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Gift Etiquette for Gender Reveal Parties: To Bring or Not to Bring

By: Brooke Hamilton


In recent years, gender reveal parties have become a common tradition for new parents who are eager to share the excitement of their impending arrival. Whether it's hitting home runs with powder-filled baseballs or cutting into cakes with blue or pink filling, these gatherings provide the opportune baby-themed platform for revealing a little one’s gender to friends and family.

If you've recently received an invitation to one of these joyous events, you might have wondered, “Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?”

While it's not a must, you’re welcome to shower the expecting parents with well wishes in the form of a thoughtful gift.

Understanding Gender Reveal Gift Etiquette: What’s Expected?

While most expecting parents don’t anticipate a gift, they likely won’t turn away a gift you took the time to pick out just for them and their little one.

We know, we know. It’s not a definitive answer—but there’s no hard and fast rule regarding whether you need to bring a gift. Some guests feel the urge to bring a small gift as a kind gesture to celebrate the bun in the oven, while others choose to bring their smiles and well wishes—and both options are entirely acceptable.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Gender Reveal Parties

Whether you choose to bring a baby gift or not ultimately depends on your comfort level. If you feel inclined to bring a little something but you’re not sure what’s appropriate, we've got you covered with a few simple and sweet gender-neutral gift ideas for your next gender reveal get-together:

  • Gender-neutral clothes – Newborns may be adorably small, but they're not shy when it comes to creating big messes with their inevitable spit-ups and diaper changes. For this reason, babies can never have too many rompers or bodysuits. We recommend baby clothes that naturally regulate body heat, ensuring little arms and legs stay warm and cozy day and night. And, of course, the softer, the better!

  • Books for baby – Bring soft books or board books with bold patterns and multiple textures to engage the baby’s developing senses. If you know the guest of Honor's favorite childhood books, you could bring a few of her favorites!

  • A baby blanket – No matter the season, parents and baby are sure to appreciate a thoughtful baby blanket . Blankets that are breathable, lightweight, and reversible are great options so new parents can comfortably swaddle their little bundle using either side.

  • A gift basket – For those who want to bring a little of this and that, why not fill up a gift basket with some newborn essentials? Grab a gender-neutral basket and stock it with new-parent must-haves like pacifiers, baby socks, burp cloths , diaper rash cream, and crib sheets .

Tips for Hosts: How to Communicate Your Preferences

If you find yourself hosting this momentous moment for a family member or friend, you can make it easier for your guests to determine the “gift or no gift” status by using one or more of the following tips:

  • Leave a tactful note in the invite – You can include a brief note that lets everyone know the gift expectations. For example, you could say, “To us, your presence is the best gift we could ask for! Gifts are by no means necessary, but if you feel inclined, we do appreciate your love and support.”

  • Create a gift registry – If the expectant parent has gift ideas in mind, you can include a link to the couple’s gift registry.

  • Be thoughtful of different budgets – If the parents express a desire to receive gender reveal party gifts, acknowledge the diversity in guests' financial capacities. To be inclusive, opt for a message such as, "While small tokens of love and joy are valued, your presence is the most cherished gift of all." If you create a registry, include items with a wide range of price tags so that everyone can find a gift within their budget.

Discover more tips on how to plan a gender reveal in our guide!

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Do guests bring gifts to a gender reveal party? It's entirely a personal choice—some do, some don't. If you feel inspired to express your enthusiasm for the expectant parents and their little one, consider showering them with a few specially chosen pieces their baby will look and feel comfortable in.

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