girl wearing twirl dress with rainbow in background

3 Elements For The Perfect Twirly Dress

By: Brooke Hamilton


A beautiful, soft, twirl dress is one of the best clothing styles for toddler girls. They are not only easy to wear but also comfortable and fun to wear! Most toddler girls love dresses that twirl and move with them, and if it comes in their favorite color - even better!

We’d argue that a cute dress is one of the most versatile pieces in a little girl’s closet. At Posh Peanut, we consider ourselves experts in twirly dresses for toddlers. Here are the 3 key elements that the perfect twirly dress should have.

1. Versatile for Dress Up and Play

First, the ultimate twirly dress needs to be versatile. Toddlers and little girls should be able to wear their favorite dresses, whether they are heading out to the playground or to a special event. Ideally, this means that you can easily dress it up with a cardigan and sparkly sandals or dress it down with a zippered hoodie and sneakers.

Buying a dress with versatility in mind means that your toddler will get more use out of their clothes. Honestly, most toddlers grow so fast they can only wear something for a season or two anyway, and by the following year, you are passing it down to the next sibling or packing it away in a box. So stop saving those dresses for “special occasions” and find versatile dresses that you can wear everyday - and to events.

Dress Up for Special Events

For a dress to be easily dressed up, it needs a little something extra. Whether that’s a beautiful design or cute details, playing up these elements to make it a bit more fancy is key. Of course, twirly dresses by nature feel a little fancy, especially for toddlers.

Twirling in a pretty dress is almost innate for little girls who love feeling like a princess! A dress that moves well while they dance at a party and looks great in photos is perfect for special events. We believe that fun twirly dresses shouldn’t just be reserved for certain occasions because every day deserves to be celebrated.

Great for Everyday Play

If you’re a parent of an energetic toddler, you know how much they play - and how hard they can be on their clothes. The right twirly dress will fit your little peanut well without restricting their movement. Ultimately, your little girl just wants to be comfortable while she plays!

Their dresses need to be soft and comfortable for everyday play while durable enough to withstand the wear and tear or playtime. Dirt, stains, and spills are inevitable in toddlerhood, so consequently, their clothes also need to be able to hold up in the wash. And if your little girl loves wearing twirly dresses every day, you know how often they need to get washed.

2. Material of Twirly Dress

Does a twirly dress that is versatile for dress-up and play sound too good to be true? Well, with the right material, this is absolutely possible. Let’s review the preferred qualities of a twirly dress for toddlers:

  •  Lightweight - Lightweight dresses are easy to wear and make your little one feel carefree! 

  •  Stretchy - Dresses that easily move with her every twirl, tumble, climb, and grow with her more easily than a stiffer material. 

  •  Breathable - Toddler girls are active! They need something breathable when they start running around.

  •  Drapes beautifully - Perhaps the most important factor in twirl-ability is how the fabric falls and drapes when your little one spins!

Thankfully, viscose from bamboo meets all the twirly dress requirements.

Viscose From Bamboo Benefits

Viscose from bamboo is a high-quality fabric that we use to make many of our adorable toddler styles. It’s super versatile, so it’s great for clothing and other home and baby essentials, like blankets, baby swaddles, sleep sacks, and even crib sheets.

Our custom-milled viscose from bamboo is ridiculously soft and incredibly comfortable day and night. It’s four times stretchier than cotton, so it easily moves with your little one. Because it’s stretchy, it practically grows with your kid. Consequently, they can wear it longer than traditional cotton styles.

Lightweight and breathable, this material is also moisture-wicking and naturally temperature-regulating. This makes it a great all-year fabric, which is why you’ll see that we use it in our summer twirly dresses for toddlers and layering pieces like cardigans and zippered hoodies.

But one of our favorite qualities about this fabric is how beautifully it falls and moves. The movement of the fabric combined with a twirly dress style is what toddler dress dreams are made of. On a scale of 1 to perfect twirl, this fabric knocks the twirl-ability scale out of the park.

3. Cute and Colorful Details

As a baby and toddler clothing brand, we know kids love color. This is why we have labeled the third element of the perfect twirly toddler dress as cute and colorful details. A twirly dress with fun colors and bold designs will be your toddler’s go-to outfit.

Our designs are whimsical yet sophisticated for the whole family. They’re big on florals, animals, and modern patterns. We also know that most toddlers love wearing clothing with recognizable characters!

Posh Peanut is known for its collaborations with brands like Hello Kitty®, Disney, Barbie™, and more! From Disney dresses to Barbie™ outfits, there’s something for everyone in these fun and inspired collections.

It’s All in the Details

Aside from color and character, the details on a twirly dress are equally essential and add to the versatility factor. A dress with a ruffled hem and bows on the shoulder can elevate the entire look, taking a dress from play-only to a transitional piece that can be worn at home or out.

Flouncy tulle details on the shoulders or skirt are another way to elevate your twirly dress for special events, but they can easily be dressed down with a jean jacket. From smocked baby dresses to ruffled cap sleeves, our viscose from bamboo twirly dresses have all the adorable details you and your little princess will love.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a viscose from bamboo twirl dress, look no further than Posh Peanut. We’ve perfected the three elements of a perfect twirly dress; from versatile styles to our signature Papook® viscose from bamboo and colorful designs, our dresses are buttery-soft and comfortable enough to wear for all-day play.

With darling details and whimsical designs, our toddler girl dresses can easily be styled for your little peanut’s next big event. New collections drop every Thursday at 8AM PT, so there are always new and beautiful designs to choose from.


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