Toddler packing travel bag

Must-Have Travel Essentials for Toddlers

By: Brooke Hamilton


There’s no feeling quite like embarking on a new adventure with your little one–especially when they’re old enough to walk, talk, and take in their new surroundings. With your toddler's newfound awareness, you may need a few more toddler travel essentials on hand to keep them entertained and comfy.

When you’re gearing up for a day of travel with baby, a few simple tips for your packing list can help keep you and your little peanut happy (leading to more R&R for you). While you may plan on packing your sleep mask and hydrating face cream, your mini has different travel needs to make the flight more fun. So, what are travel essentials for toddlers?

In this guide, we’ve provided an overview of the toddler travel gear you’ll need when flying with a baby, as well as tips for choosing the right footwear, packing nutritious foods when you’re on the go, and the health and safety essentials you won’t want to forget.

Essential Travel Gear for Toddlers

Navigating a long flight with a toddler may seem daunting, from anticipating your little one’s needs on the go to ensuring you have all of their essentials. Fortunately, with the help of a handy packing checklist and a little bit of planning, you and your little one can have plenty of fun and relaxation as you travel to your destination.

Here are some key questions to consider before deciding what you’ll need:

  • What’s your destination (and is it kid-friendly)?

  • How will you be getting there and how long is the journey?

  • What activities do you have planned for the trip?

  • Will your toddler need special gear or equipment for these activities?

  • What are your little one’s favorite toys, games, and comfort items?

  • How long will you all be away from home and how much luggage are you bringing with you?

If you’re traveling by train or planning a road trip, your packing needs may differ from a cross-country flight or international journey. For example, long flights and travel times will probably require more food and snacks, extra clothes, a diaper bag, and some additional toys or games to keep your mini entertained.

Choosing the Right Clothing and Footwear

As you're packing your luggage for an exciting getaway, you’ll probably check the forecast, consider any events you have planned, and keep in mind what locals wear when deciding on the clothing items you’ll need. Choosing clothing for your little one is no different, so it’s key to keep the temperature and climate of your destination in mind.

Here are some important things to remember when choosing clothing and footwear for you and your toddler.

Choosing Weather-Appropriate Attire

When you’re on the go, it can be easy to forget that your final destination may have a different temperature, humidity level, and climate than your local area. Additionally, as you start to pack items for your toddler, remember that your little one may get their everyday clothes messy as they’re exploring their new surroundings, so always have extra clothes on hand.

No matter where you’re headed, light, breathable layers make it easy to adjust to warmer or cooler temperatures. At Posh Peanut, our baby and toddler clothes are made with viscose from bamboo, a soft and versatile material that keeps your little one cozy while allowing their skin to breathe.

The right base layer, like a romper or a body suit, will make it easy for your toddler to stay comfortable and free to explore. Plus, you can layer a sweater or jacket over it if temperatures start to get chilly. With plenty of cute styles and elevated designs, your toddler will look adorable and stay comfy when sporting Posh Peanut on vacation.

Finding Comfortable Shoes for Active Toddlers

If your little speed racer is always on the go, it’s crucial to find comfortable shoes for them to wear while traveling (especially if you’re heading to a destination with plenty of walking or outdoor activities).

Depending on the activities in your itinerary, you may want to pack a couple of pairs of comfortable, lightweight shoes so they’re prepared for any adventure that lies ahead.

Nutrition on the Go

Whether you’re headed off on the open road or preparing for in-flight travel, it’s crucial to have plenty of snacks and goodies to keep your toddler full and satisfied. Here are some snack and hydration ideas to ensure you pack the essentials:

Snack Ideas and Portable Meal Solutions

Not sure what food to pack your toddler for a flight or road trip adventure? Check out this list of snacks you’ll want to have on hand for your next family outing:1

  • Easy-to-eat fruits and veggies – Make sure to pack their favorite easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables, like apple slices, bananas, and carrot sticks, for a nutritious bite that’s packed with vitamins and helps keep them hydrated.

