number of times you’ll need to change your little one.

Always remember to apply soothing diaper cream or powder before a diaper change when traveling to reduce the chances of redness or a rash. If you notice the diaper is soiled, it’s a good idea to head to the nearest changing table, toss the disposable diaper, and refresh your baby with a new one as soon as possible.

Packing Tips for Diapers

So, you know you need to pack your baby’s diapers while traveling, but how many should you pack? Here’s a breakdown of the amount you’ll need when flying with a baby, as well as some space-saving tips.

How Many Diapers to Pack

Put simply, the number of diapers you’ll want to bring largely depends on whether you plan on purchasing more once you’ve arrived at your destination. If you want to bring all the diapers your baby will need for the entire trip with you in your luggage, think about how long you’ll be away, but make sure to pack extras, too.

If you’re comfortable purchasing extra diapers once you’ve arrived at your destination, consider packing enough for two to three days and nights. This way, you’re sure to have the diapers you’ll need for the travel day and still have plenty of extra in case you can’t buy them immediately after arriving.

Space-Saving Packing Techniques

As your luggage fills up with clothing and accessories (for both you and your little one), you may notice you’re running low on space. Here are some tips to help you save space while traveling with diapers so you have room for all of the essentials:

  • Pack extras in plastic bags – If you plan on taking extra diapers for the journey, consider packing a few into separate quart or gallon-sized plastic bags.1 This makes them easy to compress, stack, and pack in your luggage without requiring a ton of space.

  • Do the math – You know your baby’s diapering needs best, so try to calculate how many you’ll need depending on the length of your travel journey. For example, you’ll want to have more diapers if you’re boarding an international flight than if you’re heading off on a three-hour road trip.

  • Change before boarding – Before you board the plane or take your seat on the train, make sure to change your baby one last time. This can cut back on their diapering needs during the journey and gives you a little extra time before hunting down another changing table.

If you’re checking your luggage, consider packing a few diapers in your carry-on and extras in your larger suitcase to save space in each individual bag.

Changing Diapers During Travel

Even with the diapers you need on hand, changing a baby on the go can be unpredictable. When your baby needs a fresh diaper mid-journey, check and see if the bathroom has a changing table. If not, you can always use a changing pad laid nicely on the sink or across your seat for an impromptu diaper change station.

Some airplanes have separate changing areas or accommodations for your little one, so ask a flight attendant if you’re unsure or need assistance. When you’re on the road, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a rest stop when your baby needs to be changed, which is why you’ll always want to have a changing pad, diaper cream, and wipes on hand.

Essential Accessories for Diapering on the Go

When you’re getting ready to travel, it’s essential to make sure your diaper bag is fully stocked and ready to go with travel essentials for toddlers. Fortunately, Posh Peanut’s Diaper Bag makes it easy to stay organized, with six interior pockets suitable for baby clothes and an insulated compartment that is perfect for bottles.

It also includes a matching changing pad, making it your one-stop shop for your baby’s diapering needs while traveling.

Ensure You Have the Essentials Handy with Posh Peanut

Traveling with your little one can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to remember all of the must-haves you need to pack (like your baby’s diapers!). Fortunately, Posh Peanut makes it easy to organize all of your little one’s essentials—and look stylish doing it.

From chic, 5-in-1 diaper bags to fun and practical compression packing cubes, we have everything you need to make traveling a breeze. No matter the destination, ensure your next trip with your baby is smooth and stress-free with the ease and elevation of kid’s travel essentials from Posh Peanut. 


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