  • Hard-boiled eggs – It can be easy to skip the protein on a travel day, especially if your little one is a picky eater. Packing some hard-boiled eggs in a container in their lunch box is a quick and easy way to ensure a protein-filled snack.

  • Cheese sticks – For a tasty treat that’s fun to peel, pack your little ones some cheese sticks. Just make sure you have an insulated lunch box to keep them cool to avoid a mushy cheese stick situation.

  • Crackers or mini-sandwiches – Depending on your toddler’s favorite foods, you can also pack crunchy snacks like crackers and veggie straws or something hearty and softer, like a peanut butter sandwich.

The right lunch box can make all the difference when it comes to portable meals, so make sure to find a durable, high-quality option like a kids lunch box from Posh Peanut.

Not only are they available in a range of fun prints that are sure to suit your toddler, but they’re also equipped with water-resistant insulated lining to help keep your munchies cool and fresh for your entire travel journey.

Hydration Tips and Suitable Drink Containers

Staying hydrated is crucial, but it can be easy to forget to stay on top of drinking water (and making sure your toddler does the same) during a busy travel day. To that end, here are some helpful hydration tips for you and your little one:

  • Bring along a durable, reusable water bottle you can refill while on the go

  • Consider purchasing a kid-friendly bottle that your toddler can easily open and close themselves to help them feel like a big kid (they can even carry it themselves with the help of a kids backpack, which features a side pocket for water bottles)

  • Choose an insulated bottle design that can keep your drinks cool throughout your travel day

  • Jazz up your water and make hydration even more delicious by adding fresh fruits or vegetables to it, like strawberries or cucumber slices

  • Pack water-rich snacks, like celery, melon, and pineapple, so you and your toddler can double down on hydration 

Entertainment and Comfort Items

Aside from feeling fed, full, and comfortable, it’s important that your toddler has some fun items to keep them busy while you travel. Whether they’re an avid coloring book enthusiast or love to play with blocks, pack a few of their favorite toys and comfort items to help them stay entertained before you arrive at your destination. These baby essentials can make a significant difference in keeping your child content and happy during the journey.

Favorite Toys and New Distractions

As a toddler parent, you know the seemingly magical ability your little one’s favorite game or stuffed animal has to calm them down and keep them preoccupied. Your munchkin’s favorite items are a must-pack and can help your travel day stay meltdown-free.

For added entertainment and fun, you can also introduce some novelty into your little one’s routine by grabbing a new toy or puzzle and giving it to them while you travel. This new distraction can keep them busy and keep their mind off the new or uncomfortable sensations of flying (or cure backseat boredom). 

Blankets and Comfort Objects

New environments can be overwhelming for your little peanut, especially if they’re not used to frequent travel or if your destination is far from home.

To give them the extra boost of support they may need, make sure to pack a familiar blanket and their favorite comfort objects. These items can help soothe them to sleep during naptime and keep them calm throughout your travels.

Health and Safety Essentials

Other than the fun items like snacks and toys, you want to remember to pack health and safety essentials, like a first aid kit, any necessary medications, and sun protection products. To that end, here are some items you’ll want to have on hand:2

  • Band-aids

  • Medicine for upset stomachs and earaches

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Cotton balls

  • Ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen to relieve pain and fevers

If you’re traveling somewhere tropical or plan on relaxing by the beach, keeping your toddler’s skin protected is a must. While sunscreen is always a necessity, it can wear off over time, especially if you have a little one who loves the water.

For added assurance, long sleeves or pants made from lightweight, breathable material, like Posh Peanut’s signature Papook® viscose from bamboo, can help keep your little one cool and shielded from the sun’s UV rays.

You and Your Toddler Can Travel in Style with Posh Peanut

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the road or take to the skies, planning ahead with these toddler travel tips can make all the difference when traveling with your toddler. At Posh Peanut, we have the travel gear you need to make your next adventure a great one. From insulated Lunch Bags to stylish Backpacks and duffle bags, we make it easy for your little legend to travel in style.

Elevate your family’s vacation items by indulging in the luxurious materials and elevated designs of Posh Peanut’s travel essentials. Both practical and fashionable, Posh Peanut is here to help you take your travel gear to the next level.


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